Moncler Gamme Rouge Ski Jackets

Moncler Gamme Rouge, originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

While we’re on the subject of puffy jackets from the future, I want to say that this new collection of ski-wear from Moncler, called Gamme Rouge, is infuriatingly gorgeous. It’s hard to feel sexy in a big ski jacket, but these would do the trick! With all the gemstones, corsetting, poofy sleeves, lacquer and silk, I’d be a total princess in one of these. There are no prices listed on the site; perhaps it’s best I do not know how much these cost, so I can continue daydreaming about them being in my reach.

2 Responses to “Moncler Gamme Rouge Ski Jackets”

  1. zoetica Says:

    While it’s nearly impossible to think of anything puffy in 100+ degree weather…i’m drooling a little.

  2. Jay Says:

    Moncler: socialite ski brand, featured a fair bit in this month’s Tatler (UK). Would imagine that jacket to be in the region of £600-1000…