robotgirl, originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

First saw this image in DrTenge’s livejournal and had to have MORE. It’s so classically cyberpunk from the actual image to the medium.

What i found through some quick googlemancery is a fairly large private collection of holographic photographs belonging to one Guillermito, apparently an admirer of technology in art and vice-versa. In a touching testimony he says “I think they are a perfect balance between esthetics and technology, between science and art…Buying fine art holograms is throwing money out of the window, financially speaking. You really have to love them. Because, basically, nobody cares.“.

We care, G. We care.

You can browse his online gallery here.

2 Responses to “Robotgirl”

  1. the daniel Says:

    I really like the way the scanned hologram looks kind of like an old photo, or cheap film. Kind of reminds me of Tetsuo: The Iron Man (but lots of stuff reminds me of that lately)

  2. Guillermito Says:

    A bit late, because of some kind of web info-saturation that kept me away from checking links, but : thanks for caring.

    I mean, really.

    Nobody ever wrote something so nice about my collection and my depressing thoughts. And it’s on the web since probably 1995. My holograms are so amazingly wonderful. Nobody still gives a damn about them, but I am in peace with that now.

    Plus, the technology is evolving, and I am betting that modern holography (digital printing, mainly) may soon emerge as an important medium, because it will be (it is already, in fact) full color, full parallax, big, and much cheaper to produce (check for example and Hopefully decent artists will seize the opportunity when they will realize that there is almost no more technical limitation.

    Anyway. Thanks again.