Join the black and white and red parade as we march through an angular Constructivist/Futurist/Expressionist landscape where originality and oddity rule. There are interviews with the ultra well-known and loved, and with the scrumptiously subterranean. There are (literally) sharp and edgy fashion editorials; there’s a never-before-published Bauhuas-era play; there are origami revelations. You’ll view tons of original, made-just-for-the-magazine content contributed by all manner of wondrous human beings. At 113 pages, Issue 06 is substantially longer, bigger and thicker (hurr!) than any previous incarnation of the print mag.

The Commemorative Coilhouse Birthday Print by Molly Crabapple is 19×25″ and hand-silkscreened by Melissa Dowell in matte red and semi-gloss black ink onto smooth 100+ paper stock from the deliciously-designed French Paper, with a thick border of white paper to frame the serigraph. The edition size is a mere 35. Click here to see a larger version.

It was our 4th birthday last August, and we were in the midst of a fundraising frenzy when our dear friend Molly Crabapple offered up a scintillating serigraph to aid our efforts. It was designed to dovetail aesthetically with our Black & White & Red All Over Ball, the theme of which, in turn, was directly inspired by the palette of Issue 06.

We currently have only a handful of these incredible collector’s items left in stock, and we are selling them in tandem with copies of Issue 06 at an astoundingly low combined price, plus shipping. For those of you who can afford to, and are moved to, this is a wonderful opportunity to support our labor of love a wee bit extra, and receive a loving, extremely rare memento in return.

Magazine and serigraph print will be shipped separately (because the print is going to be shipped in a tube). All you beautiful, wonderful, amazing folks who ordered the combo, please bear in mind that your print and magazine may arrive on different days.