Anastasia by Inez van lamsweerde.

It’s Mask Day at Coilhouse! A personal favorite topic, and research at the moment. As always, you’re welcome to submit your own additions to the theme.

4 Responses to “Anastasia”

  1. Ben Osmann Says:

    Sorry for the poor quality of the image, but I was using a digital camera borrowed from a friend. The central mask is a Punu funerary/ancestor mask from Gabon, which I say in the African art store I once volunteered at. Oh, and happy mask day.

    “A Desperate Man’s Heart” (2005), assemblage wall hanging: pre-stretched canvas, roofing nails, acrylic paint, Elmer’s glue, artificial sinew, copper sheets and wire, iron and copper paints, thread, caulk, glove, leather, paper, sharpie marker, page from Les Mis, paper towels, and masking tape…

  2. Ben Osmann Says:

    oops, I guess it won’t let images in the comment, try the website link here.

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I wonder how Ed Gein would feel about this rising preocupation (strong wording, but it’s true on my part) with masks. The past few posts here have had me thinking.

  4. zoetica Says:

    Ben, thank you! That mask almost looks like it has ears of some sort, a bit rabbit-like.

    Jerem, you needn’t tell me about it – I’m starting a whole painting series. Ed Gein would disapprove.