“Magic Horse” video by Wiley Wiggins

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My multi-talented pal Wiley Wiggins has just finished the gorgeous video “Magic Horse” for Austin-based band Horse + Donkey.

Having been a bit overwhelmed lately by blanched, washed out, sepia-tinted, Dover-collagey everything, surreal footage that looks like animated Lomo imagery is delightful change of pace. Plus? Ponies!

2 Responses to ““Magic Horse” video by Wiley Wiggins”

  1. Nadya Lev Says:

    I always wanted to know what Fantasia would be like on acid, but now I don’t need to wonder. Now I know. Thank you!

  2. Wiley Says:

    there’s a much better version viewable at http://televis.es/watch/185

    Thanks for posting!