Is Ukraine prime minister secretly a goth?

This month Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister of Ukraine, claimed victory in Ukraine’s national elections, forming a new coalition government with President Yuchenko. Yulia Tymoshenko was at one time named one of the top 3 most powerful women in the world by Forbes Magazine and could be a serious presidential contender in the year 2010. But the question on the minds of both Tymoshenko fans and detractors is this: behind all the party rhetoric, is there a secret goth agenda? Coilhouse conducted a special investigative report. Our exclusive findings, after the jump.

Our reporters traveled to Ukraine undercover, laboring night and day to bring you the facts. The answer is YES! Or, the same answer, as paraphrased by FOX News: “we report, you decide.” The hard evidence, below.

Before adopting her signature crown-of-braid hairstyle, in 2000 Lady Yu sported jet-black raven locks:

She loves black roses, lace and high collars:

She hangs out with other goths:

But there’s more! Coilhouse has compiled a photo set of Top 20 Tymoshenko looks. Yes, she may occasionally wear pink, but this is just a decoy to fool the mainstream media. We know that she’s a lady after our own heart! For more proof, see below:

Yulia, we love your awesome style! If it doesn’t work out with Ukranian politics, you’re always welcome to write your own “What’s Yu Wearing” column here at Coilhouse.

28 Responses to “Is Ukraine prime minister secretly a goth?”

  1. Cruella Says:

    i agree, she looks gothic… haha…”hangout with other goths”
    this is very convincing.

  2. Skerror Says:

    The third and fourth photos look like stills from a Jean Rollin political thriller.

  3. La Môme Néant Says:

    Aw, the laugh I just had!
    I’ve always been very fond of her, for some reason. I remember last year in Elle, they calculated the total cost of her Vuitton and co. wardrobe, which was of course rather high.

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    If, for whatever reason, you guys decide to go all ninja in ze Ukraine again, slip her my number, if ye please.

  5. werwolf Says:

    nice one! :D
    but of course this gives rise to the question: is russia actually a country of goths and industrial/ebm fanatics as evidenced by their clearly goth-like and fetishy folk-look. *g*

  6. D Says:

    Ukraine, werewolf, not at ALL the same place as Russia ;)

    She does look as if she could dish out some serious discipline. The Laibach-reference is so spot on, thanks for the laugh.

  7. christy Says:

    talk about a milf, she doesnt even look old enough to have a daughter of the marrying kinda age

  8. Rit Says:

    Jeeez, I’d forgotten what it was like to see a world leader get asked for an autograph.

  9. Jason Says:

    And she looks good with a katana. So, basically, not only is she a goth, she’s a Vampire the Masquerade LARP goth.
    Election poster here:

  10. D Says:

    Oh my, auto-rendered a smilie in my previous comment…

    Thanks for that link, Jason, too funny. Doesn’t it look as if she’s acting? ‘This is me being human and doing human things, are we not all humans? If I cut you, do you not bleed?’. Lovely.

  11. E. Black Says:

    It does look as if she’s acting, D. Nonetheless it could be nearly convincing.

    And for the record, I want her clothes. High collars and lace are my drugs.

  12. lauren Says:

    she’s what america needs.

  13. E. Black Says:

    You hit it on the head, Lauren.

  14. Violaine Says:

    Today’s America would not be able to handle a woman like her. :(

  15. lilly Says:

    I never thought I’d even think the words “favorite politician”….

  16. Eta Karinae Says:

    Wicked article! I’ ve always been intrigued by this lady.

  17. mountebank Says:

    If she is secretly a goth, she’s not doing very well at keeping it hidden.

  18. the_dannobot Says:

    So weird braided hairdo, third most powerful woman in the world, she’s like some sort of bizarro eastern-european Princess Leia or something

  19. kate setzer kamphausen Says:

    She is Ukrainian, after all. Ukrainians are honorary Goths already, by virtue of their weather and drinks and folk art and traditional fashion!!!

  20. tdiym Says:


  21. Jami Says:

    This makes me giddy. I need to raid her closet.

  22. ZeroSum Says:

    Hell, I’d have voted for her. You know, if I was a citizen of Ukraine.

    Damn my manly Canadian citizenship! Why can’t our PM be this cool?

  23. Lauren C. Says:

    Goth or not, she’s got great style!

    my hair isn’t long enough to do that yet…D:

  24. Tuffy Says:

    Don’t “Yu” just love these Ukrainian women? It must be the country with the most stunning females anywhere. Just a pity so many of them rubbish themselves with prostitusion and internet scams.

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    […] 50. Running a close second, for the next couple of years at least, is Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, aged 48. And at no point did I ever think I’d say that about a politician. She is certainly not of […]

  26. ItalianJob Says:

    Gosh, she is so hot and pretty. This is insane.

  27. ltsgosrfn Says:

    Goth or not, she is still hot!

  28. POP INC Says:

    She’s like Eva Peron on… Opium!
    We <3 you Yulia!

    And tnx for this article… we laughed so super hard!