Coilhouse is a love letter to alternative culture. We cover unique, fearless forms of art, music, fashion, film, technology and literature – from sci-fi and punk rock, to fringe fashion and green technology.

In the past, Coilhouse manifested as a glossy print magazine and blog.

The project is currently on hiatus, but there are plenty of things on this site for you to explore! Our blog archive contains 2,298 posts, and we’ve put together a collection of Featured Posts that we’re particularly fond of.

At the Magazine page, you can learn about past issues and download them ars free PDFs.

“Coilhouse was a really glorious and groundbreaking thing, and will remain so. A lovely and extraordinary work of art. And of love.” – William Gibson

“Y’know how, some magazines, you buy ’em, then toss ’em right when you’re done reading them — but others, you stick on your bookshelf and keep ’em forever? Coilhouse is a keeper.” – Xeni Jardin

“Futurist visions of the present.” – Bruce Sterling

“There are three things sitting by my bed – Moby Dick, a few of my favorite comics, and Coilhouse. It’s an object of beauty, it’s something wonderful. I think it’s smart, it doesn’t condescend. It’s my favorite magazine in the world right now, and I read a lot of magazines. It doesn’t look like anything else out there.” – Clive Barker

“Consistently astounding design. The single most beautiful magazine I have seen in years.” – Richard Taylor

“Their blog is brilliant, & their magazine is truly unparalleled. In a world where the word ‘magazine’ is synonymous with ‘dross’, Coilhouse is glorious, a glistening tribute to all that is magnificent about ink on paper.” – Gala Darling

“One of the most stunning, subversive magazines.”- Molly Crabapple

“I clearly recall reading RE/SEARCH and Mondo 2000 and bOINGbOING way back in the old days, and when I read Coilhouse, I get the same joyful and magical feeling. I wish I could live in the world that I see whenever I open a new issue.” – Wil Wheaton

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