Artifice Clothing

Cheeky monkey Emily Rishea submits her fashion label, Artifice Clothing, through our submit form: “hey why not, I feel shameless,” she writes. Okay, we’ll bite! Artifice does a great job with all the classics and invents some new ones, such as these Victoria’s-Secret-meets-the-Rocketeer light-up mechanical wings. The range also has bit of a sense of humor, as can be seen in this Bunny Lolita ensemble, which the site describes as “terrifying”. But my absolute favorite item on the site has to be this Cybertek Collar, which makes you look like a Dr. Who villain from the Tom Baker era. In an era of Victorian future, the one person who rocks up wearing this as part of an outfit inspired by bad 1970s sci-fi tech will be the envy of the tea party indeed.

Left: Suspended Shrug. White set photographed by Jeff Hui, hair by Tony Jorge for RST Institute, makeup by Maggie Ng, model is Electrolux.

Center: Cybertek Wings with lightup LED tips. Photographed by Tom Ma, makeup by Melissa Nicholl, model is Saven

Right: Cybertek Collar. Photographed by Paul Buceta, model is JustLinda, collar created and designed by JP Rishea.

5 Responses to “Artifice Clothing”

  1. theremina Says:

    Those wings!! Yes, please!!

  2. Andre Says:

    Wow that collar is the shit. Retro future a go-go!

  3. Emily Rishea Says:

    Ha! Thanks, I figured it would be one of hundreds and never make it in. Woot. My brother makes the wings, I make the shiny, and my sister models sometimes. Go nepotism!

  4. Electralux Says:

    Awww what an honour for us all! =) Thanks for blogging about Emily – she really deserves the credit! A cheeky monkey she may be, but she is one of the most humble people I know and it makes me happy when people remind her how awesome and talented she is. =D

    P.S. It’s electrAlux. I’ve been modeling for her for years and she’s never been able to get that right, lol.

  5. Sam Says:

    Emily’s awesome for customer service, too. I ordered the Miss Enigma catsuit a while back for Halloween, only it never arrived. Emily made me up a new one at no extra cost and sent it out, it got here just in time and I adore it. Put it together with my makeup for my Harley Quinn costume… and I won first prize for best costume with it. So thanks *again* to Emily.

    Everything on Artifice is pretty much gorgeous. I’ll be treating myself again soon.