Who is on the Other Side?


A while back, Zo posted about an indie film that’s being made in Finland. One Jani from Tampere abruptly appeared in the comments to say “hey, the production team comes from my city!” It made me wonder: who’s out there? Every day, I get at least one new registration to the site. Some of the emails are shady ([email protected]? uh, no), but most look real – some give me a good laugh. But, out of all who register to post comments, a relatively small percentage ever speaks their piece.

I’ll be embarrassed if no one replies, but here goes: who’s reading? I’m especially curious to hear from the lurkers, but from everyone who comments as well.  I want to know all you guys better. Perhaps I know some things about you already, like your taste in men (pervs!) and what made you weird. So, really, I’m more curious about the basics:

  • who you are
  • where you’re from
  • what you do in life
  • maybe even what you look like?

Warren Ellis does this self-portrait thread, and I love that idea. I’m sure some of you are from over there (hey, Shay!).

So… introduce yourselves! Tell all! No nudes.

UPDATE: CH guest blogger David Forbes has come up with this nifty map to create a visual summation of the response to this post. Forbes writes, “this map is the product of insomnia, writer’s block and appreciation. It will be updated as more info comes in. It isn’t horrendously accurate past the “Oh, that big red dot is Manchester” level, but it serves to show the array of worldwide (some on every continent) readers that Coilhouse has. So Los Angelines, St. Franciscans, Oaklandroids, Yankees, Kiwis, Aussies, Southerners (North Carolina!), Portlandracks, Chicagoans, Canucks, Irishers, England-types and everyone else: the signal is “Abraxas.” When you hear this word transmitted via morse code, rise up and take over!

327 Responses to “Who is on the Other Side?”

  1. paul blume Says:

    no nudes?

    …I mean, “whew — that’s a relief!”

  2. Daniel Says:

    I suppose I should register at some point, since I post comments occasionally. I’m Daniel, from Detroit. I’m an IT nerd by day, write music by night… er… whenever I get a chance. I don’t manage to get in front of the camera often, but here’s one from last year.

    I read all the posts, and think this is one of the highest quality blogs out there.

  3. dougfort Says:


    I’m an aging software guy, interested in consciousness and the way people and machines think (whatever that is). There’s a lot of that on Coilhouse. I live in Arlington Virginia, spending most of my time in my basement condo in a room full of machines.
    You can see a picture of me at my website: http://www.dougfort.com.

  4. alanna Says:

    i live in asheville, nc
    i am a fashion designer
    i look really cool :P

  5. Jack Says:


    from central New York
    I teach English literature (specializing in the Decadence, 19th century sexuality studies, and the Gothic novel) at a university while writing my PhD dissertation
    Peeekture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/80679684@N00/2648950551/

  6. lizzelizzel Says:

    – Elizabeth
    – from Philadelphia but currently stuck in Norfolk, VA
    – suck ass Graphic Designer and Painter
    not sure how to post pics so here’s a link

  7. la mome neant Says:

    I am Jeanne, 26, in Paris. Work as director assistant on a cartoon serie. I also make short animated films once in a while, and have a passion for Lolita fashion.
    And here is how I look like:
    I actually read mot of Coilhouse articles. You made me discovered Isabella Rossellini short films, Baby Dee, Bollywood on acid, and many many great other things. I recommend your site very often!
    Please go on!

  8. kris_ether Says:

    kris_ether : AKA Chris Handley
    Born in Herefordshire, England, lived in Kington, now been in Manchester for over 6 years.
    Studied for a degree in Chemistry with Chemical Physics, now in the last few months of my PhD in Computational Chemistry. Work on simulating water using a number of AI methods in order to simulate dynamic polarization. Also working on a simulation for proteins using similar methods.
    Other stuff includes copious amounts of table top roleplay games (Vampire, Wraith, Unhallowed Metropolis) and hopefully getting into freelance writing for games and some modelling side work.
    Also getting married in February in Venice during the last day of Carnival after getting engaged there last year.


  9. Ashbet Says:

    I think of myself as being “from” Minnesota (where I spent my formative teenage years), although I was born in Paris and have been living in Maryland for 16 years now.

    After spending 11+ years working as a CorpGoth (mostly for law firms), I’m taking some health-related time off and concentrating on my artwork :)

    Does HTML work in comments? Hmmm, let’s find out . . .

    I look like this from the front:



    and like this from the back (which is a pretty recognizable angle in my case) — posting a link since it’s a photo of my back tattoos ^_^

    Looking forward to seeing all of the responses to this one!

    — Andi

  10. Nekokaiju Says:

    I guess I’ll be the first….
    My name is Paul, I’m a freelance illustrator currently working on zombie comic book covers. I love images from Weimar Germany and ephemera from 1900.
    I’m from Virginia and spent a little time in Glasgow for art school and inspiration. Still trapped listening to 80’s & 90’s industrial and gothic music (trying to broaden that though). The aesthetic of Coilhouse grabs my attention constantly. And I look vaguely like this self portrait….


  11. Mark Says:

    Ooh. This’ll be great fun, nice idea Nadya! I’ll definitely add my two-penn’orth when I get home tonight (at work right now). Quick thought in the meantime: go first, and shove us through the inertia! ;)

  12. roquesdoodle Says:

    Hello, don’t mind me. Just lurking.

    Michael Alan Nelson
    Born and raised in the American Midwest, now living in LA
    I write comic books

  13. Lydia Says:

    Lydia, from Lawrence, Kansas. Yes. Kansas. Believe me, whatever you’re about to say–I’ve heard it. Trust me.

    To earn my keep, I work for the University of Kansas, herding English graduate students. To feed my soul, I belly dance, sew, costume, and dabble in arty-farty stuff.

    This is what I look like (most of the time).

  14. Will Ellwood Says:

    I’m Will and I’m from the United Kingdom. I’ve just graduated with a computer science degree and am spending my time listening to Jesu and applying for jobs. I also write stuff.

    I have lots of red hair and have been described as a “Viking”.

  15. Vespers Says:

    I haven’t ever registered here, but I watch, and every once in a while I actually send one of the comments I write out. I’m Vespers over on Whitechapel too, when I’m there; school and a certain lady of mine have been keeping me busy lately.

    I’m a Fine Arts undergrad at Auckland Uni. That’s basically what I do; art school takes up a shitload of your time and energy. That, my girl, collab-fantasy-writing (A massive project, we’re working on one of those multi-world crossover things; all our own original content, 3 writers plus those who turn up occasionally, and a war to boot) and a touch of tabletop (and LARP bout twice a year) roleplaying.

    Pictures of me *should* be forthcoming in Whitechapel portrait threads once I get my new camera (Canon EOS 450D, soon yes yes yes).

    This site has some of the best stuff ever; I wish I knew how you find it. Getting it from here has introduced me to a couple awesome things already though, not even counting the eye candy. Major props. Keep it up yes yes.

  16. Charles Mayo Says:

    I live outside of Washington DC
    Graphic Designer wannabe comic writer/artist
    I’m straight so no taste in men.
    I subscribe to a lot of blogs that deal with design, art culture etc.
    I’d like to break into doing editorial design so I keep my eye on online magazines. And as an industrial fan I’ll look at any site with that much shiny, leather, vinyl, and mechanical art on it.

  17. Mlle. Bunny Says:

    Sure! My name is Bunny and I’m a Boston ex-pat living in Sudbury, Ontario(Canadialand!). I am a culinary school graduate and aspiring pastry chef, former squeegee kid, and hairspray enthusiast. I’d post a picture but I’m really not sure how.

    Keep it up, Coilhouse, I love this site!

  18. Daniel Yokomizo Says:

    I’m Daniel Yokomizo, from São Paulo, Brazil. Currently my life is mostly work, which is boring programming stuff (I have my own company but it just makes it less boring to myself). From time to time I experiment with art, my last (ongoing but on hiatus) project was on concrete poetry. I refuse to describe myself (actually I’m really bad at describing what people look like :)

  19. Merveilleuse Says:

    I am Lauren, and I am a loyal follower of this blog from Texas!

    I’m a costume design/acting student in my final year of university… in my spare time, I draw draw draw EVERYTHING – mostly people in pretty costumes. I’m fascinated with alternative fashion, particularly steampunk and classic lolita. I have a period menswear fetish, fo sho. Of course, I enjoy designing for plays and acting in plays, but I also love looking at art in museums and hunting little known islands of cool on the ‘net.

    I’m working on an alternative fashion line called ARCHETYPE, but I wouldn’t expect anything until I finish my undergrad. Then I’m shipping off to London/Chicago/Portland? – somewhere.

    I look like… hmm… how to post a picture… hopefully this will work:
    I’m in the blue and white.

  20. Grant Says:

    Grant here, from Austin, TX. I teach, write, edit, and tutor for a living and organize the opposition for the apocalypse in my free time. Sorry, don’t have a portrait to share. Think Jim Jones, but different.

  21. Dayna Says:

    Hi dollfaces, my name is Dayna Desastre. I am a silly clumsy girl disaster stuck in the hot hot Texas heat. I am missing doll parts, bitten nails, vintage dresses paired with combat boots, cat scratched arms, wavy black hair, arched ex-dancer’s feet. I have eyes that see photographs, hands that reach out to make art and a heart that writes and writes and writes. I live in a lovely little imaginary land called Disasterville ( http://www.daynadesastre.com ) full of hated rockstars, fairytale fashion, ridiculous poetry and vintage postcards. I love grackles and kittens and love letters that you forgot to send and incense and tarot card readings and bicycles and bat wings. I am the girl disaster, a walking-talking-breathing catastrophe. Pleased to meet ‘ya!

    selfportrait: http://daynadesastre.com/gallery/photo/11.jpg

  22. bbullock Says:

    Me? I’m just this guy, I guess; no one important.
    I come from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where I’ve spent my whole life.
    I work a job that bores me, because I want to be a writer, and I haven’t managed to find a way to do it for a living, yet.
    This is what I currently look like.

  23. David Forbes Says:

    I’m David Forbes. I’m 25 and a journalist in Asheville, as well as a freelance writer and editor. I also rant, occasionally well. I’m originally from the tiny hamlet of South Mills, located in a very flat place right next to the Great Dismal Swamp (no, I’m not making that up). I look like my picture here, though if anyone, for some reason, is interested in a fuller view (say with hair, neck, torso, etc.), self-portraits (and other pics) can be found here

    Great idea, Nadya!

  24. g hilton Says:


    In 1981, I built the robot in the picture. It was made of cardboard and powered by make believe. These days I choreograph dances for ballerinas and robots.



  25. Christy Says:

    I read this every single day, but I think I’ve only ever posted like twice. Basically:
    I’m from Melbourne
    I do two degrees one in Audio Engineering and another in Arts (Media/Communications and anthropology)
    um….I think there are alot of things that made me strange, admiring my art-loving-doors-listening-marketshopping babysitter when I was a kid, always feeling like an outsider looking in, I actually loved school and my introduction to sci-fi when I was way too young to begin to understand by one of my mother’s ex boyfriends, that I have the tendency to want to know and learn about everything…lots of things really.

    I’m too over analytically and shy to post a picture, but there is plenty on my space (www.myspace.com/christythesugarplumfairy)

  26. Constance Says:

    Hi, my name is Constance and I’m addicted to Coilhouse. I’ve been lurking, thinking about commenting on stuff but have never done it because I am damn awkward. Anyway, I am in and from Los Angeles. I am a makeup artist and foam fabricator. My hobbies include tribal belly dance, yoga, fire performance, tarot and the occult, writing essays and fiction, watching as many films as I can get a hold of (the weirder, the better), doodling and making very crappy jewelry. I have longish very layered black and blue hair, a few facial piercings, blue contact lenses and blue nail polish (usually chipped). I wear black clothes, all the time but I like to wear colorful shoes. I also wear buttloads of jewelry. And I’m a total ditz.

  27. iamtherooster Says:

    I am Shawn although sometimes I am The Rooster. My shell is pretty Vanilla, but my insides are Black Raspberry with a hint of licorice whip. Maybe more than just a hint. I’m a Marketeer for a non-profit. I’m from the east by birth and education but have landed in the mountain west.

  28. Damien Says:

    Hello. I’m Damien. I don’t speak, here, as much as I used to, but I still read. I’m from DC and then Atlanta, and currently I write, I read, I look for work, and I try to get people to see where and how they intersect and can be mutually beneficial to each other.

    This is me:


  29. encoded Says:

    Eric, from Salt Lake City, UT, USA. I’m a software developer. I’ve only been reading Coilhouse for about a week. I found the site while doing google image searches for inspiration for my D&D game. I think part of what draws me to the site is that the name Coilhouse reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Coil.

    Here’s pic… Not a good one, but the only one I have that’s at all recent. I’m the squinty guy on the left.


  30. Joe Says:

    Hi all, I’m Joe. I just found this site last week from warrenellis.com but it seems to cover a lot of things that interest me.

    I’m a 26 year old born and bred New Yorker who makes his living doing graphic design, but would rather be slinging paint at a canvas or drawing with my Wacom any day. In my spare time I read, cook, silkscreen t-shirts, herd cats, and prepare for the coming technological singularity. People I admire are Kurt Vonnegut, Ralph Steadman, John Lennon and Kermit the Frog.

    And now I’m off to join…..

  31. Scarlett Says:

    My alter ego is Scarlett & I’m from Ireland. I came across the blog because the other half is an avid reader & after a hairdresser went Edward Scissorhands on me & chopped all my lovely locks, Mr Scarlett showed me pics of Zoe’s fab hair & suggested I get something similar. I did, so I hope she’ll take it as ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’! So now I read regularly & haven’t had enough time to post comments, but I’m here appreciating all the hard work you put in to keeping this great blog going and wondering how to make my hair do the big spikey thing that Zoetica’s does!! ;-)

  32. literati Says:

    Hey, I’m Michael V., from Chicago, IL. I play bass in a sleaze-punk band called The Lusties, and tour occasionally with the LA-based spooky dance rock band Mercurine. I’m a recovering goth, and I found your site through WarrenEllis.com.

    Here’s what I look like.


  33. Jami Says:

    I’m Jami and I live in Northern California and I write for http://www.carminemag.com/ in my spare time (I’ll admit I was inspired by Coilhouse when I began Carmine). When I’m not writing random articles or interviewing artists (Zoetica: http://carminemag.com/2008/06/23/zoetica-ebb/ ) for Carmine I can be found hanging out with my husband, painting, drawing, creating outfits on Polyvore (it’s addicting and a little ridiculous), reading books (Neil Gaiman is a favorite at the moment) and reading about business on the web.
    My hair is in a constant state of flux. The most recent color I hide was bright atomic pink for 4 months. I just put a darker, more “natural” red over most of it (leaving a few streaks on purpose) a few days ago. I am always changing my hair in one way or another.
    As far as what I look like? My Flickr set can probably answer that better than I can write about it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamileerosa/sets/72157594482331491/

  34. emily Says:

    I am Emily. I’m a native New Yorker who’s lived on the west coast as well. I’m settled now inbetween oceans in Minneapolis, MN.
    I fight crime by day. My alter ego is a borg, whereas I’m currently assimiating the average, unenlightened bland midwesterner to a higher level of conciousness by shutting of their TV and turning them on to COILHOUSE and underground culture, and anything relating to the philosophy or theories of aesthetics.
    Resistance is futile.


  35. Nark Says:

    Hey there.
    Ryan here, tech/ephemera enthusiast temporarily confined to corporate quarters in Chicago, IL. Prior military with some time spent here and there, currently doing the IT thing in an office with windows that don’t open.

  36. Peter Says:

    My name’s Peter. I’m 36-year old mathematician currently doing post-doctoral work in bioinformatics in Oregon, but even though I use the right side of my brain for work, the left-side functions seem to spontaneously erupt, coloring my awareness and demanding to be acknowledged. I have many interests, but am perpetually fascinated by the ephemera constanly fluttering around the edges of perception; particularly those subtle, numinous sensations so often evoked by the contents of this blog’s articles.

    I am VERY bad with time so I can’t actually say how long I’ve been reading, but I believe there were only two pages of “older entries” when I started lurking so I’ve been enjoying this for quite awhile.


  37. Jani Says:

    1. I am one Jani who likes to appear.
    2. Tampere, Finland. Doh ;)
    3. I study to be social worker in 1½ years, do part time jobs in that field. Freetime consists of longboard skate, clubbing and dj-stuff etc.
    4. http://irc-galleria.net/view.php?nick=Ranor
    There’s some pics after the link, I am the one with anchor shirt.

  38. hellisforhipsters Says:

    Hi- I’m Ben, a 37-year-old English music journalist, poet and struggling novelist. I found Coilhouse when searching for material on the wonderful Baby Dee, and have checked in regularly since. A great site- I grew up in the 80s northern English goth scene (between Leeds, Bradford and Manchester), when music, art, poetry, films, comics, novels, personal style and extreme experiences all seemed naturally linked together and more than just consumerism. Coilhouse reminds me that those ideals are still alive! I blog occasionally too at http://hellisforhipsters.wordpress.com

    Keep the faith and love to you all!

  39. thekamisama Says:

    I am just outside of Nashville, TN aka Music City USA aka Cashville aka Nashvegas (eat more rhinestones!)

    I didn’t find you guys from Warren Ellis, I found you through Zo’s LJ, which I started reading, because of Warren Ellis… oh…

  40. PapaKeilbasa Says:

    I’m Stepha from Ontario, Canada. I’m a student right now in search of something to get me some money. I’m a lurker here.
    I foud the blog from Mildred’s myspace page, since I’m a fan of Mother of London.

    I hope the picture works.. I’m the one on the right

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

  41. jessu Says:

    I’m jessu, and I live in rural western Massachusetts.

    I have an unremarkable day job, and I spend the rest of my time making up for it by pursuing everything I love. I read, dance, make music, paint, sew, cook, swim, hike, you name it. One of the great things about living where I do is that there’s an infinite number of quirky events and attractions, so there’s never a shortage of things to do if you know where to look.

    I live with a bagpiper and our dog, two cats, and three rats in a messy, noisy house. Life is rarely dull.

    Me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/80798737@N00/2650304718/

  42. literati Says:

    OK, sorry, had some image posting problems… HERE’S what I look like…


  43. Tanya Says:

    I’m Tanya. I’m 29 (eep!) years old and I live in San Francisco, which is easy stalking access when it comes to stalking Mer!! But I’m originally from Moscow, and before that, from Azerbaijan. I’ve been living in the States since 1993.

    I work full time in passenger accounts management for a global educational tour operator. I also work, a few hours a week and from home, as contributing editor for the Flavorpill (http:/sf.flavorpill.net, represent!). I also am on a borrowed computer, which sucks immensely but is better than no computer at all, but SOON I will have my own shiny laptop and then I’ll be able to fully design my new website, which is currently registered at http://www.stayfortea.com, where I will post lots of information that probably only interests me, but maybe it’ll interest other people as well (like 20 ways to cook beets. And a daily tea leaf reading. Or how to reuse clay yogurt jars. Or 500 reasons why Dr. Gregory House is better than anyone else, in the world).

    Also, hey, come visit soon so that we can eat soup together again.

  44. meghan Says:

    I’m Meghan.
    I draw stuff and have created a bizarre webcomic.

  45. Kevin Says:

    Hey, my name’s Kevin. I’m currently in Bloomington, Indiana where I work a day job and also do a bit of freelance work — most visibly for Grinding. And if the link works, I sometimes look like this:

  46. fllnangel17 Says:

    Hehe, I registered just so I could comment. *g*

    Name’s Stacy, just turned 33 this year. I’m a security dispatcher from upstate NY.

    Hope this pic link works:


  47. Cindy Says:

    Cindy, my name is.
    26, my age.
    in a California, Mexico, I live.
    Spanish, I teach.
    the ocean, I swim.
    the desert, I explore.
    like a child of the sun, I look.
    and for this blog, I thank you.

  48. Annie Says:

    I’m Annie. I live between Orlando and Baltimore. I am an illustrator/designer and writer. I dye my hair obnoxious colors and dress like I’m allergic to color and sunlight.

    This is my art blog, where there’s a photo of me: http://anniematronic.blogspot.com

  49. Sean Patrick Says:

    I’ve enjoyed this site almost daily for six months, so saying hello is the least I can do!
    I’m Sean
    I defend drug dealers, rapists, and murders in the Lost Angeles Court system.
    I enjoy the real raw filth of it all, probably because I’m from Detroit.
    Because of you,
    I’m going to Edison tomorrow nite
    Thank y’all

  50. Fifa Says:

    Almost 23, I work as an assistant art conservator in Iceland, with a silly love for carousel art and ancient religions. In September I’ll be leaving for Asia to complete my B.A. in Sinology, with eventual emphasis on women’s studies or environmentalism. So, having applied for student loans and a credit card only this morning, I suppose I’ll formally leave the goth behind before going abroad and sealing my fate… after seeing Fields of the Nephilim in concert in early August, of course!

    And here’s a picture to shatter a few mental images of a beset-with-crippling-money-worries, goth-chic-hippiefeminist: http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n138/barbedcagedbird/untitled.jpg

  51. Jim Says:

    Well, you know who I am, but for anybody who may’ve seen my three or four other comments here and wondered I started reading Coilhouse because I’ve known Nadya on the internet for quite a number of years now. I kept reading Coilhouse for what I imagine are similar reasons as everybody else; I’ve become, over the last few years, increasingly of the opinion that one of the best things that music (and art in general, but music is the type of art I’m most interested in) can be is interesting. Everybody who posts here comes up with consistently interesting things to post.

    I’m from Denver by way of central California, I work in the acquisitions department of a data processing company that sells sales leads and other business data.

    As for what I look like, even if I had a picture I wouldn’t post it, but other Coilhouse readers in the area might recognize me as the large, bearded man with a ponytail lurking around the corners of the Hi-Dive or Larimer Lounge, thought I’m not quite the hipster that implies.

  52. Sara013 Says:

    Hello, Coilhouse.

    Following Warren Ellis on Teh Interwub naturally lead me here, and I’ve been lurking ever since. I’m from Wisconsin, now in Minnesota, a biomedical engineer by profession. On very rare occasions, I look something vaguely like this:


  53. Gothic Charm School Says:

    I’m Jillian, and I’m in Seattle, WA. Dayjob: technical editor for a Very Large Software Company.

    I’m the eccentric lady behind Gothic Charm School (which was Gothic Miss Manners in a previous incarnation); most of my free time is taken up with writing, rummaging through thrift stores, and customizing/altering anything I find at the thrift stores. Which is why my everyday wardrobe looks something like this: http://pics.livejournal.com/cupcake_goth/pic/000cta6b

  54. Starling Says:

    I’m Starling, I’m a lurker. I’m 22, live in Olympia WA, and am a slacker pretending to be a college student. I work in an evil corporate bookstore, and can give pointers on how to steal books. I write, fiction and plays mostly. A few of my favorite things include: cabarets, cats, Periel Aschenbrand, leather, and ambiguity.

    Here’s a picture of me at a friend’s gay karaoke fake-wedding, with someone’s clever caption attached. I was the flower girl.

  55. gooby Says:

    I am Gooby.

    I is here, cuz I luvs Mer. She is every bit what family means. And you other Coilhouse ladies is groovy chicks.

    I am an illustrator, animator, painter monkey, dancin machine in San Francisco. I am a matte painter in the film and television industry, I have designed and animated way too many commercials for products that children should never put in their mouths, animated television shows convincing children that they either want parties in their tummies, or blumpkins (look it up, I ain’t gonna spoil THAT one for you).

    I collect vintage men’s clothing (and some womens..), music, music, and more music, toy robots, mothra paraphernalia, I love tomatoes and black-capped

  56. zombiemonk3y Says:

    I’m another goon from Ontario, slinging t-shirts to the huddled masses of toronto while saving money to restart my welding training, here’s a shot of me hamming it up

  57. Terra Trouvé Says:

    What a fantastic idea. It really has brought all the wonderful people out of the proverbial woodwork. The next step is a Coilhouse forum maybe. why not?

  58. William Kiesel Says:

    Thanks for asking;

    My name is William Kiesel and I am the publisher of Ouroboros Press in Seattle. Most of the things I publish have to do with the western esoteric tradition and I occasionally lecture on the same subject [usually on alchemical or occult symbolism and history].

    Here are a couple examples of the type of books I manifest in the world:

    Vellum Binding handbound at the Studios of Ars Obscura Bookbinding.

    I have medieval and renaissance texts translated into English and set the type to emulate the look and feel of bygone eras.

    If you really want to see my face you can visit my publishing blog The Serpent Bites Its Tail here: http://www.bibliomancer.blogspot.com/

    I really enjoy Coilhouse keep up the great work!


  59. Terra Trouvé Says:

    I’m Nick, an art student and musician from London.
    i spend my days concocting wild sweeping generalities and then use them to disprove the theories of physics…

  60. Kitty Napalm Says:

    I’m Kitty, 22 years old, British by nationality and a hybrid by heritage: an English/Polish/American/Irish cross I guess.
    I’m currently looking for a new day job in the administrative sector – incredibly boring. My chosen career would be something much less so – in writing or makeup artistry; but I feed those passions in my spare time until I can afford to do them more frequently. My writing is usually based on preferred subjects such as fashion or style, or fantasy/horror fiction. Makeup-wise I have a great interest in beauty but also in the grotesque; a career in special effects would be my dream.

    Otherwise I do some modelling and try and keep myself somewhat sane, which is easier said than done alongside certain folk (I’m engaged to Mister Chris Handley who posted above).



  61. kinggoji Says:

    I am Richard.
    I’m from Greensboro, NC
    Professionally, I’m a web developer and designer.
    I look like this:


    At least I did a couple years ago. I found the site through Zoetica, whom I found through her artwork, and whom I painted last year:

  62. Nadya Says:

    So many awesome people! Wow. Thank you, all, for taking the time to respond. It was really amazing reading everyone’s short bios. I’m just so humbled by how many people are out there, reading. If you posted a picture and it didn’t come through, try including a hyperlink. Apologies, not sure why it won’t post pictures sometimes. If you want, email me ([email protected]) and I’ll fix it so that the picture shows up.

    So… my name is Nadya Lev, I’m 25, and I work as a Technical Sales Engineer for a third-party Rich Media vendor (basically, I travel to different advertising agencies and convince them to use our technology). Before that, I went to Temple University, where I majored in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising. I also worked as a teacher during this time, and taught Flash animation and Web Design to high school students in North Philly. I would say that this was the most interesting, challenging and rewarding job I ever did, and I hope to someday return to teaching. On top of work, I’m here at Coilhouse with Mer and Zoe. I love photography (here’s my portfolio) and writing.

    And I just cut my hair!

  63. kt.cowden Says:

    name of katie. tattooed and pierced preschool teacher, photographer and artist. 80bajillion photos of me here- http://www.flickr.com/photos/katiecowden/sets/72157603260378220/

    here’s a preview.

  64. Amanda Says:

    I am Amanda from San Francisco, CA.
    I am currently getting my masters in fashion design and
    currently living in NY for the summer doing an internship.

    I’m just a lurker, never commented before =)

    I found this site from Zoetica.

  65. Jessica Says:

    Mer has already done me the great honor of a lovely introduction but since I remain a devoted reader, my hand is up for roll call. ;)

    I’m Jessica.
    I live in Chicago.
    I make things like this…


    and I look like this (when painted by my husband, Jared)

  66. Zoetica Says:

    ROLL CALL A SUCCESS! I am impressed and touched and hoping for MOAR. Keep ’em coming, peeps – we love you artists, scientists, writers, musicians, bandits right to your cross-dressing, law-enforcing, school-teaching, print-peddling bones.

    Me: Zoetica Ebb, a 27 years old Moscow native now residing deep in the guts of the Angel City sprawl. I’m a photographer + chief photo retoucher by trade and an artist by nature.

    I spent my early years watching Communism crumble, then moved to the States and adventured around the country. Eventually I graduated from the LA County High School for the Arts and finished one curious year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

    When I’m not working on Coilhouse or drawing I dabble in modeling and various performance things. I dig traveling, late night crawls through concrete jungles, counting stars with my friend the Bear and speeding down empty roads at 4 am while blasting an ear-splitting variety of tunes.

    I like Nadya’s haircut. My hair is presently cobalt blue with black and my personal, unkempt website is http://www.biorequiem.com

  67. Sebastian Says:

    Hey, my name is Sebastian, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I make software for a living (Web, Mobile, desktop, you name it) but my real passion is movie making. I’m in film school and always daydreaming about my next scifi blockbuster. My schoolmates are all into artie movies and I while I respect them I’d sooner make a Neuromancer-like movie than a Neorealistic piece.
    I love comic books, punk music, photography and anything related to SciFi. I got here through Warren Ellis web site and I used to read his articles in Suicide Girls. Their RSS didn’t filter the news so I started following Zoe’s post too and fell in love with her fashion sense. I’d love to have her pose for my photos some day. But maybe it is just better to have her as an unattainable fantasy.

    I’m usually a lurker, mostly because I get to the post when someone else has already posted my thoughts, and posting “Ditto” is just lame.

    I don’t have any tatoos, scars or piercings. I hardly ever drink. I don’t smoke or take drugs. None of that is anything I’m really proud of.

  68. the daniel Says:

    Dawgs: what up?

  69. steveburnett Says:

    * I am a musician, playing Chapman Stick, theremin, and effects to create ambient industrial improvisational soundscapes.
    * For a living, I work as a technical writer/sysadmin hybrid.
    * Locus: Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.
    * Blog: http://badger.livejournal.com/
    * Music: http://www.subscapeannex.com/
    * Picture:

  70. Ingrid Says:

    I’m an Advertising student in Portugal, one year until I’m done. Hopefully I’ll be working somewhere in that area, or in anyway connected to graphic design and such. 20 years old, which is still a shock to me because it’s somewhat recent and I’m not used to not having a “teen” on my age.
    This is what I look like when I’m moderately happy. A bit silly, but it was while unwrapping a gift. (Yes, the offerings, they please me…)

    Edit: Also, now that I think about it, this is the first time I’m actually posting a comment… so yay for that!

  71. MdmeGuillotine Says:

    So I was most definitely a lurker until like five minutes ago when I registered because I found out you actually care about who’s reading your stuffs. My name is Lex and I live in Southern California, the Orange County Area, Fullerton to be more specific. I am a Theatrical Costume Design major and an aspiring Corsetier with a love for steam punk and the slightly darker, avant garde side of life. In short. I’m really weird and spend a ton of time behind a sewing machine. I forgot how I found you, but I’m pretty sure it was through a steam-punk link someone sent me and then I started browsing and found other things we shared a common love for. Eccentricities mostly!

    Blog: http://mdmeguillotine.livejournal.com/
    Myspace: http://myspace.com/LexiDecker
    I’m always looking to meet new and interesting (intellegent) people!

    And this is me. I don’t know why I look so…disengaged, But I don’t think I was expecting the photo to be taken.


  72. Matty Says:

    Matty, 22, Melbourne, Aus.

    Been reading Coilhouse pretty much since it started… don’t remember how I found it.

    Currently earning money as a sys admin for a chain of resorts

    Currently spending money as a stencil artist, party fiend & gonzo author

    Lately my pet project has been intentionally putting myself in the most bizarre situations possible to learn and improve my writing. It’s going well.

    What made me weird (amongst other things) is my grandfather pushing sci-fi on me since I could read & watch movies, a complete inability to hear about something new and not go research it, bipolar disorder, and of course watching too much Daria.

    No recent photos at hand. This is about 6 months old:

    Photography folio:

    I love your work, girls. Thanks :)

  73. DJ Velveteen Says:

    I’m Richard / DJ Velveteen, and you can blame me on Eliza. We grew up together and I’m still here in Bellingham, fantasizing about places where there are other people who do what I do.

    Which includes (see, sneaky photo inclusion):

    being an enormous coffee nerd
    Contact juggling in the circus and on the street
    Banging out tracks for the roller derby and various regional clubs

    And in the meantime, I write a blog about turntablism, counterculture, and magic at Crossfading.

  74. CC Says:


    I am a scenic artist for Turner Studios in Atlanta. I do mostly Cartoon Network stuff, and help with set building for the best Haunted House in the US, Netherworld. I make big pieces of furniture and “livable” artwork, when I have free time. I like to rollerskate (CC Horror for the Atlanta Rollergirls). Every day is fun!

  75. Peter S. Says:

    I am Peter.

    Currently (and in theory for the next 30 or so years) I’m in Portland, OR, though I lived in the Bay Area for 23 years and the Twin Cities for the formative years before that.

    What I do? Formal education in Architecture, currently looking for a job therein. I love photographing live performances, like those of the mighty InkBoat:

    Sadly none of the shots of Mer with Faun Fables are particularly embarrassing.


    I also enjoy architectural photography. I spend time with my wife, and we are currently plotting various furniture pieces (to add to our old home) which I will build and she will finish.

    I’m pretty nondescript. My fashion sense is best described as Brutal Monotony. Here (assuming my html is right) is a shot of me in 2004, watching the Olympic swimming relays.


  76. saffrongraphics Says:

    Hey folks.

    I’m Saffron, an illustrator/cartographer/archaeologist/archivist (yes, read as: unable to decide what she likes doing the most, therefore doing pretty much everything). I’m based in Dunedin, New Zealand, and work for a university during the day, illustration freelancing the rest of the time.

    My style is referred to by friends as “hint of goth”, although sometimes I look like I’ve escaped from an early 70s hippie movie.

    Completely out of date pics of me can be found at:

    I no longer have to long blonde Barbie hair – it’s been changed to a coppery bob with a fringe. Damned good decision, IMO.

  77. Bailey Says:

    Hello! I am Bailey, and I lurk here every so often. I have not commented yet and have just registered 10 minutes ago, not sure why.

    I like to keep busy by painting, reading and alot of other things that I would mention if I werent pressed for time. I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario and its okay here.

  78. Sarah Les P Says:


    I’m Sarah.
    I’m a fashion design student and internet nerd.

    I read this damn thing all the time, and think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    I sometimes look like this

  79. nyetsche Says:

    Wow, a lot of internet/computing geeks. Figured I’d add myself to the list. I’m a UNIX geek, currently working in the private sector (yay!) in Washington, DC. I used to do the ‘intense computer security’ work for the government, but I got burned out. I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of like minds posting near DC here.

    I’m quite a-photogenic, so I couldn’t find anything to post. The fact I’m writing a bio here and haven’t been bored by a single post gives a pretty good idea of my mental states. I wish I could remember how I first came here.

  80. aidan Says:

    Oh oh, might as well register, eh?
    I am Aidan (clearly) from Montreal.
    Well, from the wilderness north of Montreal originally, then a few other places and now Montreal proper. I am a painting and drawing student (currently unemployable) and I spend most of my time reading or wandering around aimlessly.
    I might look like this
    or this

  81. Mark Says:

    Wow. What a beautiful and inspiring thread. Everyone on Coilhouse is THE SEX. And so is Coilhouse itself, natch. ;)

    I’m Mark, 28, an arts journalist in Manchester, England*. I guess I was probably on Coilhouse from the get-go, as I seem to recall Mer mentioning the scheme in the pipeline. I paint in acrylics (fairly badly), and played in a couple of blues-rock garage bands back at uni which did reasonably well, then quit following a string of typically unfortunate ‘on-road’ experiences which left me apocalyptically tired of the whole thing. But I’ve found I missed making music since moving to Manchester three years ago, and have just bought a load of old junk instruments on eBay (baby accordion, tin whistle, ocarina, melodica etc) with the hopes of starting a sort of Balkan-influenced noise orchestra with anyone who’d like to bang a saucepan with me.

    I have a genuine reindeer driver’s license, valid for five years in the Lappish wilderness, as a result of a recent trip to the Arctic Circle where I had to learn to lasso, harness and drive them. When drunk, which is often, I show it to more random people than I probably should. I miss Vancouver terribly, nearly died choking on an ice cube in Sarajevo, and once freaked out pretty badly in a Las Vegas toilet.

    I sometimes look sort of like this, sometimes that. It’s really lovely to meet you all, and I’m now doubly convinced that together we could throw the greatest dinner party of all time. But no ice!

    *hey Chris! Weirdly, I’ve sat behind you on the bus up Oxford Road on TWO occasions, both when you were wearing, I’m fairly sure, the coat you have on in that picture – it’s more indigo in daylight than it looks here, is it not? On both occasions I was THIIIS close to asking where you got it, because it’s such a fantastic cut – small world! Next time, I certainly will… ;D

  82. Fluffmitten Says:

    I thought I had registered, but now I have :)

    I’m Sally, I live in Oxfordshire, somewhat by accident, and I’m soon to re-train as an accountant. These are quite possibly the least interesting things about me, or at least I hope so.

    Must try harder.

    I can bend my legs out at right angles; I have an art degree; I sell jewellery as a hobby; I can knock together a website; I’ve been known to model swimwear; I would love to go to Finland; my lap time is pinned up in the clubhouse at Cambuslang’s outdoor karting track; I love sushi; I’m starting to draw again; I’m older than Facebook’s “Guess The Age” reckons but not as old as my Wii would have you believe.

  83. Sofia Falkenhem Says:

    I am a freelancing cartoonist and illustrator living in Malmo, Sweden. Coilhouse is one of the few places I know I will find every new post interesting, will try to stop lurking and start commenting.

    I have a fondness for drawing trees http://www.flickr.com/photos/sofiafalkenhem/2075946078/
    and girls http://www.flickr.com/photos/sofiafalkenhem/2643275185/
    and I always forget my html, so no elegant linking here.

    I look something like this (sketchbook and photo version): http://sofiafalkenhem.blogspot.com/2008/07/fever.html

  84. Nicodemus Cain Says:

    I’m not the only Australian here? Shiny.

    It’s possibly a tie between Warren Ellis and Sara’s random typings as to where I first heard about this site. (Yeah, I’m a lurker at Warren’s joint as well). As for what I do in the real world, well, I like to think of myself as between jobs.

  85. Andy Kelly Says:

    Hey all of you very fine people.

    I’m Andy, I’m a 22 year old currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I like long walks in the snow, scarves, books, music and writing. I’ve got a B.A. in English & History and unsurprisingly, no job. I’m an aspiring fiction writer and hope to scrape together enough money for grad school soon. In a perfect world I’d dress like The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, but this is what I normally look like, though usually more cleanshaven:

    (I’m not sure the html is working for me, something’s wrong with the permissions on my server…)

    I once had a dream where I was wearing a soft wool or maybe velvet black jacket with a very high stiff collar and black lace at the neck and flowing past my hands in very long sleeves, it was spectacular and I blame this website for it.

    I found Coilhouse via Warren Ellis in December or so, I’m anxiously awaiting the forthcoming print mag as well as religiously following the blog hereabouts. I’m on Whitechapel as Sarpedon.

    @Mark, a Coilhouse dinner party would be one of the more spectacular things I can currently imagine.

    @Sarah Les P, I never never do this, especially on the internet where it will just be creepy or in person where I lack the self confidence to pull it off: but I have to tell you, your face is strikingly pretty and that picture is great, my gaze is drawn to your eyes.

  86. ravnos Says:

    Hi, I’m Ian. I read…. often. I’ve been reading since the site started actually. Found via Internet Jesus (All hail Warren Ellis). I’m sick right now, hence bad grammar. Grammar evil…
    I live in Dover, Delaware, but it sucks and I’m moving in the new year or two for grad school. I went to college in Boston, MA for Philosophy, Religious Studies, and History. It was excellent.
    I am an aspiring writer… currently unemployed and happy about it. Need to find new job in the next few months though or I shall run out of money. For now, I shall garden though… and ride my bike.
    I don’t write often enough on my website, available via clicking on my name.

    If you want to see a picture of me go to my flickr. http://flickr.com/photos/matravnos/

  87. Mark Says:

    @ Andy – damn right, you bring a few biscuits and I’ll bring a box of cheap red. ;)

  88. Molly Ren Says:

    I’m Molly.

    No nudes? But I’m a sex blogger… oh, well, here’s me with all my clothes on, at least:


    I read this blog for the fetish articles which you do so well (thank you for introducting me to Mr. Pearl, who I’d never heard of before!) and stayed for the steampunk. ;)

  89. Nadya Says:

    You know, I’m actually not sure why I wrote “no nudes.” It was maybe 5:30 AM when I finished that post. Maybe I was trying to be funny? That part of the post will always remain a mystery. Nudes OK, though! NWS FTW! Beautiful image.

  90. Erin Says:

    Wow, so many responses thus far.

    I’m Erin. 21. I live in the small town of Lindstrom, Minnesota, though I was a military brat and travelled all over prior to moving here.
    I’m currently a student at the University of Minnesota getting a major in English and a minor in GLBT studies. I’m pursuing a career in publishing and editing, but I play Rosie the Riveter during summers.

    I first heard about coilhouse through Zoetica, whose flickr I was stalking (and still do) after running across a post of hers on a steam punk community. I’m a cellist, competitive swimmer, zombie aficianado, and a sometimes gothic lolita.
    I look like this: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2205/1981042940_f8e2470562.jpg?v=0
    And sometimes this, when viewed from above: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2179/1779562031_42482d9145.jpg?v=0

  91. el Says:

    i’m matt,
    i’ve been loving coilhouse since it’s inception. i used to comment a lot (relatively speaking, but relative to what, i’m not sure.. relative to nothing, i suppose.) , but recently i’ve just been lurking..
    i’m an animator, 3D guy and all around artsy type.
    I’m from Philadelphia, did college in Colorado (creative writing and lit), grad school in Philly (digital design), and now i’ve just moved to Hollywood, and am trying to get comfortable with sun and palm trees.
    pictures can, with any luck, be found by clicking the brownish-redness above.

  92. Stella Maris Says:

    Hey i’m Meli, one of these day’s i’ll get around to actually registering, but i do read all the time.
    i’m a full time student and the designer at http://www.antisepticfashion.com.
    i’m constantly working and read coilhouse on my short breaks i allow myself. it makes me happy that others share my interests and occasionally expose me to new and wonderful things.
    i live in San Francisco, work from home, school at the academy of art, my photo can be found at my website under bio along with my partners, and am the proud mom of one hairless cat named Tink.

  93. D Says:

    Living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I once attended a reading where the author of his then new book And the Ass Saw the Angel read an excerpt, that should date me.

    Not certain how I ended up reading this but I suspect it’s something somehow originating in my finding a certain w tod deadjournal to be a daily must a bit ago and then some stuff and some more stuff happened and with a bit of free association it was inevitable.

    Now and then I pretend to have a virtual life but the only thing I ever update (sporadically) is linked in the D (for David or /d) above.

  94. JeNeSaisQuoi Says:

    I’m a student from the suburbs of The Strait.

  95. chlorinebeach Says:

    Allo allo!

    I am vaguely a lurker… I think I’ve only posted under my username once. I’m Beth, from suburban NY, and I am currently a student in Theatre + Studio art. I haven’t got “it” figured out yet, but who wants to do that at 19? I look like this-


    I like y’all, + am glad you’re here to add a little more weird to my life- it’s hard to find too much outside of the university walls.

  96. Drew Yoon Says:

    Hey everyone, I’m Andrew Yoon.

    Born in raised in Los Angeles (of Korean decent). Lived in Shanghai, China for a year. I’m a curious monkey, but the things I’ve been doing off the top of my head are salsa dancing, trying to stay fit (winning the battle, losing the war) and smoking too much with my coworkers.

    To maintain the shirt on my back, I do frontend/interface design for suicidegirls, freelance photography and freelance web/graphic design. Occupational hazards include staring into the business end of Zoetica’s menacing “finger of wuv”, occasional topless women swinging pendulums of destruction, crying babies that I must resist punching in the face (really, I love them) and a slew of adorable dogs keeping me from meeting deadlines.


  97. jason Says:

    i’m jason, 29, from rural illinois. for a job i sit in a half cube doing meaningless busywork and abusing the internet priveleges when no one’s watching, then afterwards i go try to be a photographer in the most visually insipid place on earth. i’ve been reading since warren ellis first mentioned it, because to paraphrase your masthead i love alt culture and i’m sad it no longer exists. it’s rough being weird in flyover country, where weird is so dispersed.

  98. apokalypi Says:

    i’ve posted a couple times, but have only now registered.

    i’m from new jersey, but currently, and hopefully briefly, live in north carolina

    i work a shitty job not worth mentioning, but i also do special effects for independent movies, so far mainly for free and with my friends under the name robot hand . we got written up on twitch recently, which was a high point for me. i’m also working on some sculptures right now, and will soon start on a stop-motion movie of my own.

  99. Emera Says:

    Hey, I’ve been following Coilhouse ever since the beginning – I think I found it via Anachronaut’s blog? – but haven’t commented in quite a while. Guilty of lurkage!

    I’m from New Jersey, USA, and have lived here all of my life. I’m currently a university student studying biology, French, and creative writing. I read, knit, draw, and garden a lot (woo hoo!). I follow Coilhouse because I like, err, just about everything in it? So much eye candy and fascinating linkage.

  100. Mer Says:

    Hello, hi, hello! *gleeful wave* You have no idea how wonderful to hear from all of you. Thank you for reading, thank you for letting us see little windows into your own lives. This is thrilling!

    About MEEE: Raised in San Diego, lived in New York for well over a decade, moved to Oakland about a year ago. I love it here.

    I make music every day. If I did not do this, I’d end up locked in a padded cell somewhere, finger-painting with my my own precious bodily fluids. Violin and theremin, mostly. I also have a lot of experience and training as a singer, but I’m painfully shy about that. Hopefully I’ll get over it sooner than later, ‘cos I really need to focus more on my own project, the Parlour Trick. Meanwhile, I’m stunned and overjoyed to be involved in several deeply satisfying collaborations (especially Coilhouse!) with some truly exceptional people.

    My prized possessions: the century-old German violin that’s been tucked under my chin since I was 9 years old, a stuffed erinaceomorph called Werner Hedgehog, my copy of Planetary #21, and a boneshaker named Penny.

    Lesser known Mer facts: I was in a college production of Jesus Christ Superstar. (Free snorgles to anyone who can correctly guess which role I played!) I have a deep, not entirely irrational loathing of gum. I wear a lot of bonnets, make unwieldy jewelry, read a ton, see a LOT of movies, take snapshots, and often compulsively herky jerky dance like no one’s watching.

    I am never bored.

    Also, I have a freakishly long tongue:

  101. Lee Says:

    Hello. My name is Lee.
    I’m a bartender in Orlando.
    I don’t currently have any pictured to share, just know that I am beautiful to behold (in a trainwreck sort of way).
    I read via RSS, but am not registered…nor have I ever commented.
    I do quite enjoy reading your daily offerings.
    Thank you.

  102. Kit Says:

    I’m Kit.
    I currently live in Valencia California.

    I’m currently at Graduate school at CalArts training to be a scenic and costume designer.

  103. octopus_prime Says:

    Way to inspire me to actually register.

    I’ve been infatuated with Coilhouse and its ilk ever since I stumbled upon this site whilst looking for a Stroh violin and hammer dulcimer in the SF bay area. Then Meredith Yayanos’ name popped up in the Google search results with a suggestion, and I was hooked from there (out of fondness for the Faun Fables family).

    I’m a 23-year-old with lady parts that goes by the name of Rachel. I’m a wage-slave coffee enthusiast in the wee hours of the morn’. It almost pays them bills.

    I live in Oakland, California by way of misty Seattle. I grew up in rural Illinois amidst more cows and corn than a sane human would ever want to see.

    Now I live in a dusty old warehouse that used to be a dairy and play bass in a stoner-rock/thrash/doom metal/boogie band. I try to play as many instruments as possible, and am influenced very strongly by middle-Eastern and Asian scales and arrangements.

    I look-a like this:

    I also like to draw things, like cheerful zombies.

    I used to be an altar server in the Catholic church when I was a kid. Maybe that’s where all the weird came from.

    I’m pretty obsessive about music, the ocean, cephalopods, ancient religions, homemade instruments, surrealism and avant-garde/microtonal musics.

    Thank you for being so welcoming; as all the greatness provided on this blog, I will admit, is a wee bit intimidating.

  104. manchasdetinta Says:

    My name is Beatriz and i’m 21 . I’m from Madrid, Spain.
    Lurker since i discovered Coilhouse roughly one year ago via Suicidegirls .
    Still the first website that i look in the morning.
    I studied graphic and web design. Currently alternating useless jobs with long periods devoted to travel / read as much as I can /take hundreds of photos/industrial ink spending/disseminate my laughable English/ search abandoned places.

    I love cyberpunk related things, japanese culture, cats,blue-haired girls.

    Try to repress my euphoria when i read the “Coilhouse magazine” article.
    I can’t wait to smell the ink!

  105. James Shearhart Says:

    James Shearhart
    Found roundabout San Francisco
    Writer and photographer
    Currently deep in the throes of creativity re: Quay Brothers-inspired photography project.

    Also: Came this close to shaking Mer’s hand at the last Dresden Dolls gig in SF, but the crowd overwhelmed me, for which I am sad.

    Everything else can be explained via my blog and Points Beyond….

  106. Assh Says:

    My name is Assh, and I was linked to Coilhouse from Boing Boing. I reside in Orlando, with some a good amount of my time spent in New York and New Jersey. I am currently an art history student and spend most of my off time in museums, libraries, and local clubs.

    My life revolves around art, electro/industrial music, comics, the internets and horror films, specifically great old black and white William Castle films.

    I love this blog; thanks for being the place for alternative news!

  107. Jim Says:

    Nadya: I actually took the “no nudes” bit for a joke immediately, thought it was a fairly funny one even. ;)

    …but then, it’s been suggested to me in the past that I might be kind of weird.

  108. endjoi Says:

    I’m Ana. raised in california, decided to head off to the desert of New Mexico for a while, got fed up with the severe lack of rain, so I moved to Portland where I hear it rains quite often. I’m a printmaker with a strange obsession with pears and octopi. I have an unhealthy relationship with paper. and ink. also accordions. I love accordions with an undying passion much in the same way I love coilhouse. A fellow printmaker turned me on to this site, for which I am eternally greatful. I’ve mostly lurked, except for that post about the Intercontinental radio show which nearly made me pee my pants with glee, because shows like that are hard to find. Thank you coilhouse for being awesome!

  109. benjabimon Says:

    My name is Peter, 24, living in Melbourne Australia.

    Most of the time I’m a BA Photography student at RMIT University, if it’s not that I’m probably out somewhere eating food, eating drugs, riding my bike, talking way too much shit, getting my club on, taking retarded photos or most likely at home on the computer.

    I’ve been reading coilhouse.net now for a few months and I’m an addict now, I particularly like the art/creative news posts but the point that has me hooked is all the weird shit. In the next month I want to make coilhouse.net vinyl stickers for some guerilla marketing in my home city. Spread the joy, that kinda thing.

    This is me when I’m hitting roads with my face (best self-portrait I’ve done)

  110. SebFowler Says:

    Bit late to the party… Seb Fowler checking in.
    I’m from Melbourne, but currently living in Jakarta.
    Web designer by trade/accident and draw cartoons/illustrations in my spare time.
    Been with you since the start, but this is my first comment. Love it here.
    My stuff is here http://sebfowler.com/ and here http://www.flickr.com/photos/sejibodo/
    Nice to be with you.

    *Peter: Great to see some other Melbournians representing. With blood no less! That Sir, is priceless.

  111. Rudi Says:

    My name’s Ryan, I’m 31, going to be 32 the 17th of this month. I live in North Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m orginally from Muncie, Indiana but I moved here to live with my girlfriend/then fiance/now wife about 6 years ago. She has a 17 year old son who has a form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome.

    I don’t have a crazy/exotc job, I just sell shoes at a department store in the mall. I like to draw as a hobby, and at one time entertained the idea of being a comic book artist, but I’m not sure I could handle something I do to relax as a job.

    I discovered this website though Warren Ellis, and now check it daily. I love the motto: INFORM INSPIRE INFECT and think it is very appropriate for the art and news that’s on display daily here.

    Here’s a pic:
    new haircut 4/5

    and an older one when I had more hair:
    me 4/2

  112. antoinette elizabeth Says:

    I’ve been reading this site the whole time but have not registered until now…the community feeling of this post made it hard to resist.

    My name is Antoinette, from St. Louis but now in Chicago; I’ve also lived in New Orleans and miss it very much. Like everyone else here I make things to spiritually survive: perfume, bellydances, jewelries, writings, sometimes songs and performance art and paintings. The survival of my physical being is taken care of by my labors of love at a sex shop. I have looked like all sorts of people and things…

    I grew up playing in zine culture land, so am very grateful for your efforts in holding down this corner of Fantastica. Maybe if we perverts all plunk down together the Nothing won’t get it.

  113. Hillwalker Says:

    Aspiring curmugeon (but not very good at it) in Victoria, BC. Child of IGY, electron wrangler, astronomer, vexilologist, cohabitor with cats, and blessed beyond my wildest dreams.
    063: 23 September 2007
    I’m trying something serious with my photography…
    Fading Light Images
    And my not-so-serious stuff is on Flickr.

  114. Klintron Says:

    Portland, OR
    Executive Director of Esozone, editor-in-chief of Technoccult, host/producer of Technoccult TV, noise artist, and fixer of broken-ass computers. Amonst other things.

    I look something like this:

  115. rickie Says:

    i’m rickie
    from l.a.
    i’m a one-on-one aide for a kid with autism, looking for a new job. i am out of money. i have 2 cats. i like to cook for friends, but rarely have any over…i’m looking at you nadya/zoe/mildred

    i look like this when i’m really drunk:


  116. mnrsiat Says:

    I’ve been reading regularly for a couple months now but just registered for this comment. I probably won’t comment again b/c I’m more interested in the fantastic things you all find to post about, than in trying to make myself heard. I generally prefer to Do than to Talk.

    I live in San Francisco, I’m just about 40, I write website backends for a living (and love it – no I don’t do graphic design, i do database programming). in my spare time i make Things, such as plaster mold of my face and hands (soon to be organized into “Rachel encased in carbonite”), pillows that vibrate when you sit on them, a motorized sofa (in progress), and lots of clothes & costumes & hats.

  117. Mer Says:

    Hello, I am Mer* and I am a metalhead.

    I was born in Barcelona (Spain) and now I live in Belgium. Yes the beer is best ;D

    I studied applied arts (crafts?) especializing in fire enamel and some jewellery too. Glad I took enamel seriously and at least I went in depth with that one, because at heart I am an apprentice of everything and a master of nothing. Everything that can be created with a pair of hands, I want to try. But I do work a boring full time office job because there is no enamelling to be done in this country.

    I have been following Coilhouse from the beginning, found it via Nadya’s LJ. Nearly all articles you post interest me, thank you for that!

    Most of the time I do not look like this, but I am vain.

    *Mer number two, this time it comes from Mercedes ;)

  118. lucylle Says:

    Hi there….
    I’m Anna Lucylle, from Milan (Italy)…. 28 years old but depending on the time of the day and the state I’m in I sound either 50 or 5.
    I slave away as an art director in an advertising company during the day, at night and at weekends I take photographs of mostly-naked ladies for pin up websites….
    Here’s what I look when I have make up and photoshop on my side. ;-)

  119. Tequila Says:

    Wow…quite the long dive this one. Amazing number of people I’ll say that…

    I’m AL…just another face in the crowd and last of the Great North American Slackers. Up until a few years ago I was a Private Courier dealing in exotic goods and collectibles. Basically I was part delivery boy and middle man between people who collect items they’d rather keep very private. Most of the time it was museum grade items of historical or artistic importance. However the real interesting part was dealing in items that have no real monetary or historical importance but mean a whole lot to people (like old love letters or family heirlooms.)

    Unfortunately the questionable legalities this places one in just got too much to deal with. There can be a thin line between courier and smuggler in some legal circles. During all that I did a lot of freelance writing that still keeps me out of the poor house now that I’ve pretty much decided to pursue a career in Comics…

    While I work on that I spend my time doing web graphics, writing the odd article or two, and trying to learn as much about art, comics, and technology as I can…it’s a different lifestyle that I’m still trying to make peace with…and decent money on.

  120. filwinn Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m Oliver from Brussels, Belgium. I fell in love with Nadya’s photography ever since I first saw it in a french issue of Elegy, from there I go to the LJ and from there to Coilhouse. I’m a graphic designer in Brussels (and yes indeed the beer is the best over here :p) with a craving for the weird and a rather dark sense of aesthetics.
    Usually I look like this

  121. Seaswain Says:

    Ok, Ok, I am hopping on board. I am Caroline, from small village near Belfast, Northern Ireland. I work in a psychiatric unit looking after the people that look after the people. I also paint, read and still write letters rather than e.mails.

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what are Snorgles?

  122. VonTurbo Says:


    Good lord. Everyone here is crazy-talented. Makes me wish i’d done something with my life…

    I’m Tom. 24 years old. Living in glamourous West London. I currently work in web marketing. I used to be an actual coolhunter for a large evil corperation. I like making shouty – growly music. My last band can be heard here http://www.myspace.com/guntmetal

    This might work.


    I found the site through Warren Ellis and have been reading from the very begining. I lurk.

  123. Lauren Says:

    My name is Lauren, Im 21 and Im a freelance writer. I specialise in writing about technology and alternative fashion.
    Im from Johannesburg, South Africa.

  124. Mer Says:

    Snorgle definition courtesy of Cute Overload:

    Snort + Snuggle. Summarizes the situation when you moosh your face into a fuzzy wuzzy smoochie wiggle and make googoo noises. First appearance on Teh Qte™ was here.

    And the Urban Dictionary def.

  125. aarontrout Says:

    meh name is aaron,, i’m a student/librarian in the city of seattle. somewhere around 21 years. i bike around town like everyone else who’s ever lived in this hi(yu)ppie city. favorite post off the top of my head was the fred & sharon spencer one, in which mer revealed she collected tapes of public access shows back in the day. that’s just about the coolest thing ever.

    @mer; were you king herod? i was peter once, long ago.

  126. Liz Biscuit Says:

    I found Coilhouse off another blog, and now it’s high on my googlereader priority list. I’m 23, am a student in Wellington, New Zealand, I have big red hair and try to glower a lot. I really love this blog, it’s so rare (for me) to find moderately unprocessed ‘alt’ culture stuff. Yup. And I never comment.. I mean.. damn!

  127. Seaswain Says:

    Similar to a schnuzzle then?

  128. Tealady Says:


    Such a wonderful blog. I am quite a lurker.

    I am from Ballarat, Australia. I’m the tealady and webmonkey at alphaville. Pictured escaping for a teabreak.


  129. Chee Ann Says:

    I, too, registered just so I could comment. Because usually I just lurk.

    I’m Chee Ann. I’m a 25 year old software developer living in Burlington, Vermont. I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York and I miss living in a city. Coilhouse is a nice mental escape from a small town.

  130. kris_ether Says:

    @Mark – Oh, bizarre!?! Yeah it’s a grey but with it seems different in different lighting. Manchester, being a city, does seem to be quite small really when you socialize in certain circles. The same can be said about spotting people in town.

    I’ve been on Coilhouse since the start thanks to Zoetica’s LJ, and it’s been great for finding articles to read when I’m bored at work. Even more important is how undiluted and unprocessed the content is.

  131. Lady Julianne le Fay Says:

    I’m Lady Julianne (est. 2001), I’m a fashion blogger, aspiring writer, knitter, piano pounder, recorder player (descant and tenor, I have long fingers) and Wikipedia addict. I recently finished university and am currently unemployed – free to spend all day furiously checking blogs for updates, stalking people on Twitter, reading books, writing, practicing my instruments, and watching documentary series I recorded months ago. My career plan is to be a successful writer then become a rock star so that my books have credibility established first.

    I think I discovered Coilhouse via Gala Darling, (it could have been somebody else actually or even a Google search, it’s too long ago for me to remember now). I quickly became addicted due to Zoetica’s awe-inspiring style.

    No pics for you today, I got sunburn at a music festival and now my forehead has gone a shade darker than the rest of my face – not hot.

  132. Kat Says:

    Theatre technician by night, monster by day. Born, ran away from and now live once again in Melbourne Australia. About to fly out to Edinburgh to work at the Gilded balloon as their lighting operator for the festival.
    Specialise in lights and all things flashy and bright.
    tech by night, moonlight as a model and stylist by day.
    Love working with amazing people with a skewed view of the world.

    Came across The Coilhouse as I’m an avid stalker of Christine (ulorn), Nadya and Zoetica.


  133. Zoetica Says:

    I’m going to be late for work! You people have me practically choking up this morning. 132 replies, and I want to write each of you a love letter and browse each of your sites at length. GRAGH! Must.. Get.. Dressed.

  134. chaoflux Says:

    Danny Chaoflux
    Artist, Writer, Friend of Klintron, Art Director of Esozone, Lord Chamberlain of R6XX.com, Founder of PDXocculture, and all sorts of other bullshit.

    Check out that blazer!

    Self portrait actually taken by me over here: http://www.dannychaoflux.com/?p=61

  135. Nemo Bion Says:

    Adam or Madam(the only nickname that ever stuck)
    I’m 26…….I think, I always forget.
    I live in San Diego, California. Born an raised. Though I have spent a couple years in Tennessee being a bit of a hermit.
    I currently test printers for a living. Its glorious…………yes GLORIOUS.
    Been following Coilhouse for quite awhile, maybe since the beginning or not. I can’t seem to remember that far back.
    Everyday I look forward to what wondrous things will appear on the next blogg entry.
    Art is what keeps me going. I will travel any distance for art. That is if I have the money for a flight. If not the rule is: If I can drive it, I’ll be there.

  136. Dumpysaurus Says:

    I’m Jenny, a small androgynous-looking artist spawned (1985) in Washington state and reared here in our great state of Callyfornya. I found out about Coilhouse a few months ago from a friend who shares an interest in art/fashion/oddities/anthropology/a lot of the types of things you guys cover. I’ve been reading obsessively ever since!

    Right now I have no idea what I’m doing with my life other than drawing other people’s characters for scraps of money and making wearable eyeballs. I’m one of those pestilential deviantART creatures. I look metaphorically like this drawing (one on the left) but with more skin in reality.

  137. nomfaux Says:

    So many people!

    I’m Tiffany, born under the aurora lit skies of frosty Alaska back in ’83, currently a stay-at-home-mom, computer and video game nerd extraordinaire, and am going through a most torturous refinance process for my lovely home in the middle of the southern New Mexico desert. In my spare time, which isn’t much, I poke about on the interwebz, play WoW avidly *hangs head in shame*, and support my voracious appetite for books. Yum! I also dabble in painting, tribal belly dancing, fire poi, and am training my brain and tongue in the Japanese language.

    Flickr is refusing to cooperate, but the little square picture up there, to the right, is me.

    I have been (silently, and stalkerish-ly? hm!) following Zo’s painting and modeling career since I found her somehow on the ‘net sometime in ’01, which naturally led me to Coilhouse, and all of the wonderful people that help create it and make it so lovely. Keep up the amazing work, ladies!

  138. paul blume Says:

    my, what a pretty bunch of readers you do have!

    …time to do something about that.

    …bring down the tone, somewhat.

    but seriously ( as opposed to spuriously ), I am but a mere library drone in the would-be, wanna be Great Metropolis of Charlotte, NC, surviving by +/ on my sardonic wits +/ sense of curiousity.

    I am thin + ‘bendy’ in the words of one of my colleagues, who is neither

    as for what passes for my ‘personality’, let it merely be said that, in a land of flip-flops — the uniform footwear of Charlotte, alas — I
    am those shiny, shiny boots of leather…however much they pinch.
    Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do sex + drugs have no effect on me.

    real party animal, in other words

    as for what I look like…shudder…just go to whirlingmouse and look up, look waaaay up…yes, that’s me in monochrome + shades + 5 o’clock shadow + no, I am NOT flippinging you the bird

    I am beckoning you, enter…

    at your own risk

  139. hyuju Says:

    i’m martini, i’m from michigan, aaand i’m an art student.

    I registered to comment a few months ago, but I’ve been reading for a lot longer.

    i look like: http://photos-f.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v285/238/6/1250550194/n1250550194_30088813_3902.jpg

    this, usually.

  140. Evan Says:

    Better late than never I say. I warn you now I can ramble!

    My name is Evan. I was born and raised in Miami, FL. Uprooted and moved to Knoxville, TN last Nov and couldn’t be happier here…it’s..quiet.
    I just turned 30, been writing poetry for about 22 of those years and (slowly) working up to something else-not really sure if I’d call it a short story-maybe a long dream..
    Been compiling things to submit lately but not having much luck. It’s hard when you don’t know how to classify your style or easily fit into a box. Still trying though. At least I know I make a small circle of folk happy with them in the meantime.
    Any suggestions on how to broaden that circle would be greatly appreciated.
    Still looking for other work too(medical/legal persuasion)(as much as I’d like to sit on my duff reading and writing all day reality is come early..I need 2 lives to be truly happy, I feel. Sometimes I just spread myself too thin. I am a Gemini, after all.

    Lately just been enjoying the mountains/trees/birds, my cat(s), my family/boyfriend and towers of books. I feel lucky to have had the ocean for the first half of my life and now the mountains for, probably, the rest..
    I have a slight Nick Cave obsession, Lost obsession, Louis Wain’s cats obsession, love the books of Caitlin R. Kiernan, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series(and pretty much all his other works), Barker’s Imajica, the poetry of Dorothy Parker and T.S. Elliot among others..too much to list..the aforementioned have left permanent stamps on my brain, however.

    I love taking pictures, have a fondness for all things black & white, vintage/old and odd, walking along any body of water, trees, flowers, space and time, all creatures-we have hummingbirds in the yard now. I am fascinated by those feisty little guys!

    Fell into Coilhouse, I believe, through Warren Ellis’ site as well ;) It’s on my daily list of reads now and I always find myself nodding my head in agreement. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this snazzy little corner of the internetz for us to camp out in :D

    I uploaded a lot of pictures onto my my-space. Please feel free to take a look :)

    (with rat-friend)

  141. Heather Says:

    hello, providers of delicious information!

    I am Heather, and living in Philadelphia, and do computer stuff during the day. At night I play the piano with the Olde City Sideshow.

    And that is all I have to say by way of introduction.

  142. Emera Says:

    Mer, I’m going to be uncreative and guess that you were Mary Magdalene?

  143. Star Says:


    My name is Star.
    I’m an illustrator, musician, and web developer.
    When I’m not coding html & css for kink.com, I draw comics, play cello, model, and collect toy instruments.

    I also run a blog about design, illustration, freelancing, and my life.

    I look like this:

    As Shot by Erin Siegal

  144. Nadya Says:

    If not Mary Magdalene, then who? I’m curious too. Was it a cross-gender thing? I played Dr. Henry Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” once. If cross-gender… JESUS?

    If a lady and not Mary Magdalene – one of the lepers who accosts Jesus?

  145. L Says:

    Hiya, this is great!
    I’m L, from London, and I ‘escort’.
    When I’m not making my grandmother turn in her grave I write, draw and make films.
    I’m here via lj and at some point I might actually use sssw.wordpress.com. Probably not though.

  146. Traumata Says:

    I’m Hellen, 20something girl mutant powered by performance art, porn and feminism.

    Basically, by day I attempt to reconcile my feminist politics with my job in the adult industry and by night I perform under the name Trauma Unit (www.traumatised.net)
    I’m based in London, UK and some slightly-out-of-date pictures of me can be seen on my performance site, also, I love Nadya’s new hair.

  147. Katie Says:

    I’m Katie. I live in Wisconsin and i am an accountant in a food co-op.

  148. Warren Ellis Says:

    I’m Warren Ellis.

  149. Zoetica Says:

    Where are the nudes, Warren.

  150. Bridget Says:

    Hello. I’m Bridget (dur). I’m currently stuck east of Cleveland, Ohio (because I grew up here) but I’m moving to Brooklyn in a month because I’m enrolled at the Pratt Institute as a freshman film student. Extremely excited about my upcoming huge change in lifestyle and scenery as well.

    Oh and uh I love the magazine. If it was printed I’d get a subscription.

  151. duncan Says:

    My Name is Duncan, I am a 22 year old and barely employed field biologist from Austin, Texas. I have followed the rss feed closely after google suggested it to me, but took this long to respond because I am a dedicated lurker.

  152. Emit Idy Says:

    Greetings, I’m Mr. Emit Idy from Oakland, CA.

    I’m a multi-media artist and musician.

    Today I’m extra happy because my solo purrformance vehicle Nezzy IDy will be opening for 45 Grave here in San Francisco.

    I am a professional recording engineer and sound designer as well as my own personal kind of witch.


  153. Tom Says:

    I’m way-too-old would-be has-been composer in South Carolina.
    Now I’m a part-time music impresario… in fact, I’ll get to meet Mer in August, when I’ve got Faun Fables booked to play here in Columbia! Yay! Everybody come!

    Here, perhaps, is me and my birthday cat last year:

  154. Jen Says:

    Hi. Big time lurker here, but I enjoy each post on this site.

    I’m Jen. I’m a girl/woman/female thing. I’m a jack of all trades sort of person, mostly since I get bored easily and move onto the next interesting or shiny item. Right now I’m a programmer. I write mostly in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails (when I have to), MySQL and sometimes English. I have a plethora of random, irrational fears that amuse me more than anything, such as the one about people in restaurants singing happy birthday to me.

    I was born in Seoul, S. Korea and grew up in Northern California. I consider San Francisco to be my hometown, although I haven’t lived there for the past 15 years. I look forward to moving back someday, as much as I look forward to being single. I crave full independence. Currently I live in a snobby part of Arizona where many people try to be Californian, and it’s clear they’ve watched Bring it On and Clueless one too many times.

    I look like this, but usually in color:

  155. Randal Says:

    engineer, actor, intellectual, mal vivant
    late to the party

  156. Mer Says:


    Speaking of strange Jebuses, Nadya gets teh snorgles. And some schnuzzles, too. (Like she wasn’t already!)

    Emit, dear, have a great show tonight. Super stoked for you.

  157. BleedingSnowdrop Says:

    um, Hi! I found this site not so long ago. I just loved the spirit of it, and, well, pretty much everything here! The articles, the way they’re written, the subjects… Soo, I’ve been a pretty avid reader since. um, yeah, I think that’s enough of that.
    I’m a 17-year-old student, about to enter my last year in highschool, and currently residing in Guadalajara Mexico (born in Hermosillo). Still not sure what I want to do. I love writing, but it’s pretty hard to live off that I think. Soo I’ll study international relations or something, (I love traveling) or hopefully open a (vegan) bakery with a friend. Well, whatever I do I just hope it’s not in an office. Been weird since I can remember, so hopefully my job will be too.
    I think that’s it, pretty much. I’m not one to comment on the internet or whatever, but I wanted to introduce myself here too.
    Thank you for this site! It is, really, an inspiration.

  158. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    Lauren from San Jose, Ca. (actually hoping to move to Emit’s neck of the woods within the year..)

    I’m a caregiver for a spunky 97 year old Alzheimer’s and dementia patient and by night, i study bellydance and work on a few performance art projects… However, fundage is low and my creative resources not only cost blood, sweat and tears- but actual money as well…

    I’m probably the fattest starving artist you’ve ever seen. :P

    The horror:

  159. Kambriel Says:

    * who you are


    * where you’re from

    Feeling much the gypsy right now… but tend to reside in places where either tons of pumpkins or exotic fabrics can be found if I have any say in it.

    * what you do in life

    Dream, imagine, create…. the results of which can often be found at: http://www.Kambriel.com

    * maybe even what you look like?

  160. mary Says:

    i’m mary.

    i’m a 27-year old secretary, working for brown university in providence, ri.

    i’ve been reading zoe’s livejournal for years, ever since her biodoll days, so i followed her here! and i’m glad i did; this blog is fantastic.

    here i am (the girl): http://www.flickr.com/photos/illyanadmc/2586017524/

  161. BZedan Says:

    I make things, as enigmatic as that may seem. Things like jewellery, papercraft, sculpture, comics and photographs. They couldn’t pin me down in school, so I ended up doing my senior thesis/project in papier mâché. That is me, what I make. I am a mélange, I guess.

    I am from small towns in Oregon, places surrounded by green, green and wet. I am spoiled, as I can travel forty minutes one way and be in the forest, or go in the opposite direction and find myself in a city.

    What pays my bills is a dream job involving hosiery, where I can sort and organise stock to my simple heart’s content.

    This is the most recent picture of me:
    I don't know what my hair is doing

    But I like these more.

    I started reading Coilhouse because Libby kept sharing wonderful things from it. I’ve yet to be disappointed by what I see or read. Always impressed.

  162. shigella Says:

    I’m a recovering goth, hovering somewhere in my thirties between responsibility and the desire to dance all night. I really appreciate the elegant weirdness of Coilhouse. It makes me titter with glee and nod my head vigorously when I see someone ELSE appreciates the finer, weirder things in life.

    I’m originally from Minnesota but I’ve lived all over the U.S. I still favor cold places with long winters. I’m a painter studying classical realism. I have an obsessive desire to paint so well that my figures will one day spring to life, leap off the canvas and strangle random passersby.

    I look like:


  163. foxtongue Says:

    I’m friends and friends of friends of the creators of our sweet little coilhouse, as well as being a passing acquaintance to quite a lot of the content. I like them I like what they do, some day we’ll all couch swap and it will be glorious.

    My name is Jhayne, and I’m a writer, photographer, cryptozoologist, saw player, and muse currently trapped in Vancouver, Canada. (And if you know me, you’ll know how much zombiewalk is my fault).

    I write a creative non-fiction journal, Dreampepper, a mixture of wonder, pointlessness, isolation, and community hosted unceremoniously on livejournal, where I talk about life, love, art, technology, and try not to hate the world: http://porphyre.livejournal.com

    My last project was an attempt to save an old theater and create a new venue called Heart of the World, which fell down and went boom because people here don’t seem to care, though I’m still sending thank you notes to the hundreds who did who all lived elsewhere.

    And though I’ve been scratching out a living as a writer for the past year, I’ve started getting paid reasonable money to take pictures, even though I mostly take self portraits.

  164. BettieRage Says:

    Hmmm. I am Teresa, computer geek for money and on of a dozen ladies who can say they were a flat track roller derby founder here in in Austin, Texas. I still skate, Bettie Rage is my roller derby alter ego. I also really love to dance, laugh, talk the sun up, travel, cook, sew and paint (but I destroy the products as I suck at it). I am originally from the DC suburbs, which I still visit frequently and love a lot.

    I found this site because Mer is involved. I have seen her tounge in real life and it really is quite massive. I think she gets prettier everyday and one day will be unbearable to look directly at like a star or something. She is a force moreso than most anyone you have ever met. We have mutual friends and I know that everything she touches is pretty freaking amazing. This hunch has never steered me wrong. Also she has the love for Klaus Nomi that I have and few others really truly understand.

    I adore Coilhouse, I download the RSS feed and it is for sure the happiness maker. Yes, indeed.

    This is a team photo from this year. Wheeee!

  165. shigella Says:

    I’m a recovering goth, hovering somewhere in my thirties between responsibility and the desire to dance all night. I really appreciate the elegant weirdness of Coilhouse. It makes me titter with glee and nod my head vigorously when I see someone ELSE appreciates the finer, weirder things in life.

    I’m originally from Minnesota but I’ve lived all over the U.S. I still favor cold places with long winters. I’m a painter studying classical realism. I have an obsessive desire to paint so well that my figures will one day spring to life, leap off the canvas and strangle random passersby.

    I look like:


  166. inky Says:

    I’ve been hooked on this site since March, when a friend showed me this post. I should stop lurking.

    So hi! I’m Liam, a wee 21-year-old Irishman. I look something like this.

    I’m a struggling computer science student with a love of dark, mysterious music* and a slowly developing fascination with photography. Occasionally I make music; I’m especially proud of this song.

    And that’s me, more or less. Hopefully this won’t be my last comment.

    [* Trve kvlt black metal is also good.]

  167. Beetleginny Says:

    Oh hai!

    I’m ginny and I’m a native Angeleno. I work as a photographer for Sideshow Collectibles. I look like this:

    Erotic French Court. (by beetleginny)

    although I’m a bit more of a greenie than a blonde right now.

  168. Puff Chrissy Says:

    I’m an American living in Wroclaw, Poland with my wife and dog, Dudikoff. When I’m not writing, I teach at the university. I look like Charlie Brown with a goatee and tattoos. I like to bake pies. In fact, I’m the one who introduced advanced pie technology to the Poles.

    I really enjoy the site. Thanks.

  169. Anabel Says:

    * who you are


    * where you’re from

    Born in Oregon but spent most of my childhood in Mexico and about to return to my roots in a year. Currently in Portland.

    * what you do in life

    I write fiction and do graphic/web design.

    * maybe even what you look like?


    Photo by Jessica Blasch at Diversion 2006 and amazingly no Photoshop involved, just a big inflated plastic bubble to play in with air filled balls and playa dust in the air.

  170. six06 Says:

    – julie zarate : mom, wife, legal assistant and smartass by day, painter by night. dreamer 24/7.
    – born and raised in houston, texas.
    – trying to be productive, for productivity’s sake. this usually involves oil paint and lethal doses of caffeine.
    – i don’t photograph well, but i can take liberties when i paint:

  171. Shien Lee Says:

    I’m Shien Lee – I live in New York, and I produce 18th, 19th and early 20th century themed events called Dances of Vice – and this is what I look like!

  172. Christiane Says:

    Christiane, fairly stereotypical geeky type with special love for all things 80s and early 90s. I guess most people know me more for modelling but I also love drawing, mostly ink drawings. I’d like to have the time to practice more but it remains a hobby. My qualifications are mostly Biology/Ecology-related. I’m from the North East of England but have moved around quite a lot the past few years, Currently in the South West but soon to be in London to a Masters degree. Actually dislike writing about myself, feels pretentious!

    I usually comment on the LJ feed, but I couldn’t figure out if they ever showed up on the actual blog or not :)

    It is nice to read the replies of others here :)

  173. theeradicator Says:

    I’m a nearing 30 librarian by day, artist by night (art of all sorts, currently focusing on cartooning and textiles) from the Midwest. I’m new here, but liking it a lot. So don’t beat me too soundly if this whole picture thing doesn’t work the first time around:

  174. R. Says:

    I’m RaShawn Wright, also E. Black (my pen name) and I’m from Williamsburg, VA. I would have rather been from NYC or Moscow or Tokyo or London…instead I’m from one part of the Colonial Triangle and I’ve learned to like it. I’m 25 going on 105 and currently I’m doing retail while I dream of writing full-time, working in marketing/public relations and living in a cottage by the sea in England.

    And what I look like:


  175. Miss E Says:

    Hello. My name is Erica, but most people just call E.
    I was born in Baltimore,MD and currently live in Reisterstown. Someday, I will escape the suburbs.
    I am a public history major and I really should do more with my life, but I’m a bit of a hermit. I’m working on it though. In death I’d like to be famous enough to have my tombstone stolen.

  176. buntz Says:

    My name’s Sean, I live in Germany right now (for another month, when I’ll be moving to D.C.), I fancy myself a writer and I’m trying to find a way to make that happen in a way that can feed me.

    I love alt culture, though I’m too socially timid and straight-laced to ever dive in. So, I’ve lurked since the beginning of Coilhouse, living vicariously through the myriad beauty of the posts. It’s been a wonderful addition to my RSS feeds.

  177. secretia Says:

    hello coilhouse lovelies,

    i’m a limey that lives in hampshire in the uk with my boyfriend, three cats and various invertebrates

    i have a absolute passion for bugs and have a phd in insect genetic engineering…nowadays i teach 11-16 year olds science…i love being the “goth miss” at school…it goes with the mad scientist image…ha!

    i used to look like “bluebell” from the comic book “dogwitch”…mostly because i modelled for her…nowadays i look like this…same old glasses, though


    keep up the good work; because it is just that…


  178. Snowpiratess Says:

    Hello! My name is Anna, I’m a 23 year old English rose, born in London but living in Cambridge. What I do in life can be explained in a boring or interesting manner; project management or making the world, Cambridge at least, a better place.

    This is my face.

    During the week I wear grey pinstripes, but at the weekend I prefer green taffetta. I lurk around Coilhouse and enjoy it immensely.

  179. cass Says:

    Hi, I’m Cass. I have an evil plan of world domination which is going quite well, and run Wildilocks, an alternative hair and fashion business, online and on two sides of Australia so far.

    I look like this:

    I have only just got around to adding Coilhouse to my feed reader!

  180. Claire Says:

    Greetings lovely people!

    I have been following Coilhouse since its inception (I think!), and it rocks my socks, to put it mildly. I have “converted” at least two other people I know to it as well, through what I like to think of as friendly harangueing :D

    I hail from Glasgow in sunny Scotland, but don’t worry I won’t stab you. I work for a magazine publishing company and am attempting to climb the greasy pole of journalism there. When I am not shackled to an office desk I like to turn my hand to a variety of creative pursuits, particularly songwriting – which I hope to make something worthwhile of.

    What else? I haul my sorry arse all over Europe to gigs in towns no-one’s ever heard of with a bunch of friends who are worryingly-hardcore Sisters of Mercy fans/ dead-horse-flogging old goths, delete as appropriate. When I travel solo it’s more often than not to stalk Blixa Bargeld, which is much more fun.

    I have a wide range of interests, from high fashion to philosophy, and what I love most about Coilhouse is its fearlessness in covering such a broad spectrum of topics – in a way that somehow all gels together and makes perfect sense.

    I look a bit like this pic –
    This should not be seen as an endoresement of the Communist regime in East Germany in any way, shape, or form

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  181. Spotka Says:

    I’m Kriszta from Budapest, Hungary. I’m a painter and student at the Hungarian University Of Fine Arts. 23 years old.
    I have a blog called VividFluxury. Try to collect all the weird and stylish stuff I’m into. I’m interested in anatomy, shoes, fashion, antiquities, contemporary dance, nightlife, big cities, the gothic-industrial-fetish-blabla scene, and art, of course. Marcel Duchamp is my personal hero.
    (And I adore Mildred’s clothes, but psst!)

    And this is how I look like: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g29/spotka/1_spotty.jpg?t=1215636726

    (Blah, my English is worse than ever! That’s why I’m a lurker!)

  182. Akira Says:

    Ciaossu! I’m Akira

    Currently located around the nj/ny areas
    I’m a 23yr old (as of 15 hours ago) entry level web design mercenary.

    Started reading Coilhouse almost a year ago after seeing a link in Connexion Bizarre post.

  183. dangerCUTE Says:

    HI! My name’s Jean, and I’m a LURKER!

    Originally from the vast suburban sprawl of Ohio, U.S.A., I’m currently living in the magical, tiny city of Yukuhashi, Japan. I spend most of my time here dabbling in all sorts, including (but not limited to) Nihongo, purikura, international volunteer work, and the art of ufo catching.

    I’m a mini-neuroscientist (only a B.S.), and, I’m thinking of going into A.I. when I start grad school in about a year. I’m set on becoming a super famous pop-scientist with good hair, so watch out!

    Here’s a picture of me standing in front of a giant phallus.

    spelunking anyone?

  184. Alice Says:

    Surprisingly, I’m really Whitney (but you’re not supposed to give out your real name on the internets, right??), a 21-year-old design-and-Japanese student born and living in Maryland. I’m generally a shiftless lay-about when school’s not in session, but I occasionally try to sell little things that I make:


    …but, MOST important of all, I’m an avid (compulsive? Obsessive?) reader of Coilhouse and admirer of Zoetica’s style!

  185. Leyla E.P. Says:

    I’ve never commented here before, haha
    Read often, though.

    My name is Leyla. I’m a Turkish-Canadian descendant who currently resides in Oakland, California. When I was younger I lived in a tiny, one story house on a street that never got quiet, even at 2 am, just above the “ghetto”. I now live in a 3-story “nice neighborhood”, and as soon as I can I’m getting out of here and finding a nice, big-building ridden, view having, car honking city to hunker down in.

    When I’m not dreaming about where my life is going or doing the student thing, i love to draw and paint on anything and everything, go on bus adventures, deface the nearby town with chalk, sing, read comic books and occasionally dance. I’m a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez, Jamie Smart and Mike Mignola, and Zoetica’s paintings drive me wild :]
    I wear black hair and glasses and clothes.
    I’m always in Twitter, http://twitter.com/LeylaE, and DeviantArt, hit me up.

  186. nicky peacock Says:

    hello changelings.

    my name is miss nicky peacock and i live in the north east of england.

    i am an artist and photographer. i am typing with one hand because i’m so tired i can only lounge.

    i am currently curating a ‘learning to love you more’ presentation in a gorgeous but cavernous, art deco department store in my town, middlesbrough.
    i am also trying to edit my work for a book. i’m not enjoying it and i’m not sure why. later this year i will try some teaching for the first time.

    i’m blonde and i wear dark red glasses.
    i don’t drive.
    i’m fed up of english summers.
    i’m happiest when i’m with my cat.
    i’m on a diet – i miss eating out but i’m doing well.
    i’m a bit sad to be honest…but don’t tell anyone…i’ll say i’m fine.

  187. mitten Says:

    my name is mitten. i am a lurker via livejournal. i make jewelry and clothing, and collect dead things. i grew up in alaska. have spent the last 10 years in the bay area of california, but am fleeing to the deep woods of washington next month. i am a terminal recluse.
    http://www.rebekamitten.com coming soon.
    thank you for what you have made here. it is endlessly informative and entertaining.

  188. Patrick Says:

    I’ve been lurking for a while, but this post has prompted me to register.

    A little about myself…

    I’m a German hiding/stuck/living in America

    My name is Patrick, I’m a nearly-graduated college student. I’m 22 years old, I run, draw, blog, drink, and I’m a baker.

  189. s. suzuki Says:

    hello! my name is Summer and i’m also one of the lurkers! i’m from Colorado, USA, just turned 28, from a seriously mixed racial background, and i’m a total nerd. i do office work for money, but i really would like to be an artist some day.

    been reading Coilhouse’s blog since it started, and i completely love every entry posted. :)

  190. Shane Says:

    My name is Shane. I am from Los Angeles, CA. I work for one of the major studios in the marketing dept. I have worked in film for almost 15 years. I have had the pleasure of working on such titles as Sweeney Todd, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3. I am also a father and husband. No good pics today. Next time.

    Love what you have going on here. Keep it up.


  191. denise Says:

    my name is Denise… I currently pay the bills by working for the City of Calgary, which is also (oddly enough!) the city where I live.

    when I’m not working, I do the usual not-working sorts of things, like spending time with friends, and avoiding doing the housework, and upon occasion I have been known to take photographs of people and random interesting things.

    this picture is from my birthday in January (I made my friends dress up in oddball outfits and run around the (indoor) Devonian Gardens playing silly games and terrorizing the tourists. it was quite possibly the best birthday party I’ve ever had)

  192. Amberlemur Says:

    * Hi, name’s Amberlee.

    * 20 years old

    * Loner by default & stuck in a perpetual rut of self-defeat & social paranoia

    * Administrative Assistant for a Mandarin language school

    * Procrastinator

    * Feel uninspired & hateful towards most.

    * Lemur-ish

    * Like weird, cool things

    * Don’t know what career to look into or if I want to go to school just yet . (Lots of folks goin’ to college & becoming artists, scientists, and mathematicians.)

    * Blog at http://www.myspace.com/bloodwashinghands

    * I need to go on a great adventure one day for ever

    Thanks for the succulent teat from which i suck



  193. Shay Says:

    Hi, my name is Shay and I do actually comment sometimes.
    I’m 27 years old, I live in Tel-Aviv (though am originally from Jerusalem), Israel, and have recently retired from the duties of comics store clerk. I am now a social marketer at 5min.com, a nifty videopedia startup thing. I also recently finished my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Philosophy, and am probably going to be doing an MBA soonish.

    I do the Warren self-portrait thing, so look for me there.

    Once in a blue moon I blog at Total Eclipse. I recently wrote a post reviewing the film Waltz with Bashir, which you should all watch.

    I like pizza, vinyl toys, music and clouds.

  194. Kristen Says:

    my name is Kristen, im from Cardiff, down the road from that timerift thingy, im a costume making fiend and part time alternative model and i look rather nice!

  195. electronic mily Says:

    I’m late for this, but I’m emily, a currently unregistered lurker. At the moment I am in a small corn-and-cows town in Maryland, and I have a scant eighteen years under my metaphorical belt. I like robots and old messed-up junk that everyone’s forgotten about. At the end of august I’ll be heading off to college, where I will most likely major in art and go on to disappear into the fringes of society.

  196. Maarten Says:

    Martin (in English), from Groningen, north-east Netherlands.
    Spent first 5 years in Swasiland, year in London after highschool, quit two university studies within the same year after that and got a job, quit it to go freelance, and as of recently 3 days/week webdev job again, rest of the time same stuff freelance like the past 6 years or so. But now I get to eat as well as pay the mortgage.
    Cycle, climb (whenever and whatever I can, it’s hard in the NL!), (inline) skate, juggle, firebreathe, scifi, music, write introductions that look like personals. Try to travel a lot. Have a house that’s falling apart but live at a friend’s place who is a doctor that occasionally stores tubes of blood in her fridge to let them settle.

    Writing that down it seems a lot more exciting.. but spending too much time sitting at home dreaming about all the things I could be doing instead, like wearing goth fashion, reading philosophy in the park, paint my hair, meet old and new friends under the day star, etc. All of which I don’t do. But would like to. Also, girls with painted hair (blue, green, pink) make me blush and stutter and behave even sillier than usual.

    How’s this image thing work, anyway?

  197. Linn Næss Says:

    I’m Linn, half from Oslo Norway & half from Toronto Canada. I’m studying English lit, drama and visual art at uni (all those unemployable skills!) and trying to find enough time to make art that isn’t assigned as schoolwork. Sometimes I submit things to Don’t Look. I’ll probably end up working with something related to websites, once I get this degree out of the way. Most of the time I look like this:


  198. LesaMay Says:

    I’m Lesa May. I’m a California native. Most recently, I have been producing a show about SEX on Ustream.tv called ThisIsDeadAir and getting all kinds of kinky sex toys sent to me by my lovely sponsor to give away to my viewers.

    Studying people is a passion. Therefore, this thread, and Zoe (who once graced my humble home with her heavenly body for sushi and bad kung fu movies) is endlessly lovely to watch.

    Here’s what I look like:

    Hello world. I love you.


  199. velvetgarden Says:

    Hello Nadya! I love what you and your team have done with Coilhouse! ^_^

    I’m Alison. I live in Seattle and run a couple of online businesses, namely Velvet Garden [buy and sell Gothic clothing] and Velvet Mechanism [steampunk accessories for men and women]

    Here’s a recent photo of me wearing a corset that I made from vintage WWII army spats (for sale at Velvet Mechanism)

  200. MrSmite Says:

    Late to the party as usual,

    I think I technically found Coilhouse through Warren Ellis, though it’s a bit more byzantine than that.

    As for myself, I’m a failing freelance artist & designer in the SF bay area, grew up in the waning years of the Cold War, strongly influenced by that and the cyberpunk era, which in part lead to a keen interest in the cultural (and technological) influence on evolution, Transhumanist and Mega-Engineering sciences, and the role they play in society and so on. And I have a personal goal of trying not to make fun of Steam Punk, though it can be hard at times.

    I could go on about myself, yet I would prefer not to bore people with details, and shall instead rely on a false air of mystery to gain attention.

  201. John C. Worsley Says:

    John C. Worsley. Hail from gloomy Portland, Oregon.

    I make things: illustrations, comics, software, music. An arbitrary subset can be found at openvein.com.

    I’m an organizer for the Stumptown Comics Fest. My best friend is a dancing, stuffed bear who makes short independent videos. Apparently I look like a cross between Spider Jerusalem and Count Chocula.

    I LOVE to count! Ah ahhhh.

  202. Lauren Says:

    Hello there. First, I want to tell you that I love Coilhous in all of its bizarre glory… so thanks for indulging me.

    Ok, now on to the rest: I’m a political theory/history student in Denver, and I’m basically a huge nerd. I grew up in the mountains outside of the city, which was exceedingly lovely save for the loneliness that comes from being a 7-year-old living in the middle of nowhere.

    I don’t really have a job other than muddling around in the university archives in return for a small sum of money. Learning is my passion – knowing things reminds me that I exist. When not reading radical/obscure books (I’m a massive bibliophile), I enjoy urban exploration in and around Denver, as well as various arts-and-crafts type activities. Basically, I’m a stellar combination of 12-year-old and 90-year-old (in a completely non-creepy/not-pedophilic way). Can’t wait until my hair turns silver.

  203. geraldine Says:

    My name is geraldine.

    I live in new jersey basically

    I am actually a nursing major (still.. and yes, what many filipinos are notorious for aspiring to)

    I tried to avoid the whole nursing thing for two years but I just gave in. I currently work in an Emergency Room and the insanity is exciting. Crazies galore.

    This is how I look like now:


    This is how I looked like three/four years ago:


    for more of the second, Flickr.com/geraldiner

  204. Mary MacGregor-Reid Says:

    Hello, I’m Mary from New Zealand. I own a commercial graphic design company called Black Robin Design and I also dance and do my own artwork. I used to perform a lot and run events but now my company takes up most of my time. I’m originally from the UK and have been backwards and forwards a bit, but I consider New Zealand my home :)

    The server hosting my websites has just had a “catastrophic hard drive failure” (sounds serious doesn’t it?) so I can’t link to them! but here are the addresses anyway for future reference:
    http://www.marymacgregor-reid.com (art)
    http://www.the-magdalene.com (dance)
    http://www.blackrobindesign.com (how I make a living!)

    Here is a pic of me with my little girl Cashew

    I love all the articles and links you post on here, it’s my favourite blog

  205. nsmk Says:

    I’m Hugh. I’m an Irish jack-of-some trades based in Dublin, hopefully relocating to a more sane country in the near future.
    I make noise, drone, jazz and a variety of other loud sounds. I take photos. I draw. I write cyberpunkish fiction and non-fiction that fails to hide my interests in fiction. I frequently tinker with my brain.

    I do a variety of unix-related sysadmin jobs in order to support the aforementioned habits, hopefully doing a degree in graphic design if the stars align correctly.

    I can’t help but feel horribly generic given the roster of misfits that comes before me.

  206. Vivnsect Says:


    I adore this site! In a galaxy far away and in a time long ago, I used to post wonderfully rare bits of art and photography to my Livejournal which is where I came to know Nadya and also Zoe (via their journals). I feel like this is something I could have only dreamed of back then and so I relish this site because I get to devour each post eagerly with much glee and often exclaim ‘wow, that is SO cool’ the way I used to when I used to post the fun tidbits to my now boring Livejournal :D.

    I live in NYC with my SO and our 2 crazy kitties in a very, very small minimalist apartment and I go to school and take far too many science classes for my own good (goal: nurse).

    Keep posting and doing what you do oh so well. All of you add so much color and quirkiness to this part of the web.

  207. Amina Says:

    Hiya, I’m Amina.

    I come from the 373rd worst city in the U.S.A. (out of 375)

    I’m 18 years old and about to set off for college where I’ll study to work with exotic animals in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to start my own sanctuary for abused exotics in the U.S.

    I’ve got a passion for: animals (go figure), belly dancing, and classic movies.

    I think Coilhouse is the loveliest gem on to be found on the internet, and I thank all you staff members for doing something worthwhile!

    Oh, look: It’s me! In link form, anyways.


  208. Alex Draven Says:

    I’m Alex Draven, and I’m in London (the British London). I’m a librarian by day, and a storyteller and wordsmith by night.

  209. number18 Says:

    * I’m Maggie. Alias Eighteen, #18, or Maggie 18. The 18 is a reference to a teenaged cyborg delinquent from the Dragonball comic by Akira Toriyama.
    * Born and raised in Philadelphia. I love my city and try to make all decent out-of-towners love it like I do. But I’m ready to begin worldwide questing, starting with some time in Japan, learning Japanese, eating delicious food, and maybe getting tattooed. 25 years old, half-Mexican but hardly aware of my heritage. I hope to learn Spanish eventually and see where my dad was born in Oaxaca, Mexico.
    * I like to watch people, write stories, and speak other languages. And ride my bike all day long. I don’t have any sort of career yet, possibly never. I just want to know the world around me.
    * I am a short girl with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I like to act like a tough guy. I have strong legs. I’m the middle chick in this adventuring photo:

  210. James V Says:

    who you are : James Veitch

    where you’re from : Currently residing in Dallas, Texas

    what you do in life : Employed in Hell, and I do the devil’s work, er, um, doing the retail thing as I made the mistake of getting a theatre degree, though I’m about to return to school and get a Master’s in theatre.

    maybe even what you look like? I avoid cameras, for reasons that will become obvious. A recent picture taken of me is at http://nakedlens.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=47323

  211. cf Says:

    Hi I’m a programmer/web developer from New Zealand – have enjoyed reading Coilhouse via the lj syndication but figured I should sign up to introduce myself :)

    Here I am with Mary (who has introduced herself a few posts above):

  212. gigi Says:

    love love love it all.
    from australia.
    coilhouse is my favorite thing to check on my feeds in the morning.
    have been known to start a conversation with friends that goes… “did you see on coilhouse, omg”.
    appreciate the well chosen content, that is written with an appreciated brevity and joyous pictures.

  213. Sebastian Says:

    I’m Sebastian, 25, presently in Edmonton, AB, and I make games for a living. Maybe more accurate to say I make game for a living, because I’ve been on the same project for the last two years.

    Sometimes I pretend to be a photographer — I think I’m getting better at pretending.

    Once upon a time I knew Nadya on IRC.

  214. Jennifer dG Says:

    I’m tardy! I’m Jennifer, and I have learned to embrace that common name because I think it’s the reason I have always wanted to be something more interesting than it implies. I know Mer — her blog is what brought me to this treasure-trove place — and I’m anticipating seeing her at Comic-Con, which I attend as the editor in chief of the comics publisher Slave Labor Graphics.

    I’m from Bay Area, and just completed a long stint in academia (which I miss) studying literature and writing. I write fiction and dilly dally with nonfiction freelance stuff about comics. I’m insanely in love with Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s fiction,

    I look like a woman of indeterminate ethnicity.

  215. Stephanie Says:

    I’m Stephanie, and I come from Illinois.
    I do computers and naps.
    I like to watch obscure films and listen to music in languages I do not know, but am not very good at either.

  216. libi Says:

    i’m libi. i’m from colorado. and i make films, write about films, and obsess over all things pretty. http://filmvomit.com is where i do the writing.

  217. Tarthaxe Says:

    I’m Eric, a 32 year old nontraditional (read: late starter) college student. I squat in western Illinois near St. Louis.
    I have a penchant for cthulhian and cyberpunk substance. I indulge recklessly in both. I enjoy abandoned cities and structures. I dream dystopian, zombie filled dreams.

    My rust colored hair is longer than near everyone I have ever met, however I cannot grow a mustache. I’m too short, and not round enough for the Big and Tall shop, however I am the perfect size to have trouble finding clothes. Consequently I only own three pairs of pants.

    I’ve been reading Coilhouse since near the beginning. Coilhouse loves me from the inside, much like vodka. I love it back from the bottom of my drunken Irish heart.

  218. insomnihack Says:

    * who you are
    my given name is paul grimsley but i go online by musehick for the most part and insomnihack in some places

    * where you’re from
    originally i am from a town in suffolk, england called sudbury

    * what you do in life
    i am a house husband, but i am best known for writing. i run http://skullcull.wordpress.com and several other sites including a writing community called http://writersprizefighters.ning.com/

    * maybe even what you look like?

    tall, shaven headed, pale and blue eyed

  219. Primal Sweetheart Says:

    I’m Kelly. I live in North Carolina. I do research on tumor metabolism at Duke. With the free time I have I furiously exercise, try my hand at creative projects and swim the currents of the Dakinis.

    So I just found this site not too long ago, and have been really enjoying it. Skimming through the names, I see some people I recognize. (Dammit, Klintron and Chaoflux, why didn’t you tell me about this site sooner?)

  220. Fritz Bogott Says:

    I’m Fritz. I’m shooting a series of videos in which I tell the story of a Berber kid in 1501 who leaves the desert, goes to sea, learns a bunch of magic from a crazed Afghan dude and saves Sardinia from the Ottomans with some help from a Chinese hash smuggler and a giant lemur.

  221. Zeebo Says:

    I’m Zach. I currently live in the Bay Area and alternatingly spend my time infecting baby’s blood with cancer virus (don’t worry, no babies are harmed in the making of this production) and monkey stomping people in the brainpans.

    I like maniacs, of which this site has a wondrous concentration.

  222. Ben Morris Says:

    I’m Ben. I currently live just outside Atlanta and do web development stuff. I am a pretty omnivorous book/film/music nerd. I found coilhouse via warrenellis.com.

    Mer: Werner Hedgehog is the best name for a pet I’ve heard in a long time. Has he made any films yet, preferably ones with Popol Vuh scores?


  223. Jonathan Says:


    Poor retail bastard who works on computers in Massachusetts. Which means I remove viruses from other people’s computers because they stare at to much porn. I write, but that doesn’t mean anything.

  224. Thor Says:

    I’m Thor! I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I DJ, make music, run a vanishingly small online music label, go to the University of Victoria, and work as a script kiddie for a video game company. I look like this: http://www.tide-pool.ca/fractal/images/promo5.jpg

  225. Verity Says:

    I’m Verity. I’m from Tasmania, Australia.
    I work in information management and I run The Coven (the Southern-most Goth club in the world hehe).

    Can’t remember how I found out about coilhouse. Perhaps it was through a friend..

    I look like zis when people photoshop me to buggery:


  226. misterentropy Says:

    I’m randall from chicago. I write and take pictures (mostly badly) and dj and promote sparsely attended industrial events with the kinetic noise crew. I like it here. it’s nice.

  227. Mechangel Says:

    I’m Kirsten. I’m 27, from Philly but living in Atlanta. I make art for money, as well as a host of other things like odd landscaping and shipping jobs that I would much rather replace with making said art. I’m short, only slightly over five feet, and stronger than I look partly because of said odd jobs.

    I geek out over occult studies, rare books, decrepit buildings, industrial aesthetic, computer hardware, graffiti, obscure musick, artsy porn, cephalopods, graphic novels, beautifully-written languages, and strange booze, among many other things. The picture is misleading, and I am as attached to my white hair as Zo is to her blue. I don’t say much here, but have been meaning to sign up for a while. I was won over with most of the Top 10 Weird-Hot Guys thread, as some of my earliest crushes counted David Bowie and Tim Curry, but the latter only in the Legend makeup.

  228. Libby Says:

    Hi. I’m Libby, I’m from Sacramento Ca. Which is currently cloudy fishbowl of forestral fire misery. I came to this site via SuicideGirls ’roundabout the time it launched.
    I’m a cosmetology teacher during the day the illustrious Paul Mitchell school in my area; my students are the finest in the world and I have best day job a human being should be allowed to have; indroducing a love for science to people who think they would never need it. At night and on the weekends I make extra cash by freelancing hair and makeup artistry for photoshoots and fashion shows in the area [which, admittedly, sounds far more important and glamorous than it is] which is always great fun.
    I write a great deal, at least I try to. I paint and draw all that artsy jazz, I am even participating in a charity art show benefiting the flood victims in Indiana. There is a graphic novel somewhere in my brain that at some point will rear its ugly head enough to be produced, which, naturally, makes me that annoying chick who has been talking about her “project” for too long to be taken very seriously.
    I briefly wrote columns on various minutia for vicious13vixens.com, a sort of plus-size knock of of suicidegirls, only not nearly well done enough to warrant that kind of comparison. In any event my hair schedule keeps me a bit too busy for that kind of regular hobby work.
    I have no idea of how to post a picture of myself on this, and don’t really feel like bothering my husband to have him tell me how. I will say that as fat girls go I’m pretty hot. Not really in the whole cheesecake-long curls-red lipstick-looks-like-a-swollen-version-of-bettie-page way that you see on a lot of the websites or the Torrid ads. My appearance can then be a little hard to explain. While I’ve never given a lot of thought about my appearance as far as dimensions go, I always am looking for a new way to expand and redefine my personal style. My hair is usually the easiest canvas in that endeavor and never stays one coloration or style very long. As I write this it’s cut very short and lightened to a pale white blonde; however tomorrow I will probably have the cut altered a bit and have it dyed a vivid natural red. Every six months I debate having dreadlocks put in, and then squash the idea. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and usually it’s just for work. I love the stuff but part of my being being fat means being lazy, so I’m cool with glasses and perfect eyebrows. Finding clothes is usually an issue, and I refuse to things that are not both stylish and flattering. I have an extensive collection of socks and legwarmers that I can only look longingly at for the moment. I hope this paints a picture.
    Thank you for the website, I look forward to the print issue. I like pretty things.

  229. Random_Tangent Says:

    Hi there.

    I’m drew. Born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Spent the teenage years in a small town outside of Chattanooga called Cleveland. Went to art school in Winston Salem, NC.

    Now I live in Los Angeles, and I’m working on a career in the movies. I’m currently an Assistant Editor at Honeyshed (dot com). I’m out of a job next month, so I guess it’s time to start looking for another job in Post Production.

    I also write on occasion, but I lost the drive somewhere and need to get back into the habit. I do enjoy polishing up dialog for other people though.

    This is me. The one with the tie.

  230. pat Says:

    my name is pat
    i live near the edison.
    i don’t do anything

    i wonder when the print mag is coming out. i really want it.

  231. creativename Says:

    I’m Leslie. Originally from Colorado, I now live in San Francisco. I’m a design student and I do some amateur photography.

    But I’m a web designer the most.

  232. Robot_Chick Says:

    My name’s Nik. I’m female, live in New Zealand, and spend a lot of time lurking. I am currently studying for a bugger all in Art History.

  233. camilla taylor Says:

    Zo already knows me, unless she’s suffered from a fugue. I’m Camilla Taylor, and also sometimes a suicidegirl. I just moved to Long Beach, from Phoenix, and I was there from Utah, where I’m originally from. For money, I make bondage gear, and sometimes I make money from art, but less often. I’m currently a graduate student as well. I’m in property limbo right now, and it makes me feel crazy. I rarely go very long without making something, anything, and all of my tools and materials are in slow transit from Phoenix to here.

  234. sonia Says:

    Hi, I am sonia – from the bottom of the world in tasmania, australia. I work in a mindblowingly boring admin job to pay for my frockmaking habit. you can see me, front page, on my web
    Coilhouse was given to me by my friend…

  235. Charlotta Says:

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Charlotta and I’m a longtime livejournal lurker who registered just so I could comment!

    I’m 23, currently living in Helsinki, Finland and working as a journalist. I secretly dream of travelling the world and writing books in rainy Kathmandu. I also love taking pictures, reading books about metaphysics and experimenting with haircolor.

    The weird, strange and geeky fascinate me. That’s why I love Coilhouse. Thanks for a great blog guys!!

    This is what I look like when I take self-portraits.

  236. Infamous Amos Says:

    J.D. here.

    Longtime lurker, longertime procrastinator.

    22, going on 21. Going to get that looked at.

    Currently living in Winnipeg, by way of Toronto.

    Day job working at a record store that specializes in metal, punk, and alternative, yet still sell enough Hanna Montana albums to make me hate myself.

    Moonlighting as a videographer and photographer for local Winnipeg costumed transients The Ishgirls. Doing my part to up the cliche factor in my life by writing short films, experimenting with video and photography, and convincing myself that I’ll be good enough at it some day to show them to people and request money for the privilege. I have a website, theplaceholder.ca, but it is currently taking a shit and dying on me. Hope to have it off its ass and pulling its weight in a few months.

    This is what I look like in a bathroom.

    I’m the one in the middle.

    I love Coilhouse because I occasionally am convinced that I am just far too healthy for my own good, and you have all helped me become just that much sicker. Thank you.

  237. Marcia Says:

    Hi, my name is Marcia and I occasionally read Coilhouse. I’d like to say I’m an avid reader but unfortunately work does not give me the opportunity. And Coilhouse isn’t always work safe! (One reason to get my home PC fixed.)

    I’m South African and spend my work hours project planning, making maps and managing people.

    Non-work hours are spent in bars, restaurants, places with alcohol and I spend a fair amount of time on my couch.

  238. creativename Says:

    My name is Leslie.
    I’m originally from Colorado, but live in San Francisco now.
    I am a student, designer, I focus on webpage design. I’m also an amateur photographer,

    I love fashion and oddities and find this site to be very interesting all the time.

  239. Matt Sheret Says:

    That’s incredible: Finally checked my RSS feeds after a few days of pretty solid work and thought “Hey, that’s an intriguing idea, wonder if they got any responses?”

    As for myself, I’m from the real London, have been an occasional commenter on here but largely a lurker since that first Ellis link over here in the first few days. It’s been inspiring and entertaining since, and a daily fixture on the feed.

    I write, over on my blog and on my short stories/documentary/toy camera project The Polaroid Press.

    As for a photo, let’s try this one (with my friend Sarah) or this one (on a recent trip to NYC).

  240. JonCarpenter Says:

    I’m Jon, have been reading Coilhouse since it started but have never registered.

    I’m intranet manager for a large UK corporate, but main interests are photography (floral and landscape) and music – I record guitar textures. Work in London, but live in a village near Winchester in the south of England.

    I look something like this.

  241. Eev Says:

    I’m Eve, I live very close to NYC and I’m an actor, writer, solo performer, improver, comedienne, theatre creature, and professional pirate.

  242. Shay Says:

    Hey Nadya! *waves*

    Wow, I never knew there were so many lurkers here.

    And everybody is so pretty too..!

  243. johnny Says:

    Hi, I’m Johnny, 22, from Serbia, Belgrade. Listening to grunge, synthpop, etc. Studing programming at university. Doing web design for living. Practicing tai chi.

  244. Nicolas Papaconstantinou Says:

    Wow, very late to the introductions – always the way, innit?

    I’m Nick, and I’ve been following the Coilhouse blog since day one. Which means I miss a lot.

    I live in Hampshire, UK, and I work in e-Learning. I’m also creator/curator/contributor of Elephant Words, a flash-fiction/burst-culture website that sees it’s first birthday this week. One weekly image/Six writers/Daily fiction. It’s an achievement, but I have no idea how to market it, which is a terrible shame, because the other five guys are really very good indeed.

    We seem to drift onto the theme of cannibalism. A lot. REALLY not sure how it happens.

    I write a bit, and draw a bit, and flickr a bit. Links and content at my site. I’m not really a very distinctive looking chap, so I shan’t post a photo here, but if one were so inclined, I’m sure they could find visual evidence of my existence.

    Coilhouse really is a very well written site. Keep up the good work!

  245. kim Says:

    I’m kim, an archaeologist by trade. I also breed pugs, play the violin & live on a farm in Ireland.

    I’ve had this blog on google reader for a while which I tend to skim so no comments from me. I must say I love the response to this post, I would love to converse with all of you!

  246. Laura Gardner Says:

    who you are

    My name is Laura Gardner, i registered but it stopped working.

    where you’re from

    I’m from Cambridge, England

    what you do in life

    I’m doing a National Diploma in Fine Art so that i can go to University and do an illutration course and hopefully become a book illustrator.

    maybe even what you look like?

  247. Rabbit Says:

    I’m Rabbit, I live in NC, and I came here from Twitter.

    At the moment, I do Transition.

    This is self, one haircut and about 2 months ago:

  248. captaincrash Says:

    Wow what a load of fantastic people, hello everyone.

    I’m Robyn, I’m 19 and a Derbyshire lass in Merry Old England.
    I’m studying art at college and hopefully going on to study illustration at University next year. I try to check outCoilhouse most days, it’s just the most fascinating site on the net IMHO.

    Anyway. Here I am with a dashing knight.


  249. dispodip Says:

    i’m a deaf canuck originally from a fishing/logging village in the maritimes.
    i now do vids & photo in toronto.

    i can usually be found here.

    me in action:

  250. curves Says:

    call me curves, 17. architecture student from the Philippines!

    blue eyebrows[dyed of course: gala darling made me do it!]
    i’m a fashion slave and a design junkie.
    i thrive in music and art and wich to live an alt lifestyle.
    i’ve been stalking coilhouse and zo fer a quite some time now.
    i think she’s the prettiest thing.

    nuff said.

  251. Ilya Says:

    Hello! This is Ilya, writing from the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. I’m the outreach coordinator for the PlagueDream Institute, and head of research for our musical branch, the netlabel This Plague of Dreaming. In such free time as my official duties allow, I also moonlight as a reference editor (specialty: dates of first known usage). Let’s see, what else… I play violin, bass guitar, and jaw harp, and nurse quiet obsessions with late-19th/early 20th century genre lit, mid-20th century genre film, and vintage exotica/lounge/pop music (I’m still trying to work out exactly how I ended up in the 21st century, and what to do with myself now I’m here).

    I don’t remember exactly how I first came across Coilhouse, but it has become one of the places I turn for comfort when I am Tired Of The Internet (but too busy to log off and go outside).

  252. felina Says:

    Hiya, I’m Louise, a swedish gal and former/future art student. For rent-paying purposes I’ve temporarily (!) lent my forces to the ever-lucrative gambling industry, where I function as a croupier in Malmö. Addictions include culture and nicotine, that is why i read coilhouse and smoke cigarettes.

    I found out abt coilhouse somehow from reading What’s Zo wearing, which I was introduced to by a dear friend and fellow student.

    Behold, picture of older kind:


    (I’m the one in the hat, the girl taking a picture of twigs in a briefcase: my dear friend and fellow student)

  253. Liv Says:

    I’m Liv, been reading for quite a while.

    I’m a first-year physics student, which makes me a stupendous badass, SF addict, and general nerd. I have a thing for math and books.

    Don’t have a picture.

    Everyone who posted seems pretty cool.

  254. hkmouse Says:

    I’m Mouse. I read from Orlando where I’m a graphic designer for an ad agency. And I bounce!

  255. desmo Says:

    Hi I’m April. It took me ages to read through everyones posts!

    I live in LA – Hollywood to be specific but I’m originally from upstate New York. Unlike so many people I hear from, I actually love LA.

    I’m a motorcycle addict and I work in publishing for a couple of motorcycle magazines. I’m thrilled my job is something I’m passionate about, I never really thought that would happen.

    I don’t remember how I found Coilhouse but I’ve been reading and lurking for a long time now. I discovered a lot of amazing things through this site.

    Keep up the good work!

  256. andrew Says:

    i’m andrew.

    the greater los angeles area is my home now, but i grew up a navy brat.

    for money, i pimp myself out as an art director and graphic designer: http://eabartel.com

    for fun, i play ‘cello, maintain my Japanese garden, type out something that is becoming a novel, and take photos of flowers and bugs.

    i discovered coilhouse via warren ellis quite a while ago and have been reading fairly religiously since with the occasional comment.

    since nudes are allowed…

  257. paola Says:

    hello, I’m Paola from Milan, Italy (hello Lucylle…!) and I’ve been giving attitude to the world since May 1969, evidence here:

    I am totally devoid of any kind of creative and visual talent, as a poor academic who thrives on words only, so I hate you all for being so infuriatingly brilliant.

    (my avatar is stolen by amazing http://www.enze.net, do check it out)

  258. aelialaelia Says:

    Hi! My name is Sara, I’m 23, I live in the Research Triangle Park area of NC, and although I’ve read every single Coilhouse post ever, this is my first time posting.
    I am a bellydancer with a very sleepy day job that allows me to peruse your website at length.
    I love Coilhouse very much and I look forward to the print issue and everything in the future.
    I have a website at http://www.sarabeaman.com .

  259. patrick impossible Says:

    I am Patrick.

    I seemingly exist in a constant state of temporal dissonance. You may find this to be somewhat unsettling. Only don’t pay it much mind. It mostly means I will never, ever be on time to your tea party. But you’ll want to invite me anyhow.

    I can be found in and around San Francisco. Usually after dark. Or perhaps shortly after teatime.

    By day, I repair the past.
    By night, I capture the present.

    I’m here because of Mer, and have been here from the beginning, and am staying till the end, which I hope never comes. I have become quite fond of the House of Coil, and all its incredibly talented denizens. Yet this is my very first comment. How do you like that.

    For some reason, I look like this:

    I like collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.

  260. demuze Says:

    I’m Hilde, 29 years old, and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    I’ve been the editor of a fantasy-ish magazine, but currently I’m trying out as a freelance editor and writer. I love weird, dark and vintage things in general and I have a hideously exhaustive list of interests (information junkie).

    I think I discovered Coilhouse through a link to the the Yulia Tymoshenko post; either that or I was googling Viona for interview research. Anyway, love at first sight, I read all of the posts in one go and have been following you ever since.

    I look like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v105/zusvos/Zus%20Vos/moi.jpg

  261. namesofthedead Says:

    I am Alice. I’m 20something, living in London, and divide my time between art, sewing, embroidery, cooking, and playing around with sharp objects.

    I can’t remember how I first found Coilhouse. I think it was linked on Livejournal.

    I look like this, some of the time.

  262. ColorTaster Says:

    I’m Erin. I’m a 26 year-old but feel ageless. I’ve always felt a bit alien or superhuman and am slowly learning to live in my skin. Lately I feel as though I’m on the cusp of, well, everything. Or at least that’s what it feels like!

    As soon as I was old enough, I enacted my cunning plan (college) that allowed me to escape the ‘Armpit of Texas’ for the relative sanctuary of Austin. After college, I went straight into freelance web design (my portflio – if you’re a curious cat) and am still growing into becoming the best I can be. Spare time is occupied by writing imagist poetry, expanding my music collection, watching anime (the good shit, like Bebop, not pokemon), and ripping up old school video games (By the Gods, I love Castlevania). I arrange the clothes in my closet by colors and stick to greys, white, blacks, raspberry, royal blue and emerald.

    By the way, I found Coilhouse after Google Reader suggested it to me as a feed I’d be interested in. I went through the entire backlog of articles in a few nights! Perhaps I should take the advice of machines more often. :)

    I am mostly this:

  263. Tracy Says:

    I’m Tracy, I’m 22, I’m originally from the Bay Area but migrated north to Seattle for school and stuck here. I studied wildlife / environmental science at school but now I work as a graphic designer. Aside from that, I draw, write, hike, and bake a lot. I think I found Coilhouse circuitously through my adoration of steampunk, and I love all the new artists you point out.

    This is me surveying my new, first garden: http://www.kaeldra.com/adventure/kirkland/tracy-garden.jpg. I am bad at keeping things alive.

  264. Elise Says:

    My name is Elise, and I go to a very small evangelical college in Indiana. This means that my interests don’t usually intersect with my friends’ so I use the internet to get my alternative fix:)

    I’m a psych student, and I’m working on a graphic novel about a story that won’t leave my head.

    So yeah, I’m a huge nerd, but I hide it very well:) i look like you’re average WASPy sorority gal, so I loved the post about not being able to find interesting people based on what they’re wearing. I consider myself undercover awesome, and I love defyign expectations. Call it a hobby.

    My twitter is im_not_it if anyone wants to stalk.

  265. zurazara Says:

    Up to this point I was just a lurker on this site, but I guess you do have a right to take a gander at all the people that flack here from day to day.

    My name is zura, I’m 19 and currently a sophomore in college. I’m planning on becoming an elementary teacher. My students will be my minions of doom and help me to….erm…nothing. Ignore that.

    Here is a picture.

    I don’t look like that sadly, but if I did…well…that would just be interesting!

  266. alistar Says:

    I’m Danielle Alistar. I’m thirty-three years old, encroaching upon 34. Half-Russian, Half- Irish, I know how to enjoy a good whiskey and a great vodka. Based in St. Louis, but I’ve grew up on the west coast, Hawaii, Portland, Seattle, and even a stint down in Little Rock, Arkansas. Day-to-day, I make a living doing number magic for a men’s neckwear company, though, I’ve done everything else before I got to this, and even this has a time limit. I freelance as a make up artist, I make a mean cappuccino, and my most recent accolades was my ability to pull off getting the performances at a local non-profit benefit run seamlessly on the fly.

    In a past life, I helped pull together the longest running monthly Goth night St. Louis has, though, I have passed the reins onto my partner in crime, The Ubiquitous Door Whore, who makes sure that our monthly Requiem event stands out as something unique and special in this city. That has bounced around clubs and is currently in residence at Dante’s, a beautiful space is in an old firehouse. It’s a labor of love for the music and goth scene, which I’ve been involved with since my early teens, done not for profit, but to give the kids a place to be themselves.

    Whenever possible I am a patron of the arts, a collector of antique kimonos, corsets, vintage clothing, tattoos, and fluevogs. An internet lurker, I remember being awed by the hair creations of Nadya on the hairboard, and then her photography. I’m not certain when I became awed by Zoe, perhaps in a photograph of her in the amazing designs of Mother of London, but somewhere along the way each of you has inspired or made me laugh.

    Thank all of you for creating a community that inspires, awes, and awakens the senses. I wait patiently for it to be brought to print so I can share it with even more of the world.

  267. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    who you are: My name is Ana, I am 28, an artist and a fresh college grad (fine arts) after a million fits and starts.

    where you’re from: I’m from WNY. I just moved to a new town and hate it. I miss the country. WNY has some great swimming holes and I just got a new suit!

    what you do in life: Looking at and making art. (For me it’s drawing, costuming, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/starlightpooka/Mefae2.jpg and various 3D projects) I am looking for work at the moment because I finally graduated but then I moved. Boo. In my spare time I also enjoy Sci-fi, science, space and nature. My favorite actors are Marc Warren, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Claudia Black. My favorite musicians are David Bowie, Spirit of the West and Cherry Poppin Daddies.

    maybe even what you look like?: I change like the weather. One moment it’s Red Pigtails; http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x66/OnlyonRoyal/spam/Ana.jpg The next, a crazy mini-mohawk: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/starlightpooka/mohawkside.jpg

    I found this blog while endlessly surfing, and saw “Coilhouse.” We share my last name! It was a good enough reason to click and I’ve been a devoted reader ever since.

  268. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Jerem…but you knew that already. NC native. I create comics when time allows…or when I’m willing to go without sleep. Working a shit job, until that supplies me pocket change. I’m raising two infinitely fascinatiing kids. Because building a zombie army isn’t all that realistic a plan. And despite what the pic suggests, I do not know karate.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  269. Nadya Says:

    Ana… your last name is “Coilhouse”? Whoa!

  270. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    Well it’s Coil. Close enough? ;)

  271. Mer Says:

    Jerem, dear, that pic gets my vote for Very Most Special Portrait Sharing Moment thus far on this thread. Cheers.

  272. brf Says:

    brenda from seattle, now living in minneapolis. i make lots and lots of photos using cameras twice my age.

  273. Melody Says:

    I’m Melody. I’m a 27 year-old native Angeleno of mixed heritage. Currently, I work as an Emergency Medical Technician/ Ambulance Driver and I’m Pre-Med. My very first job was working in a European art gallery when I was 12, around the same time I discovered Skinny Puppy, and I believe both shaped my aesthetic sensibilities.

    In my spare time, I am an ex girlscout who loves to hike, camp, create awesome raw vegan dishes (although I still eat and prepare sushi and cupcakes on occasion), visit the occasional club like the Edison, tinker about with machinery, play D&D, collect tattoos, and cater to my bibliophilia and unhealthy obsession with all things medical.

    I found Coilhouse through Zo’s LJ after finding Zo through a steampunk community; it is now my favorite zine. Thank you for introducing me to so many awesome things.

    I can be found at:


  274. Kieran L Says:

    Guten tag everyone,

    My name is Kieran, and I’m a 16 year old male student from Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Hmm, some things about myself then ay. Well, next year I’m doing a Rotary Youth Exchange trip for the whole year to, of all places, AUSTRIA!!!
    I’m really looking forward to that.

    Umm, also, I’m a bit of an artist, part of the reason I’m so interested in this blog.
    Last year I got first in art at my school, and my submitted folder got top marks! SO with that in mind I fancy myself quite talented and will probably end up doing something that involves art in one way or another, if not simply be an artist.

    If you want to see a small wee sample of my artwork, I’ve got quite a variety of images at http://www.thedb.com/lilley

    I also love music, although I have absolutely no talent in that field the way I do in the visual side of arts. My favourite “sonic” artists are Radiohead, Massive Attack, Muse, Portishead, Bjork, Miles Davis, Sigur Ros, Can, Jeff Buckley, Joy Division, Pink Floyd and The Verve.
    So yeah, quite a variety then.

    Well, anyway, thank you readers for reading, and double thanks to those who check out my artwork or agree with my tastes in music.
    And a warm “HALO!!!” to anyone from Austria (that means hello by the way, not some sort of ring).
    I’d add a photo of myself, but I don’t know how.

    Auf Wiedersehen to you all, from Kieran.

  275. cappy Says:

    I’m the captain. I work for the government. BOOOOOORRRING.

    That’s me on the left. I found this site by our mutual love for William Gibson.

  276. Carli Says:

    Hi I’m Carli. I’m 28 and I’m probably from one of the least glamorous places in the world: Bunbury, Western Australia.

    I’m a little out of place in the prevalent Sun, Surf and ‘Holden Commodore Bogan’ culture here… I guess you could say it makes me weird.

    I am a fashion designer and an amateur figure drawer.

    I have been reading Coilhouse for about three months but have never posted a comment before because I am a bit shy. A BIG thank you to the whole Coilhouse community …. it’s full to the brim of everything I love and challenges me to keep exploring….


  277. Nico Says:

    i am a freakling from sydney, australia who always feels perpetually uncool when reading this page but loves it all the same!
    currently an english/writing major at uni, and enjoying the weird people that comes with the territory.

  278. [?] Says:

    Hi, my name is Bonnie, I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’m currently a design student at uni. I hope to take my career into the likes of visual effects and concept art for film, games and the like.

    I check out Coilhouse just about everyday, and i guess i would be one of those lurkers.

    i like robots, toys and sushi.. and stickers, gotta love stickers!

  279. Brock McCoy Says:

    Hi, I’m Brock. I live in Santa Monica, CA, although I grew up in Alabama. I love it here where I rock climb, yoga, paint, go adventuring, find good food, make new friends, go to art exhibits, concerts, watch movies, quote Venture Bros. and South Park, and if I find myself at a crossroads of weirdness I ask myself what Warren would do. It’s worked out so far. When I grow up I want to be a pirate.

    Last night I saw Sleepytime–yay! The hidden surprise was Jason Webley–that guy was the most entertaining (previously unknown) opener I can remember. Gypsy Rock with some Folk and drinking ballad elements? Fuck yeah.

  280. Ruairi Says:

    Hi. My name is Ruairi Conneely.

    I was brought up in London, England (it’s not really part of England if you run a bit of a compare and contrast) and currently reside in Dublin, Ireland.

    I don’t have a photo of myself, so I’ll just say that I have curly hair that springs up into a quasi-afro if I forget to cut it, I am half-Irish, half Sudanese genetically and epigenetically a former philosophy student and currently a writer of comics and short fiction.

    This site is my home page. It helps me touch base with the world I recognise when I actually out and about as opposed to the one most people seem to want to talk about, if you know what I mean.

    I like informed speculation, judicious use of certain drugs, elegant use of language and symbolism, hearing things I’ve never heard before and teasing myself with pointless crushes. I like lots of other things too but those are just off the top of my head.

    Thank you all for founding and maintaining this site.

    Luv, luv, luv.

  281. Sera Noise Says:

    I should register. Yes, I should.
    I’ve been reading Coilhouse for a very long time now and I have never posted a comment before ~

    I’m very timid…
    But I was certainly bound to make an appearance here sometime. Thank you for the opportunity!

    My name is Angela. Angie for short.
    I live in the Sunshine State. Ever scorching hot Florida.
    In my life I create art, which I hope to share to the fullest with the world someday.
    Anything vintage, literature, films, and anything others would consider “strange” are among my interests. But I enjoy art and music the most.

    I am not quite fond of how I photograph. But here is a glimpse:

    There is a story behind the “God Bless You” you’ll see displayed. If you follow the the link below, you will be able to read about it.
    Though it’s probably not very interesting ~

    Thank you Coilhouse.
    You guys have no idea how wonderful it is to know that there are many who share the same interests as me after all. Thank you.

    With love,

  282. Ms Meghan Says:

    i’m meghan.

    cupcakecore is a name i’ve sought to steal from all over the internets and mostly, i’m doing a good job. i’m not quite sure what to do with it yet, but i’ve got time.

    right now i’m a college student. beyond that, i’m not sure. things are . . . transient at this point. i am a frequent checker/lurker of coilhouse, home to the weird, wonderful, interesting . . . whatever. it’s fantastic (literally, figuratively) and i always come back for more.

    built in camera effects are the new black.

  283. Jon Munger Says:

    Shit, why not. Jon Munger, I’m a writer in Portland. Today I went ice skating for the first time ever. It was fun. I’m here because I love learning about things I never knew and geeking over things I love.

  284. Kieran L Says:

    Guten tag everyone,

    My name is Kieran, and I’m a 16 year old male student from Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Hmm, some things about myself then ay. Well, next year I’m doing a Rotary Youth Exchange trip for the whole year to, of all places, AUSTRIA!!!
    I’m really looking forward to that.

    Umm, also, I’m a bit of an artist, part of the reason I’m so interested in this blog.
    Last year I got first in art at my school, and my submitted folder got top marks! SO with that in mind I fancy myself quite talented and will probably end up doing something that involves art in one way or another, if not simply be an artist.

    If you want to see a small wee sample of my artwork, I’ve got quite a variety of images at http://www.thedb.com/lilley

    I also love music, although I have absolutely no talent in that field the way I do in the visual side of arts. My favourite “sonic” artists are Radiohead, Massive Attack, Muse, Portishead, Bjork, Miles Davis, Sigur Ros, Can, Jeff Buckley, Joy Division, Pink Floyd and The Verve.
    So yeah, quite a variety then.

    Well, anyway, thank you readers for reading, and double thanks to those who check out my artwork or agree with my tastes in music.
    And a warm “HALO!!!” to anyone from Austria (that means hello by the way, not some sort of ring).
    I’d add a photo of myself, but I don’t know how.

    Auf Wiedersehen to you all, from Kieran.

  285. SaraBee Says:

    My name is Sara. I was born in Chicago and still sort of call it home, though I go to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, where I study German and International Relations. I am currently living in Berlin, Germany. I am also a cellist. I look like this:

  286. Jerem Morrow Says:

    @ Mer *nod o’ danke*

  287. Siricochet Says:

    My name’s Sirose and I’ve been lurking on Coilhouse since it started. I’m 20, residing in Southern California and am majoring in animation although I’m considering transitioning into illustration (for comics) once I transfer out. I found Coilhouse through Zo’s LJ.

    I has a meinspace. Like everyone else.

    So, yeah. :)

  288. KT Says:

    KT is my name
    Global nomad is my game
    Obsessed with haikus

    I dance in corsets
    I blow kisses to strangers
    I learn random things

    Lived in Russia too
    Want to visit Tokyo
    Afraid of zombies

    sorry no picture, since I’m generally the person taking the photo…but I’m very impish looking- small (excuse me petite), dark hair, green eyes, and often carry a bag that’s too large for my body, but always full of oddities (ask in particular Dulles airport USA). Love you guys!

  289. melanija Says:

    Hi, my name’s Melanie, and I lurk around here daily. I am a 26-year-old student at California State University, Long Beach, where I study linguistics. I am currently unemployed, but people have given me money in the past for being an ESL tutor and videographer, among other things. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I am an iconoclast, a vegan, a humanitarian and a freethinker. Here is a picture of me with a rhinoceros:

  290. Andy Says:


    I’m another Andy, half Swedish and half Jersey proper (the channel islands version), and I’m a nurse. That seriously will erode anyone’s faith in humanity and when I need a mood adjustment I somehow find my way here. I also find myself doing the rounds to ectomo and that twisted area of the ‘net that belongs to Warren Ellis.
    I read a lot, can’t write (so no crappy fanfic from me), and will enjoy a spot of roleplaying on occasion. I want to travel more and hope I don’t set root anywhere too soon.
    Since I don’t do well on photos there will not be any of that sharing from me but I can say I’m 6 foot tall on a good day and a good 20-25 pounds too heavy for my frame. Not too ugly and at least I’ve got a full head of hair now that I’ve passed 30. I’m also occasionally blonde and blue-eyed mentally and unfortunately I have blonde hair and blue eyes in real life as well.

    ’nuff said:)

  291. Adam Rice Says:

    Adam Rice here.
    Live in Austin TX, raised in Chicago.
    Work as a freelance Japanese-English translator.
    You’re probably smart enough to find out more about me.
    I look like this:

  292. Dj Dead Billy Says:

    hi im dj dead billy.
    i live in indianapolis and spin a bunch of random shit you’d probably like at a lovely little club night called MUTINY!

    i like long walks on the beach,hate steampunk, and desperately wish to be fucked by knives.

    doctor klahn is building a fight force of extraordinary magnitude. we forge our spirits in the same traditions as our ancestors. dr. klahn is a magnificent leader. he has our gratitude. let’s all give dr. klahn a great big hand.

  293. Io Says:

    I’m Io (at least in the world of alt. modeling), I’m 25 years old and I live in Augusta, Ga. By day I work as a journalist and editor (I did a bit of editing and a small artist’s intro for Coilhouse Magazine), and by night I sing jazz on the town, design fantastical outfits, and get naked in crack houses for the sake of art (blame Aaron Hawks).

    Traveling and experiencing culture and all its aspects are major interests of mine. I lust for the alien, go into fits over great art, and live to see, feel and explore everything in this world that catches my fancy — and believe me, that encompasses a lot of things.

    And for those who don’t know, this is me:

  294. Seamyst Says:

    No pic of me, sorry, I haven’t been able to take one after I got my hair chopped off that I actually like. But a little bit about me:

    I’m Jessica, a 24-year-old graduate student who studies medieval history (primarily British). I’m working on my thesis, which is on medieval literary representations of Guinevere, and it’s actually fascinating to see how her portrayals changed over the three centuries of my study… yeah, I could go on and on about my thesis, but I won’t here. :)

    I’m a huge bookworm; my favorite author is Tolkien, followed closely by Ellis Peters, Lois McMaster Bujold, and H.P. Lovecraft. I’m also an old-school Star Wars fan and enjoy most of the pre-New Jedi Order (and beyond) books, plus of course the Original Trilogy.

    I’m a computer geek as well, running Ubuntu Hardy Heron on a 1st-gen MacBook, and I know how to fix computers.

  295. Brooklyn Says:

    I am a 27 year old female named Brook. I live in Jersey City, NJ. I work in the fashion industry. I lived in L.A. for 5 years before I lived here, and before that I lived in Virginia. I love music, movies, art, fashion, food, shopping. Kind of an odd story as to how I came about coilhouse. As a depraved teenager, I happened upon Stileproject. Verotika was a camgirl on there and I thought she seemed pretty and interesting. I went to her livejournal and then I came upon Zoetica’s livejournal. I have followed her LJ for the art and photography ever since. And here I am. Coilhouse is the only blog I read. I love the articles.

  296. V1 Says:

    I feel almost guilty for jumping on this bandwagon so late!

    Victoria (usually V or V1) and I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but due to the onset of communism currently reside in the GTA (Ontario, Canada), living off hairspray and nutella.

    I work at a brightly painted cupcake store while pursuing my illustrious career as a scrawny high school student studying economics and music. I like to wear big glasses, draw comics, go to shows, drink coffee, and read books (yep, books!).

    I have to say I love love love Coilhouse (I’m especially inspired by Zoetica’s modeling and fashion choices). Without it, chasing birds at the nearby airport would be my only source of joy.

    Here is me, two years ago, sleeping on some girl at an airport in detroit:

  297. sean (connery) Says:

    i came here because warren told us to / to find out what zo was wearing. i stayed for the style, quality, and sheer class of this place. cannot fucking wait for the print edition.

    this photo basically sums me up.


  298. Exiled Says:

    Hi, my name is David, and I am a lurker.

    Like so many others, I found Coilhouse by following a link from Warren Ellis. And like so many others, that link was Z!ST, whom I find to be absolutely gorgeous. To my joy, the site contained even more wondrous curiosities to behold, and so I stayed.

    I received my BA in Philosophy, but currently work as a drone because I haven’t gone on to graduate work. I live in Meridian, Idaho (where?), and will probably stay here because my fiancée likes it here, though I would much prefer moving back to Seattle where I belong.

    I am also an avid gamer, and will play games of any sort whatsoever, from board games to video games to hide-and-seek to Calvinball. Given the chance, I will play games before doing anything else, no matter how lame the game may be.

    I suppose I have always been attracted to weirdness and oddity, but have never really indulged. Thankfully, reading Coilhouse has allowed me to discover why: I am a meta-fetishist. Philosophically speaking, I’m a value nihilist (which, for me, includes aesthetics). I don’t particularly enjoy personally participating in otherness, and place no value or emphasis on normality or alternatives, but I am absolutely entranced by those who do. I don’t find most alt-culture all that exciting, but the passion of those like the Coilhouse staff and readers who revel and thrive in alt I find to be positively intoxicating.

    So thanks to all of you for loving everything alt, and caring enough to share.

    The only pictures I care to share at the moment are as follows:

    Poetry 205 Final Reading


    Lisa and I during Thanksgiving


  299. buzzsaw71 Says:

    I am a lurker in Miami, FL, USA. I don’t know how long I’ve been lurking, but I do know that it was from a link on SG.

    I am 36, have a BA in Music Theory and Composition, which I do not use in any way, shape, or form.

    I had a very successful career for the last 10 years (I spent 8 years in college because I am a special little snowflake) which I left in February to pursue a career in law, with a special focus on civil rights. I hope to promote the ideology that you, me, and everybody can make a difference in the world. I want to make the world a better place, and now I know from experience that money doesn’t make you happy or lift your soul at all. I don’t give a damn if I make money as an attorney, that’s not the kind of attorney I want to be.

    I just grew a big blonde moustache with handlebars of which I am quite proud. It’s probably going to have to come off soon if I expect anybody to take me seriously as an adult.

    I like Coilhouse and check the site quite often. I enjoy the darker, more sinister side of art and culture, and I am too old to identify with ‘Goth’ culture…that’s really not it, anyway. There is a beauty in the darkness that has nothing to do with vampires and crap but has everything to do with human nature. There is an elegance and sadness at the juncture of fashion, madness, music, sex, decadence, art, and the illusion of reality. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to observe whatever is going on at the nexus of all of these things.

    It’s beautiful and very human. I really like to watch it happen!

  300. Nadya Says:

    Awesome map! But where my Russians at?

  301. saturn Says:

    I love Coilhouse! It’s my favourite late-night procrast when I’m supposed to be writing… or whatever it is I think I’m doing when I stay up this late not-really-working shortly before deadlines ;-)

    I discovered your site via a combo of LJ and ModelMayhem and, since then, there have been some interesting six-degrees of separation-isms (re featured people/stylists, participating photographers, etc). But, more importantly than that, I love the thoughtful eye candy you provide through :swoon:ish pics and vids… thank you so much!!

    * who you are

    * where you’re from
    A bunch of places, but now happily settled in WPG MB CA

    * what you do in life
    Curator, writer + attempted activist (with a perkygoff streak a mile-wide ;-)

    * maybe even what you look like?
    Ha ha!

  302. Hochimochi Says:

    you rolled out the red carpet and i walk over it in muddy shoes. hochimochi is an invented name that gave me plenty of freedom until it/he became obligated to the world like everyone else. demonic delight in sabotage has sustained me enough to not jump in the river. grew up in the very loud and psychedelically-jizzed new orleans and got teargassed by the 21st century. i’ve been a lesbian, a fascist, a monk, and a jailed puerto-rican in new york. ever since i could light a fire, i’ve been baking bread for the young marquez and faulkner allowing them liscense to be horrible until 40. after that you better be a genius.
    a photo of the human: http://www.picturevillage.com/photos/main.php/v/oribear__/europe/404249-R1-009-3_003.jpg.html

  303. Pseekolec Says:

    Hi, I live in Paris, France
    I’m a fashion designer, artist (paintings, drawings,…), myspace.com/pseekolec

    I discover the website through SG, my member name is Pseekaal
    I like Coilhouse

  304. Michael Doyle Says:

    Hai, I’m Michael.

    I live in Detroit with my fiance and design stuff and write about stuff other people design. [Specifically I’m an experience designer, but it would probably take too much bandwidth to properly explain what that means. I also design records, for people like Solvent and Chemlab.]

    I can’t tell you how much I love Coilhouse! As a writer, I don’t know if I can relax a little bit or should be working ten times harder because of what a great job you’re doing with this project.

    Burnlab has much more than you’d ever want to know.

    Dethlab [pictured below] is Ms. Toybreaker and I spreading the evil.

  305. Our Heroine Says:

    I’m kristen. from the (canadian) middle of nowhere. working on a degree in immunology. and while i would wither and die without science, i would suffer also without a means of creative expression.

    and so this is me:

  306. Eliza Says:

    Hi, I’m Eliza, a long-time lurker on Coilhouse, and got here via Zoe’s website and Livejournal. I’m Polish by birth, Australian by upbringing and currently call NYC home. I came here in 2007 to specialise in arts and entertainment law and fulfil a long-held dream of living in New York. Art, graphic design, fashion, literature and music are a few things that tickle my fancy, especially if they have a dark bent. Coilhouse indulges my curiosity and inspires me to pursue a life less ordinary.

  307. Ben Johnson Says:

    I’m Ben Johnson, like it says on the tin.

    I live in San Francisco right now, but came originally from Minneapolis.

    I design games. Basically, my job is to make sure things are fun. Currenly, I’m finishing a survival horror game called Dead Space.

    I’ve been reading coilhouse since the very first post. I believe there’s a comment from me in one of the early ones saying something about writing an article for you guys at some point. I found you via Warren’s blog, and have kept up partly because I enjoy your alt-culture coverage, and partly because Zoe’s hair resembles my own… when I remember to make my appointments, anyway.

    Chewy eleven

  308. L Keller Says:

    Hey, I’m Lindee. I live in Germany at the moment; will soon be headed to Olympia, WA for college. I pursue the study of place, and I do some tutoring to pay for it.

    Coilhouse is glorious. I read it almost daily but never comment- I did submit a paper-toys website once, having not realized that they were scattered over the whole of the internets, and since, have felt a little awkward. I generally feel a little awkward. Coilhouse helps me embrace my weirdness, like showing ‘Idhi Oka Idi Le’ for my European History class and laughing maniacally while they gape at the screen. So, you know, thank you for existing.

  309. alumiere Says:

    40 something freak, purple and red mohawk, undergad degree in alternative film/video; most of a masters in theatre design

    NOC manager for a major isp by day, slightly over the hill (but don’t look/act it) punk/g/i club kid on weekends – i live in la so for me that means usually friday at das bunker and sunday at malediction (li ove amanda jones’ sets)

    i design and make clothes for my friends and myself in what little spare time i have; i love art (although i cannot draw/paint/etc to save my life) and intelligent conversation about alternative art and life which is what draws me to this site (well, that and warren ellis recommended it, then i ran into zoetica one night at a club…)

  310. Erica!!! Says:

    I’m Erica, Olympia,WA transplant from the small, mean, cold town of Tenino, just south of Oly. I like all odd things, no matter what ,and coilhouse has those things in spades.
    I like to cook and read and smoke and drink. The last three the most, and simultaneously.
    I’m a closet writer and painter.
    I love reading about antiquated medical procedures and psychological treatments, as well as serial killers of yore and rock history.
    I find it impossible to keep my mouth shut, or withhold TMI.
    Someday I want to be scary.

  311. chillguru Says:

    wow, i’ve been unplugged and totally out of the loop it would seem!

    first and foremost, i <3 coilhouse and all that you do.

    i am a composer and circus impresario in Boston for Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. we recently finished a run of our very first large scale theatrical show, Mischief in the Machine http://www.mischiefinthemachine.com

    if any of you artists, performers and musicians are ever in Boston, look us up! as we love to collaborate and facilitate talented folks performing here.

  312. tyhiliet (eric) Says:

    Hi hello
    I’m hermit of sorts. Im 19 and without a clue.
    i like drawing and have a growing obsession to make closths.
    but as of now i find my self baking bread, and pondering in a procrastinating fasion.
    from perris CA. = polished turd but with less polish.
    ive been lurking coilhouse on and off for two years now and still I find things i have not read.
    right now im living off the good graces of my parents,hoping to find a nich, what ever that might be
    and as for the photograph, id rather not have any proof of existance. an nude is out of the question. hehe
    5’9″, 150 lb., hispanic, average, a white sheep.

  313. Martin j DeKay Says:

    Martin j DeKay. Accidental reader/ lurker and loving it. Part time artist/ writer/ model/ comic jockey.

    This is me-

    Co creator of this-

    I make art-

    I work here-

    And other places as well.

    I’m currently looking to “make a living” in comics. Already got the making comics part, the being able to eat from money made off of making comics is the lifetime goal.

    Oh and here’s me nekkid-
    You asked, and I like to make with the funny.

  314. Sarah Says:

    Hi! My name is Sarah, 22, from Louisville KY and I’ve lurked here for quite a while now. The link above is actually my boyfriend Donovan’s blog because I don’t have a life on the internet really.

    I work at a grocery store and I like to make costumes and wear them places along with my boy toy. Most recently purchasing a house I have spent most of my time working on getting it livable.

    I enjoy this site because of the diverse amount of material. I could spend hours looking at it all. I’m also jealous of Zoetia’s hair, if I had a job that allowed me to dye mine unnatural colors I would use the same color. Thanks for a wonderful website coilhouse.

  315. mlle. aubergine Says:

    O, my…..here goes it:

    My name is Katherine, I live in Portland, Or. in the bottom half of wee little
    thorny rose bush protected house built in 1913. By day, I am cleverly disguised
    as a “corporate art director” …and by night(or by day when no one is looking),
    I’m a maker and appreciator of all things dark, delicate , beautiful and passionate
    in sound, sight and texture…a wonder twin sans twin…! More in zee journal.

    I appreciate your endeavor here ever-so, you see the world so similarly to me……you keep me on my toes as I endlessly search for the “pretty!”

    Me and my trusty photo-takin sidekick Bibelot!

  316. shane Says:

    See, told you I read it :P

    I’m Shane. I live in San Francisco and I make stuff. Mostly jewelry stuff.

  317. Marcia Says:

    thanks for the map, david.

    wow. one whole coilhouse reader in africa! that must be me :-) but seriously, there must be more…at least in south africa maybe…

  318. Laure Says:

    Im late but I dont care… I stumbled upon Coilhouse and was shocked to see so many things im interested in on the site. You know, I didnt know what steampunk was untill I read this and pieced it together. Its been a styled have loved and copied without knowing it, and then i started reading things on Zoetica and reading her site because i think she is beautiful
    Anyways, im a human who wishes she was made of metal, or a russian ballerina. I love sci-fi, movies and own more books then i can count. Im a student in chicago and struggle between what I want and what I should do… i also have 2 different colored eyes which makes me magical or something
    I would post a pic but dont know how… stupid mac

  319. One Wednesday Says:

    Wow I’m really lagging posting my details. For shame.

    My name’s Lizzie, I live in Brisbane, Australia and I make my clams during the day by working for The Man and I’m also a freelance Makeup Artist who one dreams of one day making it big (and getting to paint the lovely Zoetica’s face) (Oh and Zoetica I added you to my Model Mayhem :D ).

    I found this glorious place through Gala Darling’s own little glorious place and I’m ever so glad I did.

    I look like umm…a mix between Tank Girl and Madonna circa Who’s That Girl only much shorter than either of those two (and probably less awesome).

  320. reez Says:

    I have to thank the good gods for this site and the creative minds behind it. You people make me so happy!

    I’m late for the party it seems but yeah, intro. I’m riz and I live in Manila, capital of a South East Asian country (hint hint~). I have too much energy in me and constantly ache for something new and refreshing to help me get by this bleak life. I’m 18, a college student; a big fan of classic prints and pictures (especially medical prints), H.P Lovacraft, Vladimir Nabokov. I highly enjoy reading (mostly on fantasy/sci-fi), art, philosophy and studying about varied forms of mythos. and I’m now having a growing fascination with the cyber punk genre, which you give a healthy supply~ I discovered this site through Trevor Brown’s site (I’m also a fan of his work) and yes, you just give the sustenance I need for the things I love.

  321. nicolas Says:

    Hi! I’m Nicolas, from Switzerland, a tiny country in the middle of the Old Continent. I’m a 36 years old science teacher (and art lover).

  322. Zoe Says:

    Hi, I’m a lurker who discovered Coilhouse yesterday via BoingBoing and have been making my way obsessively backwards ever since. My name’s Zoe, I’m 17, and I live in Hawaii (we’re woefully underrepresented on that map). I don’t have a blog, but I love this one! Thanks for introducing me to some amazing artists.

  323. Evelyn Says:

    Who you are
    Where you’re from

    What you do in life
    Promote artists, put together events and parties, work out merch and marketing for people, places, films and things. I am all over the place but I think the things I work with end up being better for having me.

    Maybe even what you look like?

    Best random photo of me ever that is not staged at all that is what makes it the best:

  324. Toni Lovergood Says:

    Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding layout. “He profits most who serves best.” by Arthur F. Sheldon.

  325. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Coilhouse People,

    My name is Rebecca and I come from Portland, OR. After reading your recent post “dimming the lights and locking up at Coilhouse”, My heart goes out to all of you. I am a long time reader of the magazine, and I’ve been following the blog for the past two years. The collection of culture and talent that you have pulled together in both instances is remarkable and truly unique. I am sorry to see it going away, but i do sympathize with the everyday struggles of running a business and the making of Art, and managing life.
    I am an Art student and also a maker of plush monsters. Just before beginning college, I happened across the magazine in a Borders books (remember those?) and I fell in love. The magazine has been a continuous source of inspiration over the years. I wish all of you the very best on continuing projects and adventures! Thank you for creating the awesomeness that is Coilhouse!


  326. Meredith Yayanos Says:


  327. Dianna Says:

    Hi! I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!