Wonders of the Tyrolean Folk Museum

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Start the day off right by simultaneously drying your face and contemplating mortality with a little help from the Tyrolean Towel Rack of IMMINENT DOOM. DOOOOM:

This fetching piece of Germanic history can be found in the Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum in Innsbruck, Austria. The sprawling complex is chock full of similarly bizarre pieces of functional art, like intricately painted antique cabinets, traditional ceremonial costumes, jaunty beast-headed sleighs, embellished tools, and lavishly personalized weaponry. Several historic walk-through “rooms” dating back to the Gothic and Rococo eras have been reassembled, replete with original hand-carved wood paneled walls, stoves, kitchenware and benches on which one can sit for a moment to rest.

My traveling companions and I spent several blissful hours ooohing and aaahing over everything. At one point, Dawn, an accomplished yodeler, was actually moved to song, her joyous yips reverberating up and down the long stone hallways.

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(wool cleaning apparatus)

5 Responses to “Wonders of the Tyrolean Folk Museum”

  1. zoetica Says:

    Oh I could SO see you in that pointy black hat!

    Also, we all need that lock.

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Why doesn’t someone clue Pier 1 in?

  3. Heimat Says:

    The end is neigh… no doubt!!

  4. Erica!!! Says:

    could you buy a replica of the towel rack in the gift shop?

  5. Merveilleuse Says:

    please. God. need. everything. now.