Let’s Hear It For Black Death!

I realize the fog machine/polyester armpit vapors of my last post are still fresh in your nostrils. Apologies if the following clip is officially too much of a good thing. Then again, can’t everyone can use one more reason to love this man?

Yep. That’s Richard Pryor fronting a deadly funk/metal band that looks like Sunn O))) on national television in 1977. This is indeed a strange and glorious universe.

From WFMU dj Brian Turner’s blurb: “Relatively tame by today’s TV standards, 1977’s Richard Pryor Show on NBC-TV was still a landmark freakfest that set out to forcefully challenge censors, and only lasted four episodes before the plug was pulled.” Guests included LaWanda Page, John Belushi, and Maya freakin’ Angelou.

Thanks to DJ Dead Billy for the Black Death clip!

3 Responses to “Let’s Hear It For Black Death!”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Damn, he beat Saul Williams to Niggy Tardust.

  2. Paul Komoda Says:

    Now, at last, I KNOW you’re extracting strange memories from a lost portion of my brain through methods that even Francis E. Dec would not have suspected from the Communist-Frankenstein Computer God.

    I recall seeing this when it was first broadcast during the height of my KISS phase.

    Yes, I confess.

  3. Ben Morris Says:

    Yet more proof that Richard Pryor is awesome (its not as if any more was needed though).