She tasted like electricity.

Kissmask, originally uploaded by Coilhouse.

From artist Jill Magid’s site: The Kissmask is designed to be worn by two women. The connecting tube isolates the womens’ mouth and nose creating a heated space between them. A microphone sewn into the connecting tube records the conversation, breathing, and kissing that occurs inside. A CD of these recordings is exhibited with the mask.

Is the idea of this object to satisfy heterosexual curiosity about the lesbian experience by essentially bottling its essence, or is it there to protect the moment while preserving its memory, perhaps without getting too close? I love the photos themselves – fragile and wistful. And the obstruction is, well, hot.

More on this and Jill’s other work here.

One Response to “She tasted like electricity.”

  1. D Says:

    That mask is very intriguing, love the idea. I wouldn’t mind using it heterosexually.

    Once asked a lesbian friend about the difference in kissing a girl as opposed to a guy. She closed her eyes and kissed me (yes, we’d been drinking), picturing my then gf to herself (or so she said, they’d been semi-dating earlier so not impossible). It was the second best kiss I’d ever had.

    I think maybe the focus on the kiss solely could work wonders.