The stuff of nightmares.

Mammoth Crocs, originally uploaded by sabor.tijuana.

Finally! UGGs and Crocs weren’t sufficiently powerful on their own, so there is now this delicious blend of both!

Sloppy and sweaty! mmfft.

The herds of peroxide-silicone-fried chicken-flesh types [velour leisure suits proudly stuffed into UGGs or flopping around lost duckling-style in micro-shorts and Crocs] now have another option for comfort and Hawt Glamour Fashion! Rejoice. Rejoice while you can…

7 Responses to “The stuff of nightmares.”

  1. rickie Says:

    i am SO glad you said that. uggs and crocs, and clogs… shows with ugly names and give me the same feeling as when i say their names, that guttural, gross feeling in my throat. yuck.

  2. Victoria E Says:

    I saw an ad for these in a magazine I was reading and was horrified.

  3. Name Says:

    I think I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

  4. Krazmo Says:


    I laugh at your scorn and wear my hideous yet comfy shoes anyway!

    HA HA HA!

    Only in black, however. I have my pride.

  5. Nicola Says:

    my math teacher has these in black.
    they are very comfy,
    but i wouldn’t suggest wearing them in the dead of winter.
    especially not when you look like a croc yourself.

  6. Alice Says:

    I recently found an even worse abomination in a discount store…Crocs with INDIVIDUAL TOES. AND little holes so that you could see one’s (presumably painted) toenails.


  7. Miss Says:

    Never have worn them…I’ve hear they’re great though…hmm