Eating lace every day will help you live longer

Model: Dita. Designer: Gaultier. Photographer: Perou.

I love lace! I love it so much. I believe that people who wear lace tell less lies, cars with airbrushed lace patterns on them are less likely to break down, and that the first nation to put a lace pattern on its flag will come to rule the world. Here are my five favorite lace things du jour:

Lace Pumps by Chinese Laundry. Only $15! Available here.

Oh, and if it’s not wrapped in lace, it can’t be a good present. Lace tape by Boiler Design.

Edwardian Corset by Mina LaFleur. See it here, and her other costume work here.

Lace Print China Set by Welmadeproducts. Available here.

Atsuko Kudo Mini Trilby Hat. Lace print on semi-transparent latex. Hot!

7 Responses to “Eating lace every day will help you live longer”

  1. zoetica Says:

    Love it all but..lace shoes? NO! All i can think of is Desperately Seeking Susan. Eeep.

  2. Traci Says:

    Those plates make me shiver with delight.

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Love for lace UND Dita, Dita, Dita.

  4. D Says:

    Lace tape… For quite a few years, whenever we happened to attend the same party, me and a friend used to have this…sport. Whenever someone fell asleep due to heavy drinking, she’d come running, giggling and produce a roll or two of gaffer tape. No idea how we got started, but my friend never failed to have some tape about her person in those days. Couples were the hardest to do, getting them immobilized while not waking them. We perfected this art over the years (what type of gaffer tape doesn’t ruin clothes, just how much tape can be safely applied to one body etc, these things take skill). I wish we’d had something like this lace tape, it would have looked adorable on that lighting technician we managed to tape so firmly to some stairs that he remained there for the rest of that party (we fed him Laphroaig to keep him happy, so no real cruelty there). The black grey and silver tapes do get boring.

  5. Shakti Says:

    A lace flag is a GREAT idea!
    (oh Atsuko Kudo!!!! I can’t even look at the website without feeling faint.. :D )

  6. ganou Says:

    que bonitaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mina LaFleur Says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my work, I’m honoured to be in such good company!

    Mina LaFleur