What made Coilhouse readers weird

“Mother. Star Trek. Father. Star Wars. Kino. The Illuminatus Trilogy. James Joyce. Lovecraft. 1001 Arabian Nights. UFO sightings. Getting switched at birth. Encyclopedias. Synagogue. Catholicism. Mexican Shamanism. Carl Sagan. Praise Bob! Jazz music. Horrible Whining Bob and his Brooding Band. Latter-day Saints. Harrowsmith Magazine. Dead Can Dance. Being the only deaf Anglo person in a French community. Folklore/ghost tales. Gericault’s ‘Raft of the Medusa.’ Nothing at all. Being a virtual bubble boy due to illness. Gangsters, search Boadicea & haunted houses. Living with artists. Being the only kid in elementary school to dress up as a Ford Prefect for Halloween. David Bowie in Labyrinth. Lord of the Rings. Joy Division, Finnegan’s Wake (no, I didn’t get a lot out of that when reading it at 14 but it did secure a good grade in english for me) and Gitanes. ABBA. Deep-sea crustaceans. Astrid Lingren. USA Networks Nightflight. Museums my parents took me to…” – From comments on “What Made You Weird?”

6 Responses to “What made Coilhouse readers weird”

  1. Héloïse Says:

    For me, it was being the only child in school not having a television, and thus being at once isolated and forced to be creative and read (mostly weird stuff, yes).

  2. Ben Johnson Says:

    Not “a” Ford Prefect, actually, just Ford Prefect. That’s the name of a character from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  3. nadyalev Says:

    Oh god, I can’t believe I spelled it wrong, and I READ the Hitchhiker’s Guide! SHAMED.

  4. Tequila Says:

    How can ABBA make you weird?! I mean doesn’t everybody dress up as their favorite member every Sunday night and sing their favorite songs?

  5. Immie Says:

    lol. i love weirdoes.

  6. tDIYm Says:

    I always thought it was the rest of the world that was weird.