In addition to the web edition of COILHOUSE that you are currently enjoying, our first print issue is currently in development. Why print a magazine when we have the powers of the intrawebz at our fingertips? In an era that’s constantly heralded as “the end of print,” it may seem like a strange decision to make. True, it is tempting to hit the “save” button on the blog and call it a day. However, our longing for something more tactile and tangible calls to us, and we must obey. David Renard, author of The Last Magazine, said it best:

What accounts for this irrepressible passion to publish? Printed publications are tactile, and, therefore, authoritative. Holding a freshly printed and tightly bound article while whiffing the scent of its paper and ink and caressing its dull or shiny, smooth pages cannot be equaled. Intimacy is key.

Experiencing the web version of our zine is like munching on an endless supply of assorted Halloween candy, and reading the print version will be like savoring a richly-decorated French dessert that took hours to prepare. Keep reading our blog for updates on COILHOUSE in print!