Chugging, bouncing, percolating, bubbling NEU!

Guten Morgen. Or should I say, unhealthy Hallogallo…

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No visual conveys the wide-eyed, wondering delight of NEU! quite as joyfully as this video.

The music of this seminal Krautrock duo lives up to the name. How these songs have retained their aura of newness over the years is a mystery. For the briefest window in time, elements of glimmering psychedelic prog, robotic disco and thumping space rock coalesced and one of the most understated yet influential sounds in 20th century music was born.

NEU! formed in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1971 after wunderkinds Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger split from a more well-known outfit called Kraftwerk. Their self-titled debut was recorded in four days (with Can producer Conrad Plank). An eye-blink later, NEU! had disbanded. Yet their influence on music spans multiple decades and genres. Everyone from Julian Cope to David Bowie to Sonic Youth to Negativland to Stereolab has cited the duo as an inspiration. As the above video attests, the love fest will undoubtedly continue well into this century.

9 Responses to “Chugging, bouncing, percolating, bubbling NEU!”

  1. Fogus Says:

    NEU! and Magma have been in constant rotation for some years now. Thanks for this post to remind me to push these two to the top of the playlist.

  2. gooby Says:

    I thought I was looking into a mirror when I pressed the Youtube link, jumpin around as the song went on, and then I realized, I totally don’t have that shirt, thats so not me… Yeah, I gotta bring this in to work, with all the Can, Amon Duul, and Television, my work music set is gettin awesome!

  3. Ben Morris Says:

    There are so much great krautrock. I love Neu! but I think my favorites are Can and Faust.

  4. Skerror Says:

    That’s a sweet video. That’s my favorite NEU! song. Great for grown-ups on long scenic drives as well as for babies in their sit n’ spins.

    I was always a big fan of that Tortoise track “Djed”…then I heard this song and it was like, “Ohhh, that’s where they got that idea!”

  5. Erika Says:

    I babysit for that kid! His name is Sterling and he’s a rad little guy :)

  6. Mer Says:

    Erika, Sterling and his folks are definitely at the top of my rad list.

    Skerror, I once saw Tortoise on a double-bill with Stereolab and it was awesome, but I definitely felt like NEU! should have been headlining the evening.

    Ben, ya, there ARE so much great Krautrock. ;) “Rainy Day Sunshine Girl” will definitely be making an appearance in some CH wakey wakey posts at some point. Can is a favorite of mine, too. Someone played Tago Mago for me in college… I was never the same again. A few years later, Damo Suzuki gave me one of the most bonecrushing hugs of my entire life. I needed no other form of sustenance for several days afterwards.

  7. Ben Morris Says:

    Apparently awesome germans on youtube cause me to lose whatever abilities in grammar and/or proofreading I may have once had.

  8. Nadya Says:

    Aww! This baby is so cute! The video reminds me of how easy it was to be happy when you are little…

  9. Nadya Says:

    By the way, their sound is amazing. I downloaded a bunch of their songs and I totally love them. I can totally see how they influenced so many musicians that I love.