Miss Platnum: Give Me The Food If You Love Me

It’s past 1 AM, I’m munching on a buttery, cheesy bruschetta, and listening to Miss Platnum’s “Give Me the Food.” The song has an unusual theme for an R&B tune: a celebration of eating! “I like my coffee with a lot of cream, I like to eat late at night, I like scrambled eggs after a sweet dream, I like potatoes – deep fried,” sings Miss Platnum.

The Romanian-born, German-based singer laughs off dieting: “I don’t care what people say about my weight, so if you want to take me out for a date, make sure there is enough food on my plate.” In addition to the great message and fun music video, it’s just a ridiculously catchy song. Miss Platnum’s powerful voice and witty delivery instantly make their way to the heart, even if you (like me) generally don’t listen to R&B. Watch the video, after the jump. Via Gala Darling.

Miss Platnum on MySpace

4 Responses to “Miss Platnum: Give Me The Food If You Love Me”

  1. Jhayne Says:

    Don’t forget about Chunky Pam:

    Valentines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsIkKnl_Ai8

    Christmas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRaUXbVM29I

  2. nadyalev Says:

    Jhayne, thanks for those links, I’ve never seen Chunky Pam before.
    I admire both singers for being so gutsy, but it made me wonder. It almost seems like, if you’re a singer and you’re a big girl you HAVE to make a song telling everybody “yeah, I know I’m not thin and I don’t care, so fuck off.” It seems like it’s almost required to make your weight an issue, a humorous part of your identity, in order for everyone to get over it and take your other music seriously if you’re in the mainstream. Although I could be wrong. Missy Elliot never had to do that… or did she?

  3. A fat girl Says:

    OPA! I have the most overwhelming desire for saginaki now. And feta. And tzatziki. And those delectable little fried balls of dough that they drown in 1/2 in of honey with pistachios, cinnamon and powered sugar.

    Miss Platinum has it right.

    ps: Missy did reference her large stature in a number of her songs. Check ‘Work It’ on Youtube. Or ‘Lose Control’. Also, Missy had gastric bypass, causing a LARGE weight loss. Compare ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ to ‘Lose Control’ or ‘Pass the Dutch’. She got a large amount of shit for being a ‘big boned’ black woman, especially one who didn’t dress particularly femine, as say, Monique.

  4. theremina Says:

    Missy E’s mentioned her weight/looks a few times.
    That woman could weigh 6 stone or 60. She’d still bring the rawkness…