Communist Gothic

By the way of Mister Kris Ether, a collection of jaw-dropping Yakov Chernikov drawings. Doesn’t this one resemble a rocket, ready for takeoff? Yes, this is my future, tovarish Chernikov. Thank you.

From the funny writeup on Dark Roasted Blend: “Only too appropriate for the “Evil Empire”, the colossal palaces and Pantheons would dominate the city, squash the last vestiges of soul, and yet strangely excite in their surreal dark presence.

8 Responses to “Communist Gothic”

  1. theremina Says:

    Holy macaroni. These are beautiful and terrifying. Thanks for sharing, Kris!

  2. happymrlocust Says:


    I am curious about how big the originals are, I can imagine they’d be quite imposing if suitably sized (2m+). Ok, more imposing.

  3. Eta Karinae Says:

    really impressive. They look alien and intimidating, and remind me sometimes some Giger’ s nightmarish visions.

  4. ZeroSum Says:

    Mmm, communist Giger buildings… Hell, I’d live there.

  5. Nekokaiju Says:


  6. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Danke, danke, danke! Wow. I’ve a certain project that’ll be aided greatly by these serving as inspiration for a specific locale.

  7. D Says:

    Ever so nice. This could be the style of the future Republic of Sweden (once my dear friend from Poland starts to put his plans to take over the place in motion).

    Wonder if there’s some way to convey this feel to one of the rooms here, except for using these images as wallpaper. Already gave up on turning the bathroom into the interior of the elephant from the film Moulin Rouge.

  8. Shay Says:

    Holy crap Z.. This is so beautiful..!