Happy Halloween From Jack T. Chick

Repent, sinners! Haw! Haw! Haw!

Immoral links of interest under the cut.

  • Official Chick Publications website.
  • The infamous Darque Dungeon parody.
  • It’s been out of print for yeeeeeears, but if you can find a copy of Daniel Raeburn’s Imp Zine #2, yoink it! Probably the most entertaining and comprehensive history of Jack T. Chick ever written. And it’s in pamphlet form!
  • The World of Chick? by Robert Fowler. Another great book about the man we all love to hate.
  • 6 Responses to “Happy Halloween From Jack T. Chick”

    1. nadyalev Says:

      “Nobody undarstands me! Goodbye crool world! :W:

      HAHA. Classic.

    2. Daniel Yokomizo Says:

      Another interesting Chick parody is Galactus is coming.

    3. D Says:

      Quite disturbing. The evil-mindedness needed to produce stuff like this either to keep members of the sect in check or some naive hope to convert some sinner. Fundamentalist drivel of course, and as such quite bad. Never fails to make me despair for humanity (while laughing, mind).

      I need some good symbol-squiggle-icon-thingie to represent Militantly Secular Humanism.

    4. Jerem Morrow Says:

      I swear, these things (not the parodies, mind ye) set me off, in ze worst way. I can often be seen in a fit of rage, screaming “POISON PEDDLERS!” whilst tearing tracts to shreds. At Wal-Marts. Bus stops. Local restaurants. They may as well distribute heroin-filled syringes across ze public landscape.

      With that out of ze way, I ADORE the Cthulhu is coming tract that makes ze rounds every now und then.

    5. Danielle Says:

      There’s … there’s just something wrong with this guy. For real. I never know what to say in the face of stuff like this.

      “That’s right, you were God’s instrument because you killed off a kid who didn’t look when he was crossing the street. The fact that it was Halloween, so you should have been driving slower anyway, has nothing to do with it. Did you do your moral duty and run down all the other kids? No? Then you’re heading for hell; say hi to Tommy, you slacking bastard.”

    6. Eev Says:

      I saw things like this in a Baptist church once… (I am Episcopal, NOT Baptist, I was only in there for a piano recital) It made me very sad. :^( So hateful.