Coilhouse Magazine
Issue 05 Bonus Material


For this issue, we decided to try somethign new: a holographic cover to go along with our disco theme. We worked with two companies to create some mockups for what the cover would look like.

There were many conference calls and email threads about the pros and cons of a holographic cover. Ultimately, we decided that this wasn't the right choice. But perhaps we'll do something similar in the future!



Dorian Gray

In January of 2010, Coilhouse Magazine rented out a large photography studio in midtown Manhattan for a day. There, with the help of roughly two dozen collaborators, photographer Allan Amato conducted and shot two completely separate and highly elaborate series of images for two entirely different Issue 05 features. Simultaneously. While Mer and Nadya habitually checked in with various members of the team via Skype/phone/email from New Zealand and California, respectively. Phew!

On one side of the studio, Allan set up Camp AFP/NG, which consisted of musician Amanda Palmer and author Neil Gaiman (newly-engaged, gorgeous, beaming) and a half dozen assistants, wardrobe wranglers and stylists. On other side of the room was Camp Wilde, where an even larger team of stylists, costumers, consultants, and FX makeup artists huddled around the exquisite model Dylan Monroe, all working frantically against the clock to bring our Sinner/Saint Menswear "Portrait of Dorian Gray" fashion editorial to life in five hours or less... in five distinct and increasingly wrinkly increments!

It was a day of chaos, beauty, frenzy, and True Love. Thank you again to every single person who played a part in making it happen. (Readers will find a complete list of their names and roles in the print issue itself.) Meanwhile, scroll down to check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos, as well as a before-and-after comparison of the Dorian Gray physical effects makeup with artist Scott Spencer's digital manipulation, and a handful of Allan's heartwarming portraits of Amanda and Neil (all of which were signed off on, but not included in the print magazine).

Snapshots of Dylan Monroe with special effects makeup artist Tommy Zimmerman by fellow makeup artist Beth Green. Portrait photos of Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman by Allan Amato.


For this issue, Mildred Von was going to draw either Dick Cheney or Glenn Danzig. We ended up with Cheney and a score of curious outfits, ranging from a ninja outfit to a piece of Mothor of London couture. You can now download a full, high-res zip file of the doll and outfit. Print out and create your own GIANT Dick Cheney paper doll!