An ocean of static, a desert of sound

Mer mentioned the Roadside Picnic podcast here a few weeks back. Hosted by a gentleman named Joshua Zucker, this podcast’s chewy contents are some of the best brain fuel I’ve had the pleasure to absorb in quite some time. The past couple of episodes were especially fitting with the belated arrival of rain in Angel City, and I must take a moment to reflect.

Each installment has a somewhat melancholy-sounding theme, but I’ve so far found this to be the ideal multi-purpose station. It’s marvelous for letting the sound flood and take over just as well as having it as low ambience while painting, writing, reading, or whatever sinister activity you choose to engage in. I suggest you try the former, first.

Roadside Picnic is a blend of ambient drone, atmospheric distressed instrumental, and occasional vocal tracks. At full volume the experience is akin to drifting through walls of dense noise, sometimes falling into pools of melody and being pierced with emphatic shrieks. Like tuning a radio in a radiation apocalypse; faint signs of life puncturing the static of a scorched world. Listen.

6 Responses to “An ocean of static, a desert of sound”

  1. T. Clark Says:

    How did this slink so long under my radar?

    They probably think I’m trying to kill their server at the moment…

  2. joshua Says:

    woah. boy was i shocked to see this when i made my way over here today…!

    gosh, well…thanks! i’m glad yr enjoying the episodes so much…that was a lovely and very passionate review.

    and please give a moment of silence, for stockhausen has passed away…


  3. Zoetica Says:

    Joshua, it’s my pleasure. Keep up the great work – it’s been a long time since I’ve dug any podcast to this extent, and I’m sure our readers will benefit, too.

    Sad news about Stockhausen, I hadn’t heard yet.

  4. D Says:

    Ah yes, I found via the link in his username and listened in a couple of times. Agree, perfect while writing. Simply damn nice.

  5. joshua Says:

    cheers, that’s very sweet of y’all. i really do appreciate the kind words.
    stay tuned – the 12″ vinyl series will be out in the new year. exciting stuff.


  6. gooby Says:

    Yeah, Mer got me hooked on this way back she’s been bragging about Joshua’s awesomeness for some time. So nice to have access to this kind of media these days, its protected my sanity on many a road trip..