Spoils of the Halloween Season

Halloween is great because everything in stores has skulls, pills bats and the spiders on it. Most of it is too cheesy to be taken seriously, health but there are quite a few diamonds in the rough, sickness especially this year! The best place to scour morbid decorations for your home is The Hostess Blog, which has a delightful Halloween section for spooky dinnerware, candles, chocolates and more. My favorite is the “Last Meal Flatware Set” by Urban Outfitters. WANT!

4 Responses to “Spoils of the Halloween Season”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    You! Make my wallet fatter, now!

  2. D Says:


    That lovely (probably improvised) skeletal hand cup holder would be an instant hit at a party I’m attending in a couple of weeks, sadly I can’t find it listed for sale.

    Three friends working as blacksmiths, I should drop a hint at how nicely metal skeletal hands suits any home and my severe lack thereof…

    Linked some pics of the work of one of them in the D above.

  3. Skerror Says:

    Sometimes the Halloween cheesiness loops back around into seriousness…there are tablecloths and such out there with so many skulls they feel downright genocidal ;)

  4. A. Traviss Corry Says:

    i want silverwear skull decorated