What’s Zo Wearing? November 11, 2007

Some of us occasionally think we should rid ourselves of anything non-black or grey and wear only things resembling a uniform. It happens – I’ve had this conversation with friends, even – usually they’re just fashionable people tired of thinking about getting dressed.

We fantasize about the ease with which we’d face each day, choosing only between a pant suit and a skirt suit with plain heels or boots, abandoning all other options in favor of utilitarian ease. Reading about Cayce Pollard’s minimal wardrobe in Gibson’s Pattern Recognition cemented this secret desire some years ago. Though here I shamefully failed to comply with the Cayce Pollard Unit code and forgot to remove the annoying red tag on the outside of my coat.

The possibility of such simplicity is endlessly appealing, but, every time I feel resolved and seriously consider executing this, I find socks and things that match these socks. Then I remember why dressing up is fun and how I actually love the way 4+ inch platform sneakers make me look. Unfortunate, perhaps, but true.

Jacket: Cryoflesh.com
Dress: mom
Socks: Japan
Extra long leg warmers: beloved SockDreams.com
shoes: Demonia
Gloves: given to me under dubious circumstances, but can easily be acquired at Wilson’s. I could use another pair, come to think of it.

What’s Zo Wearing? is syndicated with permission.

11 Responses to “What’s Zo Wearing? November 11, 2007”

  1. lucylle Says:

    Love those gloves…

  2. trout Says:

    that last one is awesome! (well they all are, its just more awesome!)

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Curiosity is raping ze cat…is that an APC inspired tat on your upper left arm?

  4. Peter Tupper Says:

    I’d love to see some Cayce Pollard cosplay.

  5. kris_ether Says:

    Pattern Recognition is such a great book, especially as i started reading it when I was down in London one weekend, thus the Camden town parts hit me full force.

    Love the photos as always, plus the Boxer Demonia shoes are great, I want to get another pair with the same sole just as boots.

  6. D Says:

    The third image here is such a killer portrait. Lovely work.

    Ms Pollard is a very likeable character.

  7. E. Black Says:

    Looking lovely as always.

    I may have to hit up Wilson’s just to get a pair of those gloves.

  8. jealousjapan Says:

    I wa sjust about to ask about the leg warmers – I fell in lust instantly.

  9. theremina Says:

    Ah, the ubiquitous grey legwarmers. I never get tired of seeing them on you. :)
    I have the same pair, actually!
    SockDreams is a dangerous place, isn’t it? I have no idea how I manage to spend so much money there…

  10. android.001 Says:

    It’s very very very very hard to believe Cayce would wear anything like this considering how baggy a Buzz Ricksons MA-1 is and how her black jeans are just a bit big for her.

    The outfit seems way too busy with layering to reflect Cayce but it seems to reflect you.

  11. miss o Says:

    I have dreams about that purple hoodie dress …