A Tale of Two Sisters

The Muse. Photo by Viona, outfit and jewelry by Elisabeth.

Elisabeth and Viona Ielegems are two sisters from Belgium with an incredible talent for fashion and photography. Golden-haired gothic princess Viona is a world-famous alt photographer who appears in many of her own images, and her younger sister Elisabeth is a fashion designer who makes gorgeous necklaces, rings, earrings and other filigree items for your inner woodland fae. Together they collaborated on the following shoot for Elisabeth’s graduation project, a series of designs revolving around different feminine archetypes. Seen above is The Muse. Click on the titles below to see more:

The links are to Viona’s site, and the project can be seen on Elisabeth’s Flash site as well with poetic quotations describing each.

8 Responses to “A Tale of Two Sisters”

  1. Alysa Says:

    My god, those clothes those clothes!

  2. La Môme Néant Says:

    I’m already quite fond of it… on Viona’s page, there are portraits of the Tokyo Decadence’s members!
    thanks Coilhouse for providing all those fabulous links!

  3. theremina Says:




  4. zoetica Says:

    I can’t pick a favorite! Eee.

  5. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Women have such better choices, gah!

    Further, I’ll not be content until I’m checking out at ze grocers, und find COILHOUSE there in ze rack. Pushing those dead-souled mags women tend to take on as personal life-manuals, to much-deserved oblivion.

  6. E. Black Says:

    Definitely very talented sisters. I think I’m in love.

  7. concase Says:

    The clothes are OK, but those are some terrible photographs if you ask me.

  8. EllieVdB Says:

    They are not sisters, they are cousins.
    The designs are great! and i think the photographs are basic and perfect for what they where meant to be. As this was her final year project in school of Elisabeth i think this is the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen! she doesn’t just create a jewel, she creates a whole new wonderous world. i’m curious to see more of her work!