Style Zeitgeist

Men! At a loss about where to turn for l33t style tips, discussion and more with like-minded humans? Wipe your tears with your finest Naoto kerchief, for the day your fashions woes end is here!

I was recently introduced to by a friend whose name i haven’t stopped cursing since for getting me addicted. Though it’s predominantly male-populated, I’ve been cruising the SZ forums, shocked, impressed and curious. The users appear to be a cluster of painfully well-dressed and well-informed persons, mostly male, sharing tips, photos and designer news, with minimal snippiness and hair-pulling [for the most part]. Though much of what’s discussed here may not suit most wallets or reason, you’re sure to get inspired. I highly recommend this site to newbs and seasoned fashionistas alike.

A few member looks below. If you’re one of the gentlemen in these photos and would like to be credited, let me know.

3 Responses to “Style Zeitgeist”

  1. Nadya Lev Says:

    dudes in tight pants = hot

  2. theremina Says:

    Great style, but I’m just not into fatties.

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    I work as a designer for a small department store and one of our 4 trends for Fall/Winter 2008 is called Zeitgeist. I guess it is a huge trends that is catching on even with us scary folks.