Introducing WZW

I work as a photography coordinator and photographer at The fashion merecenaries among you might know I have a mostly-weekly fashion feature there called What’s Zo Wearing? [so named by a former lead editor]. I say “feature” instead of “column” because the amount of writing I do varies week to week. Occasionally I get verbose, but, more often WZW is a collection of outfit photos and tips on where to get these or similar items.

There are some hits and there certainly are some unfortunate moments, especially in retrospect of over a year, but hopefully there is something for all to dig. Coilhouse will be syndicating What’s Zo Wearing? every Sunday, 2 am Pacific.

To give you an idea of what to fear each Sunday I’ve included some of my favorite outfits behind the jump, and a few more in our Flickr stream.

6 Responses to “Introducing WZW”

  1. D Says:

    Simply gorgeous, lovely photos as well. For some reason I didn’t frequent that site at all, maybe I should start. The few times I saw the site I’d somehow decided it’s just fringe porn and, as such, uninteresting.

    …looking at the front page now and I can’t say it strikes me as anything else.

    Maybe it’d help if I could get past the laid out lay-out.

  2. zoetica Says:

    D – it is an alt pinup site, fo’ sho’. But! There are also some great writers who contribute to the often-overlooked news section, Warren Ellis, Rob Corddry, Wil Weaton, to name a few. Great interviews, too.

  3. D Says:

    Oh, I don’t mind the sex content, just a pity it’s discouraged me from looking into the site. It’s good people can make some cash off quality in that…genre.
    Had a peek at your flickr set ‘What’s Zo Wearing?’, very nice photos (and model of course), thanks for pointing to it!

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    SG is my PlayBoy. I go there for pics, ja, but y’know, I READ it too. Times that ze latter is more satisfying than ze former.

    WZW? Fuck Cosmo. THIS is *wear* (couldn’t help it…) it’s at.

  5. christy Says:

    woot! Ive been following the what zo wears articles for ages apoun ages and its completely ace to see it on here! I am looking forward to reading it in the very near future x

  6. zoetica Says:

    Hiya, Christy! Thanks for the support, miss.