Billy Squier: Video Killed the Radio Star?

It’s Monday morning again. Drag yourself up from that Ambien fog with some wholesome, manly arena rock:

(Broken link updated.)

Fuck a bunch of Flashdance. 1984 belongs to Billy Squier and his no-holds-barred performance in the “Rock Me Tonight” video.

In all seriousness, I give this man infinite kudos for venturing waaay out of his comfort zone. Shame on all the repressed homosexuals who renounced him at the time. Take into account the concupiscent gender confusion of those hazy days. Times were a’changing for classic stadium rockers. Let no one cast a stone at Budokan Billy for trying to scramble aboard big hair metal’s bandwagon, for who among us has not been seduced by some unfortunate 80s trend, either in their unquestioning past, or the ironic now? (Not I, says the girl clad in fluffy mohair legwarmers.)

This dance is a good dance. A dance of reckless abandon, vulnerable and radiant. On this dour Monday morning while the coffee brews and the sun beats down upon my satin sheets, I will do your dance, Billy Squier, and do it right.

(Wearing elbow pads, of course. With the shades drawn.)

4 Responses to “Billy Squier: Video Killed the Radio Star?”

  1. fatalfury Says:

    dancing alone in your room with no respect for the fourth wall. for the win!

  2. D Says:

    Never heard of, possibly never reached Sweden. Fun dance and the clothes of the full band – all look as if in pyjamas, which is how I recall a lot of the 1983-84 clothes (especially the rock fans).

    I’ll never tell what most of -84 was spent listening to, but at the end of that confused year a friend introduced me to the first Jesus and Mary Chain single and all was well. 1985 was way better: Bowie, Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, Smiths, Prince – good times.

  3. blacktoad Says:

    Billy Squier is the God King – Lonely is the Night!

  4. Nieves Says:

    I love it. it’s like the saying…..bla-bla-blah…dance like no ones watching…….even if there are video cameras everywhere.