Robot Nixon vs 15 Democratic Violinists

Bless you, strk3.

I remember my body: flabby, pasty-skinned, riddled with phlebitis. A good Republican body. God, I loved it.
– Richard Nixon’s head, Futurama

Ah, Tricky Dick. Why do you continue to amuse/disturb us so, even after all these years? Like Don Rickles, like inbred hamsters, like videos of cats in compromising situations, you never cease to be funny and profoundly unsettling at the same time.

Especially when you’re playing the piano:

(With Jack Paar on The Tonight Show, 1963.)

Robot Nixon link via Warren, thanks.

3 Responses to “Robot Nixon vs 15 Democratic Violinists”

  1. nadyalev Says:

    Wow… watching this video, I really see what you you were saying to me a minute ago, about how Nixon just wanted to be loved, and didn’t understand why people hated him so much, and how kind-of sad it all looks.

    But then I watched the Pinky the Cat clip, and I wasn’t sad anymore! GO, PINKY, GO!

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I shouldn’t have watched Pinky first. Totally undermined Nix. Hahaha.

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