Mad, bad and dangerous to know

To cleanse your palate of the awful goth fashion I inflicted on you yesterday, here are pictures of some hawt men wearing fashions from centuries past, mainly Victorian.

You can see the rest of the images here, courtesy of my friend Kat. Not sure which fashion magazine these came from, but YEAH!

Gloves + cane + covered neck = I’d hit it like the angry fist of god.

5 Responses to “Mad, bad and dangerous to know”

  1. q gauti Says:

    er, some of these come off a bit costumey in their own right, though what the stylist lacked in casting he made up for with that geoffrey b small hat. I’d raise you a carol christian poell lookbook scan, but he might sue my pants off.

  2. Ashbet Says:

    I’d hit it like the angry fist of god. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    Aren’t these just yummy as hell??!? Stroke material indeed!

    — A ^_^

  3. Mr eel Says:

    “I’d hit it like the angry fist of god”

    That’s brilliant. I now have plans to work that into a conversation somewhere.

  4. Анна Says:

    Stylists are Serge Girardi and Jean Michel Clerc for Numero.

    And thank you so, so much for sharing this with us!

  5. Анна Says:

    Hm, no edit: And shot by Lagerfeld, if my clickety-click research is correct.