Another secret goth? Gymnast Natalia Godunko

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Rhythmic gymnastics, as I’ve suddenly come realize, are possibly the ultimate hotness in sports, though I’d prefer it without the ribbon. But that’s not all! I see club hit potential – just look at those dramatic flowing gestures, practically reaching for a smoky club ceiling, interspersed with industrial-ish angular sharp movements. I’d like to have seen Ukrainian gymnast Natalia break these moves out at Perversion back when it was still bumpin’ – she could have been an instant superstar.

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6 Responses to “Another secret goth? Gymnast Natalia Godunko”

  1. Russen Says:

    Seems like you’re right!

    Here again, in white (the other black):

  2. lauren Says:

    Rhythmic gymnasts are insane. I was friends with one who became a contortionist this summer. She scared the shit out of my counselors because she had to stretch every night… and well… she was bendy.

  3. Ben Johnson Says:

    The real question here is why always Ukraine?

  4. nadyalev Says:

    Oh my god, that was hot! According to YouTube comments (I know, famous last words) the judges gave her a 10 on all counts for this.

    But those arms! Those legs! That muscle tone! She is amazing.

  5. E. Black Says:

    I think I need to move to the Ukraine.

  6. Katie West Says:

    So, as I was watching this, right at the very end, quite a good sized spider scurried right across my laptop screen. So random, and so fitting. :)