Bull of Frost Says Hello

This Yakut winter spirit is akin to the Russian Grandfather Frost [more on him later]. Bull of Frost resides in the coldest part of Siberia and is a representation of the Mammoth according to Yakutian shaman traditions. His robes are adorned with traditional tribal patterns and beads in addition to seasonal snowflakes.

In ancient Yakut folklore, malady the Mammoth is a subterranean creature that breaks thick winter ice with his horns, and these horns are represented in this costume as part of the headdress. Because of their presumed underground dealings Mammoths were also associated with the world of the dead, the realm in which shamans ruled. Shamans communed with Mammoth spirits in rituals and immortalized them in art and amulets which are found in Siberia and Russia even in present day.

8 Responses to “Bull of Frost Says Hello”

  1. the daniel Says:

    Super cool, I don’t know much about Siberian tribal stuff, but this guy looks like a villain from Chinese mythology, or maybe a character from japocomix.

  2. Jon Munger Says:

    I thought it was a World of Warcraft cosplayer for a second. Which means I go to Philistine Hell.

  3. Nadya Says:

    @ Jon: HAHAHAHAHA!

    No, I can totally picture this guy goring Santa.

  4. Zoetica Says:

    Nadya – Yes! With his Horns Of Fury.

  5. Milly von Hilly Says:

    That is serious business. I wonder what he’s hiding under there.

  6. Adarael Says:

    Holy Bull of Frost, that is a fantastic outfit.

    Do you happen to know of any good sources on siberian shamanism? A friend was asking me about a month ago, and now I’m curious too.

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Hey, Adarael – I’m no expert but, in addition to the links in this post Google is a decent place to start, as it turns out.

  8. Ashbet Says:

    Oh, WOW — this is gorgeous!!! I love how his gloves look like cloven hooves :)

    Glad to see that some old traditions are still being handed down :>