Necromance East, originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

Mister Christopher Bischoff has just reminded me that I’d been meaning to do a little feature on Necromance.

A long-time Angel City resident, i have the fortune and pleasure of living very close to this delightful shop [Now two shops, to be exact, as Necromance has expanded] and have been frequenting it since i was a wee lunchbox-toting spookling.

Owned by an exceptional and fashionable lady named Nancy, Necromance first opened its doors in New Orleans long ago and LA is very lucky to have it here today. The window displays are always brimming with eye candy – antique writing cabinets adorned with bones and dried flowers, candles beside aged porcelain dolls and taxidermied deer. You’ll be lured in by the faint trickle of 1920’s music, vintage glass, charts of mysterious anatomical regions and dim glare of strange medical devices alongside exotic beetles. Inside the shops’ incensed walls you’ll find a menagerie of…amazing stuff. It’s impossible to list all they offer here, but their online store will give you something of an overview.

It isn’t all collectibles and home decor, either. Victorian mourning jewelry, postcards, books and, yes, black toilet paper are some of the practical items Necromance offers. If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles i advise you march right over to Melrose Avenue and pay tribute to this gem. Until such time you can peruse and purchase online at

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10 Responses to “Necromance”

  1. theremina Says:


    Will you take me there? Pretty please with scarab beetles on top?

  2. Victoria E Says:

    It’s great to finally see a well-managed, professional looking shop that sells these kind of goods. Most of the ones that I find are managed by creepy, aging hippies that usually have no idea what they are doing.

  3. zoetica Says:

    Mer: maybe this weekend?

    Victoria: Yes, they’re most certainly experts over at Necromance!

  4. Lolla Says:

    ooh, already addicted, I wish there was one in TO or Montreal….

  5. Libby Bulloff Says:

    One of my favorite places in the whole world–thanks for the reminder. :)

    All hail buggies trapped in lucite!

  6. Paul Komoda Says:

    It’s my happy place!

  7. Collectibles Says:

    I am always on the lookout for antiques for my house. Garage sales seem to be the best place to find them at a reasonable price.

  8. Lordsdotter Says:

    Oh! I wish I could find a place like this in London! <3

  9. spyderfyngers Says:

    Why oh why will they not ship internationally? Woe. :-(

  10. Chopard Says:

    Interesting shop, it has some very cool stuff!