Comment Avatars!

Today when you visit Coilhouse, you will see a new feature: the ability to register for the site and upload your own avatar! This avatar will appear next to your name every time you post. We are adding this feature for the wonderful commenters who keep coming back, so that you don’t have to re-type your name/email every time you want to make a new comment. My own avatar comes from, because I just finished reading Book 7. I always knew!

28 Responses to “Comment Avatars!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I have a face!

  2. Zoetica Says:

    Avatar showdown – GO!

  3. theremina Says:

    Oh, dear. And we thought the fan fiction was ribald BEFORE this revelation. ;)

  4. number18 Says:

    Not exactly what you’d throw out on the Metaverse, but good enough…

  5. dispodip Says:

    in my Stanfield’s, with my anti-wallpaper weapons!

  6. Nadya Lev Says:

    I wonder if J. K. Rowling ever does Google searches on Harry Potter fanfic and sees the unspeakable things that people make her characters do!

  7. Mer Says:

    She’s joked about the slash fic quite a bit, actually. I’m glad she has such a good sense of humor about it.

  8. tymcode Says:

    Face, schmace. I have a BRAND.

  9. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Now all I need is a blurb to follow ze colon.

  10. Ben Morris Says:

    Until I stumble across something i like better.

  11. lauren Says:

    it feels cool to see faces with names. that being said, you’re all so beeyootiful!

  12. Skerror Says:

    Good idea. Now I can bring Squidgirl to the party.

  13. gdholtby Says:

    Interestink. But it seems like nothing anywhere links people to the profile you fill out.

  14. Nadya Lev Says:

    gdholtby, that’s a good point. I’ll see if maybe I can make the avatar click through to a profile, but it might be a while before I get that chance. Thanks for pointing that out! We can see the bios when we login, though – Big Brother is Watching.

  15. Dysphem Says:

    Brains, anyone?

  16. lucylle Says:

    Another anatomical part added ;-)
    My ill-looking, post laser surgery eye.

  17. Cosmic Anomaly Analyst No.7 Says:

    How on earth did you avoid the SPOILERS? People are evil like that. ESPECIALLY on the internet.

    But good for you, you read it!

    (My avatar is a nuclear reactor. Too small though…)

  18. acidsphere Says:


  19. el Says:

    nothing lends an air of intimacy to a comment quite so much as a 40 x 40 image of an elephant playing the harmonica.

  20. Shay Says:


  21. Nadya Lev Says:

    lauren, you’re the only one on thread who doesn’t have an avatar! you voyeur :)

    Cosmic Anomaly, I saw SO many spoilers online… and they were all wrong. I read the entire book speculating that two characters were for sure gonna die who both lived. So the internet worked in my favor!

  22. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Yes, Lauren has one. A purdy one! But for some reason it didn’t show up on her last comment? o_O

    El’s avatar for the win.

  23. Lauren Says:

    Haha I forgot to sign in! That’s my punishment for interwebbing on two browsers. I is a stupid.

    And Mer, yours is beautiful too. You got some pretty peepers. :)

  24. Nadya Lev Says:

    Oh, OK. I thought that “lauren” and “Lauren” were two different people. Awesome, then!

  25. Cosmic Anomaly Analyst No.7 Says:

    You were VERY lucky! I ALWAYS hit the real spoilers. I avoid the internet like its a leper colony when I’m reading a new book.

  26. D Says:

    Well blow the horn of Gondor, that was neat linkage.

    Also – watching you via avatar is nice.

  27. Damien Says:

    Woohoo! Avatarlicious!

  28. the daniel Says:

    bleep blorp!