What’s Zo Wearing? November 18, 2007

Sometime last spring I vowed to only buy dresses to simplify shopping and slow closet growth. That’s all been forgotten now, though I did faithfully stick with the plan all of the summer. But, as with any drastic regime, there were side effects.

Once I finally realized just how sick of dresses I’d become, I began purging anything frilly and light-colored along with most dresses I’d accumulated. Now I actually need to get a flashlight to navigate my closet, like in the olden times of Zo-spookiness. This means muted colors, layers back in effect along with pants paired with heels. Less overt girlyness with a lot more attention paid to interesting construction and detail, even when I’m wearing skirts or dresses. A new era?

My mantra’s become “quality over quantity” this season. I’m not really shopping and am donating a lot to Goodwill thus leaving myself with fewer, better options. Though in all likeliness this is simply hibernation and my shopping appetite shall return, ravenous!

Little black jacket: H&M;
Pants: Zoomiez [really]
Slingback shoes: gift
Sparkly partial socks: Tokyo
Layered asymmetrical top: eBay
Scarf: left at my place by a friend some years ago. She’s never getting it back.

What’s Zo Wearing? is syndicated with permission.

12 Responses to “What’s Zo Wearing? November 18, 2007”

  1. Mike Jennings Says:

    I reckon a few people will be wanting the address of that Goodwill.

  2. ZombinaCorpse Says:

    Your style is such an inspiration for me! Thank you for taking the time do this each week. =]

  3. zoetica Says:

    Oh! Good idea, Mike: it’s no secret – the one in Vine here in Hollywood. Help yourselves, readers!

    Zombina: Thanks,doll and – I’m happy to do it.

  4. Katie West Says:

    Sometimes I wish you would have a closet purging online, so those of us not in your neck of the woods could get the Zo goods.

  5. E. Black Says:

    I swear, Zo. Your outfits always look amazing. It is always a treat to see what you’re wearing.

  6. ZombinaCorpse Says:

    Have you ever considered selling clothes or other accessories on eBay? I’m sure there’d be tons of people who’d love to purchase some of the stuff that you can’t find here [aka, from Japan].

  7. Eric Says:

    Take a page from Vogue: http://jezebel.com/gossip/maghag/french-vogue-devil-worship-is-the-new-black-302809.php

  8. A. Says:

    Well you look very pretty upside down.

    Apart from that, the makeup in this shoot is stunning.

  9. zoetica Says:

    Thank you guys. Katie and Zombina: I used to regularly sell stuff on ebay, but it’s just such a huge hassle. Maybe I’ll do some direct sales next time, first come first serve basis. I’ll let you know if this happens.

  10. Alice Says:

    OK, re-reading this post inspires shameless-fashion-question-time….

    Do you have any tricks when it comes to impeccable make-up? Or is this just photo shoot make-up, and not meant to be duplicated on an average day? Or….or….?

  11. Zoetica Says:

    Hey Alice – you might be pleased to hear that there are make up tips and more, coming up very soon :)

  12. Alice Says:

    Realllly? Ooh, I’m all a-quiver!