Warehouse 23

Warehouse 23 is a really simple HTML site that hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years; you go there and you open different boxes, and find strange things inside. I opened up three boxes for this post and here are the last three items I’ve found there:

A small hamster, seemingly healthy. There is a small shaved patch on its back with a tattoo that says “Intel Inside.”

A small birthday candle in a small metal lantern, lit. It cannot be blown out or extinguished by any means and never seems to consume itself. A package of similar candles is in the crate, labeled “Everlast… the trick Birthday Candle by Il Lumens, Ltd.”

An old, yellowed copy of the San Jose Mercury-News. The headline story is about the assassination of the current president during his tour of a Silicon Valley firm. Several reassuring quotes from the vice president (now president) are included. The paper is dated the 27th of next month.

Go open a random box for yourself and see what you find! You can also add an item to the Warehouse (just stay away from the phrase “seemingly ordinary,” for the love of Bob!), or – and this is my favorite – dig through the dumpster, where you find items submitted to Warehouse 23 that didn’t quite make the cut, but were just too weird to ignore.

6 Responses to “Warehouse 23”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Man, it’s been ages since I visited the Warehosue 23 Basement. This makes me feel old.

  2. Skerror Says:

    I got:

    A pair of what appear to be clown shoes. Any wearer will be able to walk on air as if he were climbing up stairs. But not *down* stairs.

    A CD. When played in a normal CD player it contains every music album released in 1991.

    A small bloodstained wooden tablet with the inscription INRH. A chemical analysis reveals that the “blood” is actually wine.

    Sounds like good times are ahead. I think My Bloody Valentine came out with “Loveless” in 1991…I get to shoegaze at magic clown shoes :)

  3. Simon Says:

    I got :

    A chunk of fossilized pizza. No, not stale. Fossilized. –

    A handful of computer disks containing the archived contents of the Library of Alexandria. They are labeled “Hard Drive Backup

    I definitely love this site ^^

  4. fatalfury Says:

    all hail eris, all hail discordia. sort of.

  5. Ben Morris Says:

    Fun fun!

    After opening random boxes for 5 or so minutes my favorites are:

    A copy of your hometown paper. The date is tomorrow. The lead story is about the copy of today’s paper that was found yesterday. It states that the lead story in that paper was that a copy of yesterday’s paper was found the day before yesterday; the lead story in that paper was . . .

    A 10″ gear of an unidentifiable gray-green metal. Anyone who spends more than an hour in the presence of the gear can hear, at the edge of perception, the clacking and grinding of many similar gears. They will hear this for the rest of their life. Every 24 hours in the gear’s presence after this, the level of noise doubles. Eventually, the grinding of the gears becomes the person’s entire world, and they will leave their life to “find the machine that drives the infinite.”

    The second one is pretty close to being a much shorter auditory version of the Borges story the Zahir.

  6. Icarus Says:

    I opened several boxes, but my favourite had to be;

    ‘A haiku raygun. Whoever is zapped with the raygun speaks only in haiku.’