Future-fashion of 2007 – a year in review

Twenty1f takes a look back at some of the future-forward designs of the year. I love the metal leggings from Balenciaga and the body contoured molds of McQueen, though much of the rest of his fall wasn’t to my liking.

Alexander Mcqueen Fall ‘07 collection

It is amusing, however, that this McQueen show, inspired by his bloodline tracing back to a victim of the Salem witch trials, got bad reviews not for the designs, but for use of darque imagery the audience found distracting. From style.com: “there was a pentagram traced in red in a black-sand circle, with an inverted pyramid hanging over it. As the show started, a macabre film—of naked women, swarming locusts, faces decaying to skulls, and blood and fire—started to play above the models’ heads”. Oh Alexander!

Balenciaga Spring ‘07 collection

This line was inspired by designer Nicolas Ghesquière watching Tron and Terminator. See it all here.

4 Responses to “Future-fashion of 2007 – a year in review”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Yes to metallic leggings! I also like this piece here. On a related note, I heard that they’re re-making TRON. I hope it’s good!

  2. q gauti Says:

    save me, ann demeulemeester

  3. Tequila Says:

    That Balenciaga collection has been getting pretty good press recently…even Clear did a lil blurb on this. The metallic leggings are classic but not to be overshadowed is the great line work the collection has as a whole. It’s clean and modern without being sterile. Great stuff.

    @Nadya…They’ve been talking about a remake/update/sequel forever and it ALWAYS stalls…Disney STILL does not understand that property and they’ve yet to really find a person or script that won’t either bastardize it like Transformers or worse…go over the top with it and drown it in visual excess…basically Michael Bay it to pieces.

    Technically the video game TRON 2.0 is the “official” sequel but…it’s a bit of a disappointment. It nailed the TRON look and feel though and beautiful in terms of style…fell flat story and gameplay wise.That was the last time serious buzz built about a remake too…but I’m sure it’ll eventually get made…and THIS MAN must be in it… http://www.tronguy.net/

    …wow not even a week into 08′ and my TRON geekyness has come out. Yay.

  4. Dysphem Says:

    I’m still waiting for the Neuromancer movie. The screenplay was actually written by Gibson, but production hasn’t been moving forward for quite a while, I think. The movie industry is kind of sad in that respect. Projects suffer from endless delays, and then when they finally do come out, they’re total bastardizations of the original concept. Assuming Neuromancer even makes it to theaters, that’s probably what it’ll be. I’d still go see it, though.