Goth Dating with Tyra Banks

Most times when you see goths on reality TV, they end up getting bleached and doused in pink blush and all you can do is feel sorry for them. And maybe point and laugh. When a reality show takes normal people and tries to goth them up, I think it’s even worse. I won’t give too much away, so you’ll have to watch the clip and see for yourself.

14 Responses to “Goth Dating with Tyra Banks”

  1. theremina Says:

    Ack. ACK! So. AWKWARD. Whyeee…

  2. Damien Says:

    In reference to the goth-in-media, this is the unfortunate result in current US popular television. Any attempts at admiration or acceptance are stilted, forced, awkward…

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    It’s become so media-blitzed, that it’s a caricature of a cartoon of a caricature…ad nauseum. Not that goth hasn’t been a tad cartoonish for ages now anyway, eh? So far as I can tell, the strict goth scene lasted maybe a decade, at best. Everything after that…meh. Now, cross-pollination, I’m loving. Variety, as they say.

  4. zoetica Says:

    See, now this makes everyone look bad.

  5. lauren Says:

    Are they smoking crack?

    (Tyra, not the goth girl.) Tyra bothers me to no end.

  6. D Says:

    That was painful on so many levels. Most disturbing? Possibly the pink thighs.

    What I’d love to see here is a girl who has rock-solid confidence in herself and her style; who has the brains to make an actual reply and who’d walk out of there with Tyra Banks’ head.

    Where did they find that wet nothing to pose as goth? Not even a withering sarcasm, just a vague Barbara Cartlandish hoping heart in bad clothes.

    Wit and intelligence is so sexy, neither shows in this clip.

  7. kris_ether Says:

    What a foul pile o’ stinking crap


    *retreats to his steampunk alt as goth ides*

  8. theremina Says:

    Steampunk’s next.
    Before you know it, some weak-chinned chippy in a stovepipe hat and goggles will turn up on Martha Stewart’s Living to show everyone at home how to hot-glue clock gears onto their toaster oven/tea kettle/labial folds.

  9. Libby Bulloff Says:

    Buggerit. I smelled that coming from a mile away. “Hey, let’s try to teach this poor wayward goth girl a lesson about appearances!” Hey, how about we teach Tyra to STFU. Oh, and in the process, someone seriously needs to help those guys with their makeup.

    Lot of hypocrisy in this clip. :/

    However, I’d have gone with the geeky web guy too. :D

  10. nadyalev Says:

    @ D – I don’t know, I thought that the girl was a good sport about the whole thing. I liked her comment, “isn’t it more like Peter Murphy’s dead?”

    @ Jarem – I agree. The sad thing is that if you go to a goth club, the dudes you’ll find there are not very far from these caricatures of goths on this show. Most of my friends who bring the most interesting new ideas to the scene have stopped clubbing on a regular basis a long time ago, actually! So it goes… viva la cross-pollination.

  11. Saturnsays Says:

    Oh fergawdsakes… That was utterly painful to watch and the twist was visible from a mile away! Especially with military-uniform boy throwing his arms up in the air when welcomed onto the stage, the elocution and obvious responses of kilt boy, and the arrogance of mr. cliche “eyes are the windows to the soul”.

    Further, she had to pick one of the three, so the fact that none were goth was kind of like entrapment. Clearly, her questions were provided in advance, “researched”, and answers were supplied.

    What made that woman decide to appear on the tyra banks show is beyond me, anyway. Does she know nothing of the Jenny Jones scandal of the mid-90s. Ha ha ha!

  12. E. Black Says:

    Tyra’s description at the beginning reeked of the b.s. that I’ve heard for so long. What a load of tosh.

  13. Med. Says:

    This is too fucking funny. I know this girl. Not really on a personal level, but she throws some events in the bay area… last i heard of her she was stripping in Guam. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    oh man, that was horrible…

  14. Lizz Star Says:

    Hello…So a “friend” of mine is a producer on the show and he told me free trip to LA, accomadations, and a funny tounge in cheek Tyra punk. Didn’t go down that way. I was flown yes but dressed silly and given a piece of paper with pre made questions. The plot was origionally very different and they were going to have me come up on the screen and say “hi tyra.Im not really goth either” but as I was shoved on stage, they warned me..dont make tyra look bad..and then everything we did do was severly edited as well. Turns out me and the “computer geek” never went on a date it was all for show.We are friends now. I never intended things to go that way. It was a fun trip and Im pretty sure everyone laughed about it. If you really have a problem with it then go do a Tyra show by yourself. And Meds is it, yes I did go to Guam. How that is relevant I dont know. Maybe you should come to my “events” before you talk shit :) please everyone feel free to visit my myspace page and maybe you will figure out Im not Goth…