5 Ways To Feel Like a Replicant

Fuse earrings.

Marios Schwab fit and flare puffer jacket.

LED light-up umbrella.

Saint B mp3-player necklace.

Silver pills for sparkly poo.

The Constructor: The Legacy of El Lissitzky

This building is called the Wolkenbügel, or Cloud-Iron. It was designed – though never built – in 1925 by artist El Lissitzky. That’s right – 1925! As in many of his other works, which spanned vastly different media, the Wolkenbügel underscores Lissitzky’s belief in the beauty of industrial production and a desire for pure monuments of technological progress.

There’s something very dark about Lissitzky’s propaganda art. Not dark in any sort of contrived “I’m trying to scare you” kind of way; on the contrary, his still, supreme and aphotic images are filled with nothing but love.

Vaslav Nijinsky’s diaries

Vaslav Nijinsky, originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

In recent days I’ve descended into a Vaslav Nijinsky vortex, my obsession with abnormal psychology drove me to find every bit of information i could. Easily one the most influential dancers and another brilliant creator whose genius turned to madness, his diaries are a keyhole glimpse into a fascinating mind detaching itself from the world.

I retired into myself. I retired so deep into myself that I could not understand people. I know that everyone will suffer reading these lines, because I know that people will feel me. I’m a strong man, not a weak one. I’m not sick in the body. I feel a piercing stare from behind. I feel people want to harm me, but I will not fight and my enemy will be disarmed. They may wound me, but they will not kill me. I’m not afraid of suffering, because God will be with me. I know how to suffer.