‘The most fiscally responsible vampire I’ve ever seen.’

Sure, most of us can wholeheartedly agree that FOX NEWS SUCKS. But credit must be given where it’s due: they handled their recent interview with a vampire scrappy, sharp-toothed home owner respectfully and professionally:

Via Eric Cheng, thanks!

While there’s no doubt that FOX aired this segment knowing full well it would go viral and bump their ratings, the story of homeowner Patrick Rogers turning the tables on a life-draining bank like Wells Fargo would be a joy to hear even if he wasn’t a darque and sultry creature of eternal night.

After the bank tried to bully Rogers into paying an outrageous insurance premium, the black-clad, fanged resident of Philadelphia, PA, found a little-known, 30 year-old law, and successfully foreclosed on them. Ha!

8 Responses to “‘The most fiscally responsible vampire I’ve ever seen.’”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Fuck yeah, Patrick!

    It’s awesome to see him kick ass like this. Patrick’s best known as a club promoter in Philly, but I could see him getting into politics or something along those lines. He has a lot of experience dealing with the media, and I love the fact that he went on Fox news in such a polished, classy way. Coilhouse trivia: one of the first magazine articles I ever did was for his zine, Asleep by Dawn. I believe it was a piece on In Strict Confidence.

    Patrick, if you read this, I just want to say congrats and I hope all is well with you.

  2. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    He’s awesome. Rawk.

    ps: Nadya, when I saw he was from PHILLAY, I had this funny feeling you might know him. ;)

  3. Jamie Says:

    Very cool story!

  4. octopod Says:

    Oh wow, I saw him in the news but didn’t know he was the guy who published Asleep by Dawn…or that he had sharpened canines, hahahah. Good for you, Mr. Vampire DJ Lawyer Dude.

  5. R. Says:

    That is a great story. The fact that he went up against a leech of a bank is just awesome.

  6. whittles Says:

    This makes my day. He’s my new hero.

  7. heatherina Says:

    it’s so nice to see someone like that on Fox NOT being paraded as a freak. Yay for sticking it to the man!

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