Laika the spacedog.

Laika the spacedog., originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

We are approaching the 50 year anniversary of Laika‘s flight!

Her story has always resonated with me. Still deciding how this should be celebrated and suggestions are welcome. Anything reminiscent of a furry party will be disregarded. I’m considering a Laika sanctification ceremony. In the meantime, a transcription from my personal journal follows.

If anyone deserves to have a religion devoted to them, it is you. An army of zealots and their children, whispering your name before bed, thinking of your sacrifice. An innocent, a martyr offered to science in the real world.

To Laika!

To Science!

5 Responses to “Laika the spacedog.”

  1. Nadya Lev Says:

    Laika will always be #1!

    Here is the pig that got launched into space. Whether or not this was a hoax, I’m not sure, but here you go:

    Doesn’t look so pleased when he/she comes out of the capsule.

  2. zoetica Says:

    Looks like this link explains it, but the funnies don’t stop just because it isn’t entirely real! Just look at the hateful piggy face!

  3. Nadya Lev Says:


  4. amplifier Says:

    This Trentemøller clip always makes me tear up a bit. Poor Laika.

  5. Filipe Russo Says:

    Poor Laika.
    Oh this history sensitizes me just like a rainy day and the grey of both…