Scott Radke’s tiny monsters

Whether he’s making a girl, an octopus or an old sailor, Scott’s dolls and marionettes have a look of prematurely aged children. Muted colors, shadowed wide-set eyes and ruddy little noses on sullen heads have become his signature. These creatures seem perfect for stop-motion animation – it would be great to someday see a full length feature starring them. I’ll avoid using terms like “whimsical” or “grotesque”- suffice to say I love Scott’s angry delicate characters and am always anticipating the next one.

Scott Radke is an artist in Cleveland, Ohio. Visit him on the interwub at and click beyond the jump for some of my favorite pieces.

6 Responses to “Scott Radke’s tiny monsters”

  1. James Shearhart Says:

    Reminds me of Dave McKean’s work a bit….

  2. six06 Says:

    i hadn’t seen the octopus one :)
    how marvelous!
    scott’s rad.

  3. zoetica Says:

    James – agreed on the McKean comment. Similar facial structure and palette as some of those illustrations.

    Six – yes!

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Ja, ze McKean similarity is there. But I should note, that’s a compliment, not a claim of rip-off-ery. This stuff is great! I can easily see a Svankmajer or Bros. Quay animated feature, Z. Indeed.

  5. alumiere Says:

    it also reminds me a bit of lisa snellings-clarke

  6. E. Black Says:

    Definitely feeling the McKean-esqueness which is a compliment because McKean always blows my mind.

    Scott’s got himself a new admirer in me. His work is jaw-droppingly great.