What’s Zo Wearing? October 28, 2007

What’s Zo Wearing? is syndicated with permission.

A confession: I might have exaggerated about the toga thing last week. While I’m still feeling the draped thing, some amount of clean lines will always appeal to me. Here’s an almost entirely Japan-acquired Z-standard outfit. The price isn’t exactly Z-standard this time but I was on vacation, dammit. On to the super-villain gear, comrades!

Skirt of pure awesome – a place i walked by every day in Nakano
Hooded top – Black Peace Now
No clue where the other top came from – I’ve had it for years. Ross?
Bag – Black peace Now
Boots – Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

5 Responses to “What’s Zo Wearing? October 28, 2007”

  1. Daniel Yokomizo Says:

    A skirt of pure awesome indeed. Quite beautiful.

  2. D Says:

    Nice glasses. That hooded thing suits you perfectly. No doubt people have killed to get hair like that, lovely.

  3. E. Black Says:

    I love your aesthetic because it is just absolutely awesome and yes that skirt is pure awesome. Makes me want to go buy a new long black skirt which I haven’t done in forever.

  4. Dee Says:

    I simply adore that outfit and those boots. Great writing too! Keep it up:-)

  5. ravenwermut Says:

    BPN is love.