Suzanne G. Is Made of Awesome. And Squirrel Toes.

Thee High Priestess ov Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah (T.H.P.O.T.T.O.P.B.)*

And now it’s time for a joyous yodel (erm, sorry) shout out to a dear sister in Lucerne, Mlle Susanne G., a young lady who has officially been keeping it weird on the web since 2003. Unofficially? Much longer than that. In fact, we first found one another on deadjournal (of all the godforsaken places!) maaaany, many moons ago. Like, a moon in the nineties. *gasp*

Her blog compendium, Wurzeltod, is one of my absolute favorite nooks on the net, “a drawer full of all things weird, grotesque, bitter-sweet, embalmed and fortean. Brought to you by Suzanne – the eternal art history student.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… occasionally you’ll gag. It’s bliss.

So go for the gas masks, stay for the marzipan, and tell her Coilhouse sent ye.

*photo © of Suzanne G.

2 Responses to “Suzanne G. Is Made of Awesome. And Squirrel Toes.”

  1. zoetica Says:

    I’ve recently added her photo stream to my flickr friends list – though updates are infrequent, they’re definitely worth the wait!

  2. D Says:

    Leur old blog was an everyday must for so many of us, the ‘new’ forums is highly likeable, as are the flickr pages and A web presence I’d miss sorely if she went away.