You’re doing it wrong

Before you know it, some weak-chinned chippy in a stovepipe hat and goggles will turn up on Martha Stewart’s Living to show everyone at home how to hot-glue clock gears onto their toaster oven/tea kettle/labial folds.”

Thus Meredith poignantly described the slow demise of the Steampunk aesthetic in this thread. Pictured above, an eerie and all too real display of how true her words ring, but in an industrial tone [I think?]. Below, the same concept executed well, for contrast.

[makeup: Cynthia Bachman, hair: Michael Hall, photo: glitterguru, model: Allison O]

Hear me, and hear me well – we love you, but the first person to glue cogs/clock arms/vintage keys/etc. to their face gets a raygunnin’ straight to HELL.

7 Responses to “You’re doing it wrong”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Haha! Without reading, I saw ze first pics und thought, THAT SUCKS!

  2. nadyalev Says:

    LOL, but I do think that gluing clockwork parts to the face can be done well. Have faith, combrade! If it’s straight-up gluing to the face, I don’t know if it would work, but throw a little FX magic in there, and you get something like this:

  3. Tequila Says:

    You know…with modern medical tools one could literally screw things on themselves. Granted it would take some crazy elective surgery to pull off but at SOME point you will see images like that bottom pic become reality…

    I will of course be the jerk tossin lil magnets at them.

  4. Libby Bulloff Says:

    Heh. One of our local tribal bellydancers made a bindi out of a tiny cog for a performance I hired her for and it was adorable. Raygunnin’ straight to hell is fine by us–that’s where the best parties are.

  5. irenekaoru Says:

    That settles it. On my next foray to a goffclub I’m totes gluing tinfoil to my neck.

  6. kris_ether Says:

    Well in response we have another person…. not doing it quite right!

    Glampire or social whore???

  7. tdiym Says:

    The model in the tin foil looks like she’s about to throw up.