Coilhouse: Rewind, Forward

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What a year it’s been! New posts go up on this site, older ones recede into the past. Gone, but not forgotten. This New Year’s Eve, we’re resurrecting the Greatest Hits of 2007 in seven different categories: culture, music, style, art, film, literature and opinion. In selecting which posts to include, we realized that much of a post’s brilliance lies in the responses. From beverage-through-the-nose laughter to stroke-our-imaginary-beard contemplation (or, in Mildred’s case, her actual beard), your responses have informed/inspired/infected us as much as we hope we’ve done the same for you. Thank you for sharing in our obsessions.

What’s ahead for Coilhouse in 2008? More blog posts, of course, but perhaps even more exciting will be the publication of Coilhouse Magazine, Issue 1, which will be available on this site. What’s in the magazine, you ask? It’s a surprise! There will be lots of art and interviews, fun pieces that you can cut out and play with, and original, thought-provoking articles that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

More news on the print magazine soon! And now, without further ado, the Greatest Hits of 2007. Hit “reload” on your browser to see random articles load each time:

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12 Responses to “Coilhouse: Rewind, Forward”

  1. Ben Morris Says:

    I would like to thank the coilhouse-folk for all the wonders and weirdness they have shared this year.

    I am especially glad of being introduced to The Master and Margarita, its one of the three favorite books I’ve read this year (the other two being Pynchon’s Against the Day and Hesse’s the Glass Bead Game).

  2. Porphyria Says:

    I’m a late comer this year, but already addicted! Keep up the good work!

  3. Tequila Says:

    When I first heard of all this…I figured it’d be a fun lil site I’d visit ever other week or so…but damned if you all haven’t kept things very interesting and enlightening. Other blogs and sites would have drowned in pretentious bullshit by now…but not here. You can tell each entry is made by a person who actually enjoys what they are posting about not just trying to be cool or impress. I eagerly await the print version…and hope to get a signed edition :P

    2008 will be better for it…and I look forward to what you all have to share.

  4. Skerror Says:

    Gotta echo Tequila…brilliant job Coilhouse! I’m totally attached. Big thx!

  5. Io Says:

    Okay, the preternaturally hot list was pretty damn good, but now you need a sexiest OLD guy list for 2008. Ian McKellen (sp) and Anthony Hopkins get my vote for a start!

  6. Io Says:

    Also, I second the other folks…this is the only blog I think I’ve ever gotten addicted to. I’d be happy to contribute one day!

  7. Brad... Says:

    Sent here by way of Warren Ellis’ page, and now completely addicted.


  8. James Says:

    Weird how fast this site has gone into my essential web reading.

    Seeing the Mondo 2000 article again reminded me that there’s a quote I can’t find. I think it was like a manifesto or mission statement to the effect of “think faster,be denser”. I’ve googled and can’t find the full quote anywhere (might have been an old “Bad Signal”). Any clue?

  9. Nadya+ Says:

    Their mission statement included the phrase, “How fast are you? How dense?” I’m not sure what they’re referencing there, except that it might be a reference to hard drives and microchips, which are always on the verge of becoming faster and denser. At least that was always my take on the quote. If anyone else has a better concept of what it meant, I’d be curious to know!

  10. Skerror Says:

    Nadya: I bet Mondo was probably referencing the “I” part of Tim Leary’s “SMILE” recipe for evolution. Mondo 2000 had major psychedelic roots.

    Intelligence Increase (“I” squared)

    The “I” squared part was all about cramming more curiosity and interest into smaller timeframes…going vertical instead of horizontal. Same thing as the computer metaphor, but with our brain hardware instead. Live twice the life in half the time!

    Not sure if he’s still doing it, but R.U. Sirius had a podcast going that was pretty interesting stuff to listen to…much in the spirit of the old mag. Found some archived ones here:

  11. Skerror Says:

    Better link:

  12. Zoetica Says:

    Skerror, thanks for that link, will be checking it out today!