Little Felt Creatures

Felt animals! They are so cute! The images above come from Chika Photography, where adorable felt squirrels, doves and elephants await you. You can get your own felt feline and simultaneously help out a person in need over at Kittyaid, and if you want to make one of your own, there’s a great Flickr tutorial that will show you how to make any kind of monster you want. Need more specific instructions? Here are some more little DIY felt projects:

And if text-and-photo instructions aren’t enough, here’s some time-lapse footage from indie/experimental/noise band Deerhoof to help you. Featuring Satomi Matsuzaki, the clip is called “Stuffed” and I love it because she’s just making the weirdest shit. You get to see her create a log, a video cassette, and a nippled jock-wearing bear:

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Incidentally, Deerhoof is playing tomorrow (Monday) night in LA at the Avalon (details here), with our girl Mer opening for them as part of Faun Fables, the same band that she toured Europe with last month. See you there?

10 Responses to “Little Felt Creatures”

  1. Mer Says:

    Gleee! Thanks, Nadya.


  2. el Says:

    i’ve had the pleasure of seeing deerhoof, and anyone who goes to the show is in for a treat.. and Mer to boot.. amazing! i wish i could be there for it. according to google maps, i’m 2711 miles from the venue, so either you need to play really loud, or i need to listen really hard.
    i’m pretty sure the music in the video is pieces of 2 different songs; first, the end of Cooper, then the beginning of Hark The Umpire. both songs are from the album Reveille.

  3. Paul Komoda Says:

    Eggie the Chick rocks my world.

  4. Kittydoom Says:

    Squee! *bounce bounce bounce*

  5. Mer Says:

    Hi, Sarah!!

  6. Lauren Says:

    Hey Meredith- take Faun Fables to the east coast. Kthnxbai.

  7. Brock McCoy Says:

    Great job last night Mer! It was a real treat to see you play; and of course with Nils on stage it’s going to be entertaining no matter what. The guy could read nutrition facts and I’d be enthralled. Also, Nils said there is a good chance Carla will eventually be taking the Borges-inspired performance across the country. Good news.

    Finally, I was fortunate enough to spot the blue-haired one and it was a pleasure to meet you and Daniel! Laters.

  8. Zoetica Says:

    Hey Brock, a pleasure to meet you as well! Mer rocked the house with her strings and chords alike.

  9. Ben Morris Says:

    I second what Lauren said.

  10. Mer Says:

    Hey, Brock. Glad you liked it. Yep, Carla has plans to do more with Necessary Monsters at some future date.
    Lauren, that would be rad, indeed. Especially if we could kidnap Viggie. :)