A better future: Bowie-inspired menswear at Target

A little fashion for our male readers – designer Keanan Duffy’s Bowie line for Target provides affordable stylish basics. Inspired by David Bowie, this collection offers skinny ties, vests and tight pants in muted colors, which can all be found in one place at reasonable cost.

If you haven’t stepped foot into a Target in months, this might be a good reason to do so. Or you can throw caution to the wind and shop online, instead – the web store presents the outfits in flash video format, so you can actually see how they look in motion on live humans, which is helpful. I really like some of these looks but menswear never fits me properly without significant alteration. The Bowie collection is at Target for a limited time only so if you dig it, hurry!

11 Responses to “A better future: Bowie-inspired menswear at Target”

  1. Tequila Says:

    Well now that’s quite the surprise…though I’ve heard of places like Target and Walmart trying to launch and maintain clothing lines such as these…even going after big name designers as a result. Gotta say though it is nice that you can get a stylish coat and a roll of paper towels and one of those “buckets of chocolate chip” cookies all in one place…even if it seems a little wrong. hehe.

  2. el Says:

    That’s pretty cool, i was more hoping for something like this though.. http://www.5years.com/costume.htm
    also, does it sound to anyone else like the version of “oh you pretty things” they have playing on the target flash site sounds like a 45 being played at 33 1/3?

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Hah, el – that would be brilliant. Maybe in another 10 years!

    Tequila, that sort of convenience is rare and must be taken advatage of, I say.

  4. Adarael Says:

    I’m shocked.
    Target has something that doesn’t suck. At least not visibly.

  5. acidsphere Says:

    I really don’t like the style.

  6. Zagzagael Says:


    *looks back wistfully*

    I WISH we could get men back in stovepipes and pointy-toed funeral boots…

  7. Random_Tangent Says:

    I wish I wasn’t a chubby guy.

    The world of too-tight pants is a door forever closed to me.

    Or at least a door at the end of a treadmill hallway.

  8. James Shearhart Says:

    I dunno, I fear that the spiffy duds may be manufactured by indentured 12 year-old Chinese hands. I say do what my grandma used to do – go to the store with a tailor’s measuring tape and a sketch pad, take some notes and measurements, and go home and make the thing yourself. I sometimes to this with furniture, to hell with Ikea!

  9. Zoetica Says:

    This page has a statement about their current child labor policies: “Target Corporation is opposed to any form of slave, child or prison labor, whether domestic or international. We take the protection of human rights very seriously. We expect our vendors to share these same ethical standards”.

  10. D Says:

    o_O Was sure I’d commented. No more late nite sessions =)

    Bowie wore some amazing stuff. I like this but hate the shoes.

  11. Zoetica Says:

    D, so with you – those shoes are awful. I’d much prefer slim boots with these outfits.