Rick Owens, friend of post-goth fashionistas

You’ve discarded your crushed velvets. You’ve cast aside your zippered, D-ringed, and safety-pinned garments and long for something new. Where do you go from here? You require sophistication. You want drama without the bell sleeves. We understand.

Allow us to suggest you closely examine the work of Rick Owens. While his designs are not exactly pocket-book friendly, they do wonders for the imagination. Even if you won’t shell out for his stuff, you’ll certainly learn a thing or two about layering, proportion and structure. No matter how odd a garment, his tailoring is spot-on every time, flattering to most bodies, and, above all, painfully hot. This is style, damn it.

8 Responses to “Rick Owens, friend of post-goth fashionistas”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I’ve long been pissy about the lack of clothes I’d actually ENJOY wearing being sold in local stores. Or hell, any. The lines of this guy’s stuff echo the ideas I’ve had concerning what I want. Seems the time has come to take my mother up on that offer to have her teach me the finer points of her sewing machines.

  2. zoetica Says:

    His menswear is TO DIE FOR. Seriously impressive stuff.

  3. Lydia Says:

    The black jacket with the shawl collar in the second photograph is making me weak with desire. I don’t think I’ve lusted so after a garment in…well, ever. Wow. The flowing, waterfall-like effect of the front, coupled with the severe, snug fit of the back is dizzying.

  4. Irene Kaoru Says:

    Oooh excellent tip. I find myself in exactly the unenviable post-goth position you describe, flinging with distaste my d-ringed safety-pinned passe club clothing to the corners of my closet and lamenting–I’ve nothing to WEAR!!

  5. Chouchen Says:

    You may have to mortgage your soul or offer your first-born to afford them, but his pieces are so worth it. I saved for a leather jacket and have practically lived in it for the past 2 years. They don’t just look good, they feel utterly amazing too.

  6. Gala Says:

    Zoetica, I love you.

  7. Acids Says:

    “Post-goth”. I’ve been looking for a term to describe what this fashion is. It works well.

  8. Valerios Says:

    My new album has been described as Post Goth. I am am still not sure if i like this term.