Hyperion’s ethereal portraits

I love this photo by Hyperion for its milky, opalescent quality. Most “scene portraits” try to be loud and in-your-face, so it’s interesting to see portraits that are so muted that still manage to resonate a great deal of strength. Hyperion shoots mostly on film and uses sculptural hairpieces to fill up the square compositions. I sometimes disagree with the makeup choices in his images, but when it all comes together, it’s pure magic.

3 Responses to “Hyperion’s ethereal portraits”

  1. Skerror Says:

    I agree…looks closer to a painted portrait.

  2. D Says:

    Many times some flat quality to the light in those images. Some few are amazingly beautiful. It’s as if the photographer doesn’t quite connect with the models, it’s detatched.

  3. Dysphem Says:

    “Dude. Excellent.”